Academy of Art University Combines Cultural Designs for NYFW

Diversity in life and in design are key to this year’s Academy of Art University fashion graduates chosen for the New York Fashion Week. The students who attended the 88-year-old Art University in San Francisco fused their ethos into their fabrics and created a combination of designs that match their minds and souls. Each design represented a statement of self-awareness.

The fabrics were as diverse as the students. These delights included patent leather, recycled rubber bike tubes, knitwear, denim, vinyl, PVC, lightweight wool, lambskin, cashmere, brocades, jersey and wool. But, the embroidery, color contrasts, knitting with ends of prayer flags, and landscape photography, naturally and honestly enhanced these individual creations.

The Academy of Art University specializes in nurturing imaginations that allow students to use their talent beyond the fabric and design. Each student identified their culture and ethos within each design. For example, Ryan Yu’s space-age black and white designs of patent leather, jersey and wool follow his philosophy of leaving the darkness to embrace the light. Meanwhile, Saya Shen digitally transferred her own photographs, of snow covered Hokkaido along with San Francisco’s rolling hills, trees and ocean waves on to her fabrics capturing all her passions. Jelly Shan traveled to northwestern China where she encountered religious temples that brought her peace and joy. Her creations combine the sense of high towered temples knit with flowing prayer flags using soft colors.

The tradition of art and design started by Richard S. Stephens in 1929 continues with his granddaughter Elisa Stephens, who took over from her own father in 1992. Her tutelage has increased enrollment from 2,000 to 18,000. The Art Institute became fully accredited in 2007 by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. It offers associate degrees along with undergraduate and graduate fine art degrees. The tradition of inspiring and nurturing imaginations was evident in the NYFW 2017 show.


Review of NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch has partnered with numerous companies and individuals to promote their products. Recently, Avanca and their sister company Ockel have reinstated a partnership with the NewsWatch team. This is the second time the companies have come together. During their first promotion on NewsWatch, Ockel was launching the crowdfunding campaign. Ockel credits some of the success of the campaign to the promotion of their product on NewsWatch.


In March of 1990, NewWatch TV aired its first episode. During this period in the shows history, each episode was focused primarily on financial matters. During the approximately thirty years that the show has aired, the topics that are covered have increased greatly since the 1990s. Such topics include travel and tourism, finances, consumerism, and technology.


NewsWatch TV airs weekly. Each week a new topic is approached and discussed. While most of the time, these discussions are held with experts in the field of discussion, occasionally, the show will star a celebrity or two that is knowledgable about the topic. It is expected that as the culture of the world changes, so will the topics that are discussed on the show.


In conclusion, NewsWatch provides companies the opportunity to promote their products. In turn consumers and viewers are able to educate themselves on topics, as well as products, with each episode. NewsWatch Tv provides an excellent way for individuals to begin understanding the topics presented. However, the show provides only a surface level of discussion, and viewers are encouraged to further investigate the topics.

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Oxford Club Is An Ally for New Retirees

The money you keep in a stock portfolio should be determined by your age, health, monthly expenses, and portfolio size. Retirement rebalancing could help prevent the reduction of your portfolio size caused by “cashing in” your stocks when unemployed during a bear market. People might be tempted to cash in their stocks because their earnings from unemployment and social security may not be enough for them. There are two steps in the process of retirement rebalancing. First, you should calculate how much cash and earnings from low-risk bonds you need for your monthly expenses. Second, the money you would would need to meet living expenses for five years should be saved. If you cannot save the money needed for five years of living costs, there are other alternatives. You can work a few extra years before retiring. Savings can be increased. The cost of living could be lowered. Investments with higher returns could also be picked.

The Oxford Club is an independent company that was established in 1989. Oxford Club’s central office is located in Baltimore, Maryland. There are nearly 80,000 Oxford Club members across 100 nations. Analysts at Oxford Club perform investment research of the highest quality. Researchers select the investments with the highest profit growth and lowest volatility. Oxford Club members have access to these investments. The investment strategies used by the Oxford Club involve avoiding market risks completely and involve the allocation of assets.

Alexander Green is a Chief Investment Strategist at Oxford Club. He is also the leader of Oxford Club’s Editorial Team. Investment U, Energy & Resources Digest, and Wealth Retirement are the three free educational publications offered by the Oxford Club. Investment U has two newsletters: Investment U Daily and Investment U Plus. The newsletter of Oxford Club is The Oxford Communiqué.

Siteline Cabinetry Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Siteline Cabinetry is a company that remodels and creates stylish storage spaces in homes. It delivers what it offers and renovates spaces in the kitchen, bath, mud room, closet and laundry room. Siteline offers a variety of designs, colors, and materials to create a completely unique space that matches the homeowner. Samples of the colorful textures and finishes offered at Siteline can be seen at a local Siteline dealer.

The trends of 2016 for the kitchen cabinets, offered in Siteline are mentioned in the site. Personalized cabinets are the first trend and many homeowners are using this option to fit their style desires. Clean lines and a low-key design are the other leading trends. It ensures design flexibility towards other furnitures and a changing interior. It is a great choice for people who like to upgrade their interior space often. Shaker style cabinets have been very popular in the last years. Besides the clean and subtle design, the neutral colors are popular, including white and grey. The design is functional and practical to use, while still remaining stylish. They have better accommodations to fit more things in an organized manner. Although vertical rectangular cabinets are preferred as a design, horizontal cabinetry is gaining popularity due to its easier access from the ground and the less need for stack cabinets. Installing high-tech options on cabinets is part of modernizing the world we live in. That is why things like built-in charging stations are increasingly popular.

The Siteline Cabinetry is made in Keysville, Virginia and provides workspaces for families and community members. The Siteline staff consists of a mix of talented individuals, with a modest and technical approach towards their work. They provide amazing customer service and products of various materials and finish, in order to fit any budget.

Siteline offers thermally fused laminate, polyester wrap, thermofoil, metal door finishes, as well as wood stains and glazes, maple/MDF paint colors and glazes, decorative veneers, high gloss acrylic colors, and metal door inserts.

Why Potential Investors Should Subscribe To Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Newsletter

Although many investment experts exist in the American society, few of them match up to Paul Mampilly’s investment prowess. Unlike many investment experts who focus on Wall Street, Mampilly values ordinary (main street) Americans.

Recently, Mampilly in partnership with Banyan Hill Publishing launched Profits Unlimited, an investment newsletter. At present, the publication has over 90,000 annual subscribers. The newsletter is experiencing a growth while many investment newsletters are going through a downturn. The newsletter’s success can be attributed to Mampilly’s well-researched purchase recommendations and insightful columns.

Profits Unlimited target Americans in need of simple but workable investment options. The publication furnishes its subscribers with weekly and monthly issues. Subscribers of the newsletter are able to access Mampilly’s model portfolio that offers a selection of shares that he plans to purchase in a given month or a year. Also, the model portfolio provides information about various market sectors that are experiencing exponential growth.

For example, following an in-depth research, Mampilly recommends that his audience should consider investing in Bitcoin, the internet of things (IoT), precision medicine, electric automobiles, and food delivery systems. Also, trends driven by millennials who are health and socially conscious are likely to be lucrative. Mampilly’s audience should rest assured that whatever advice he dispenses is practical as he spends over 70 hours researching and writing about an investment option.

Mampilly is a hands-on financial expert. Apart from dispensing advice, Mampilly has made numerous investments that turned out well. For example, when he participated in an investment competition sponsored by John Templeton Foundation, he quickly turned $50 million to $88 million. Eventually, he emerged the winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation award. Mampilly’s investment style resembles John Templeton’s. Mampilly purchase shares from companies when their stock prices are so low that other investors are shying away from them. When such companies recover, Mampilly makes a fortune.

Before retiring—at 42—, Mampilly worked for many organizations. Some of the companies he worked for include Bakers Trust, Deutsche Bank, ING, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Kinetics Asset Management. Mampilly leaves a positive mark in any organization that he works for, for example, when he was a hedge fund manager with Kinetics Asset Management, he grew the company’s assets by a whopping $19 billion; he earned respect from all the financial industry experts.

Mampilly attended Montclair State University for his undergraduate studies and Fordham University for his MBA. Mampilly is an emigrated to America from India when he was 18.

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How to Prepare for a Life Line Screening

There are several things that you are going to need to do in order to prepare for a life line screening. The first thing is for the atrial fibrillation or stroke test. You will need to wear a two piece outfit that is comfortable and also is going to be loose fitting. It is very important that you do not wear a turtleneck, pantyhose, or a watch. You are going to need to make sure that your cell phone is turn off before screening begins. Any type of lotion or oil should also not be worn during this screening.

The second thing is for the abdominal aortic aneurysm test. You are also going to need to wear loose clothing that is comfortable for this test. You should fast at least 4 hours before you get the screening. Plus the meal that you eat should be light one consisting of about half of the food that you would normally eat. The food is going to need to be a non gassy food. If there are any medications that you take, you should take them as directed. Then if you are a diabetic, you will need to follow your care plan.

The third thing is for the ankle brachial index or peripheral arterial disease test. The last test that you are going to need to wear loose and comfortable clothing for. It is a good idea to wear a short sleeved short or blouse. You also cannot wear pantyhose when you are having this test done.

The fourth thing is for the hs-CRP or elevated C-reactive protein test. You are not going to have to do anything special in order to prepare for this screening. The fifth thing is for the complete lipid panel or high cholesterol test. The only thing that you will need to do for this test is to fast for up to 12 hours before you get the screening done.

The sixth thing is the glucose or type 2 diabetes test. This is also test that you will have to fast for 12 hours before you get the screening done. The seventh thing is for the bone mineral density test. This is the test where the doctors are going to try to figure out if you are at risk for osteoporosis. You will need to make sure that you are not wearing pantyhose to this particular screening.

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Wrangling The Economy

The economy is a dangerous beast that many attempt to manipulate and predict by way of stock trading and investing. This can be a tall task as the economy constantly proves what a “harsh mistress” it really is. Inexperienced investors of the modern era are constantly losing capital due to a lack of knowledge when attempting to understand the unknown waters of stocks. Enter Netpicks. Netpicks is the pinnacle of resources for understanding and educating one on the terrain of stock exchange.

Netpicks was founded in 1996 bringing with them a great deal of experience with the modern economy. The team at Netpicks carefully dissect the patterns in the economy and provides information to customers so that they can choose the best options possible on the current market. The team consists of expert traders who have climbed the economic ladder to reach the peak of knowledge in their field. This allows them to provide customers with education on how to correctly observe stocks and aid in the selection of long term investments or short term trades. Some tips Netpicks openly provides include information regarding portfolio checks, when to utilize microloans, and how to effectively recognize an ideal opportunity arising on the market.   Hit on for additional article.

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Netpicks has proven it is the elite company in regards to stock education and advice, providing insight to thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs world wide. The team understands how valuable money is, they recognize appropriate risk opportunities that do not put your money in extreme jeopardy. Helpful info on this useful link

The team itself is composed of daily expert traders, these professionals would not advice any use of your money that they would not do themselves. It is important to use your money wisely and invest it properly to guarantee a bright econonmic future. Netpicks will provide responsible trading advice and unrivaled stock education to ensure your trades will help you wrangle the untamed beast we all the economy!

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PodcastOne Adds a New App, the 360-Degree with Numerous Features

PodcastOne has introduced a new app that enables listeners to enjoy podcastOne’s programs uniquely. The new app named, 360-degree video recording offers listeners an opportunity to communicate with fellow listeners and hosts. The new app is available free on Google Play, Apple App Store, and its website.


What Are The Available Features?


The new mobile software has several features that enable PodcastOne viewers to listen and view many shows. Listeners can now contribute to ongoing discussions as well as accessing photographs unseen in any other site. People can also send messages to fellow listeners and answer survey questions ( A new reward system has been integrated into the mobile software. Listeners can now accumulate bonus points, which can be used to access a variety of features and services. These features and services include an opportunity t watch special virtual-reality programs, obtaining discounts on products and viewing exclusive materials.


In their quest to develop and deliver high-quality videos in 360-degree formats and virtual reality, PodcastOne has partnered with Mandt VR, a leading technology company, which focuses on the production of videos in mixed, virtual and augmented reality forms. So far, the two organizations have produced over 1,000 video recordings.


Benefit of the Partnership


The partnership allowed Mandt VR to install sophisticated equipment in all the main PodcastOne studios. The beneficiaries of this modern equipment include facilities based in Burbank, Beverly Hills and New York. This technology enables hosts to record VR footage using mobile equipment irrespective of their location. Detailing this technology, one will conclude that Mandt VR is a leading technology service provider. It is for this reason that the firm scooped an Emmy Award.


Norman Pattiz Background Information


Mr. Pattiz is the founder and the CEO of Radio Westwood One. The company has become the largest radio network in America and a provider of news in entertainment, sports, and traffic programming. He also launched Courtside Entertainment Group, a Los Angeles-based company that finances high quality as well as multi-platform programming.


Later in 2013, Norman Pattiz launched PodcastOne. This company would turn out to be leading provider of audio programming services. Today, PodcastOne boasts of having big names like Dennis Miller, Jillian Michaels, Dr. Drew, Brandi Glanville, Adam Carolla and many others. Pattiz was once appointed by Bill Clinton to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of USA and later reappointed to the same position by President Bush in 2002. He was also awarded Giants of Broadcasting Award in 2009. Learn more:


“Fabletics – Beating the Competition”

It is no secret that Amazon is a major player in the online marketplace and within the area of fashion, it dominates by 20 percent…Therefore, it is a surprise when the actress, Kate Hudson introduces her “activewear” brand Fabletics and sees growth of $250 million just over three years.


Fabletics is a subscription-based company that customizes the customers’ clothing to the personal questions they are asked on a lifestyle quiz. Each month they pay a membership fee to receive apparel based on how they answered the quiz, so the items are specific to the shopper’s needs.


With this VIP service, the customer never pays full price for the athletic products and they receive free shipping as well. Of course, if you ever want to unsubscribe to the service, it is as easy as making a call.


While many retail stores are closing, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics brand seems to be growing stronger with the online business coupled with the brick and mortar stores nationwide, with plans to open more in the next three to five years.


Why is Fabletics succeeding? Business experts suggest it is because Kate and her business partners are using the “reverse showroom” method.


While the traditional model is to try to entice people who might or might not buy into your business, Hudson and her associates use social media to gather a variety of data including the customer’s preferences, demographics, opinions and their real time shopping habits. All this information helps the company to stock what is appropriate for each individual offline store, so when the customers browse, the items they like are already in place for them to purchase.


This whole procedure provides a smooth transition for the consumer.


Statistics show 30-50 percent of them are already subscribers when they enter the offline Fabletics stores and 25 percent will sign up for the benefits of the deep discount the membership offers, in the store.


Although this reverse showroom process is not novel, with companies like Apple and Bonobos practicing these techniques for a while, this is new in the terms of applying it to the area of fashion.


Fabletics is very competitive when it comes to what their brand represents. They are offering women’s quality clothing that is empowering as well as affordable.


When you compare it to other workout clothing, you will see they are expensive and not on the same level with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics wear.


To learn more about all the great gear Fabletics has to offer you, feel free to take their quick Lifestyle Quiz to discover the perfect fit to enhance your workout.

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How to Prepare For Your Lifeline Screening Exam

Lifeline Screening is the leading private testing facility that helps individuals identify potential health problems early. Many people just don’t get too concerned about the state of health as long as everything feels OK and they have no symptoms of any health issues.

The problem with that attitude is that most of the health problems that end up with serious consequences have little to no symptoms until they become quite serious. Heart issues do give warning signs such as shortness of breath, chest pain and swelling in the extremities. But sometimes warning comes too late to do much about it if a heart attack is a result.

Lifeline screening uses ultrasound, EKG screenings, and simple blood screenings to detect signs of impending diseases and illnesses early on so that proactive steps can be taken to lessen the chances of anything serious occurring. Ultrasound uses the same technology that is used in hospitals to detect whether a baby in the mother’s womb is going to be a boy or a girl.

With Ultrasound, medical personnel can see how well the blood flow is in the arteries. It is possible to detect areas in the body where potential blockages might occur. The bone density can be measured to detect osteoporosis.

A drop or two of blood can be used to create a blood panel that measures the levels of cholesterol in a person’s blood. Both high and low cholesterol levels as well as the levels of triglycerides in the blood.

In preparation for screenings with Lifeline screening it is recommended that people wear loose fitting clothing so that they will not be uncomfortable during the tests. Women should wear a casual blouse or top along with slacks, and men should wear trousers that are comfortable and a sports shirt. People may be asked to lift up their top or shirt for an EKG and similar tests. For more info about us: click here.

If a blood test is going to be given it is possible that fasting will be required either on a 6 or 12-hour basis. If people have questions they should call Lifeline Screening. All of the screening tests are the same that are given in hospitals and testing facilities and they are usually less expensive as well.