Sujit Choudhry is the founding director of the Center For Constitutional Transitions which is an organization that generates and mobilizes knowledge that supports the building of the Constitution. This knowledge is achieved by working with expert’s global multilateral firms, NGOs and think tanks who come up with evidence based policy options for researchers and those who make decisions. The organization was founded to breach the gap that exists due to the lack of up to date constitutional research that can be used to provide answers to questions that come up during constitutional transitions.

Sujit Choudhry, the founder of the organization, is an immigrant with three law Degrees from Harvard, Toronto, and Oxford. He has vast experience of living in different countries and navigating through various political and legal environments that include different political issues, stakeholders, and histories. This experience coupled with his wide experience in public policy has made him successful in the field of comparative law. He has contributed significantly to the interpretation of the Constitution.

With the country facing a global challenge of liberal democratic constitutionalism he feels that it is important for America to learn from other countries failures and successes.

Professor’s Greatest Lessons And Advice

His greatest lesson learned from working with people of diverse cultures is to be responsive and to listen to the people who are on the ground. According to the professor, one should be able to immerse themselves successfully into a new environment and should not assume they know the truth. He also emphasizes the importance of constantly inventing yourself and not to be discouraged by failures as they present opportunities to build something better.

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In Sujit Choudhry’s own words ‘don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.’ His greatest wish if given adequate time and resources is to see the creation of an organization which hosts and organizes the most paramount constitutional case law from the globe in different languages. His greatest achievement is the bringing together of scholars, experts, and leading practitioners to create global networks that have outlived projects. The future organization plans include the launching of its various knowledge projects this fall.

His Other Works

According to, Professor Sujit Choudhry in addition to being the founder of Center for Constitutional Transitions is also a professor of law at the California based University of California-Berkley. He has also been a law professor at New York University where he has also served as a dean and the University of Toronto Scholl chair. Sujit Choudhry is also widely recognized as an authority on comparative constitutional politics and law. He has been an advisor on the building of constitutions in South Africa, Jordan, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Tunisia Libya and Nepal  Continue reading on

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Alexandre Gama: Brazilian Advertising Extraordinaire

Alexandre Gama is renowned for his sense of business and advertising.

A graduate out of Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP), Gama began his career in advertising back in 1982. He served as a writer for the Standart Ogilvy agency. He elevated his career eight years later as a copywriter for DM9. Gama became the President, CEO and COO of Young & Rubicam in 1996.

In 1999, Gama left Young & Rubicam to focus on his own advertising agency. He called it Neogama. Today, Neogama is ranked in the top 20 advertising agencies in Brazil. Signs of the agency’s success were apparent over a decade ago. Back in 2003, Neogama became the first Brazilian agency to win two Golden Lions in Cannes in the same year.

Gama ended his agency’s 14-year relationship with the BHH Network. He has since decided to put his main focus on the agency. Gama is the only Brazilian on the Global Creative Board.

Jennifer Walden; One of the Few Successful Women Cosmetic Surgeon in America

For eight years, Jennifer Walden has been a specialist in the field of plastic surgery. Cosmetic plastic surgery is not highly considered by many female doctors; however, Jennifer decided to take this route as her career. According to Jennifer, there are 8,100 certified plastic surgeons in America, and out of this entire figure, women surgeons are a mere 851. Jennifer Walden happens to be one of the few 180 certified surgeons who are also members of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is currently the leading professional organization of board-certified cosmetic surgeons.

Most Cosmetic surgeries are performed on women, it therefore offers numerous advantages to female surgeons like Jennifer Walden. This is because female surgeons understand better how to apply the procedure on fellow female compared to male surgeons. Cosmetic surgery processes include; breast augmentations, tummy tucks, face lifts, eye lid shifts, and rhinoplasties among others. Jennifer Walden states that, cosmetic plastic surgery is quite affordable and not expensive as many people perceive. However, prices normally range depending on what type of cosmetic surgery one requires. For instance, breast augmentation can cost up to about $7000, while face lifts can add up to only $10000. Jennifer Walden on YouTube.

Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden was born in Austin where he also grew up. Later on, she managed to join Galveston University of Texas Medical Branch. Afterwards, she started her own cosmetic surgery center by the name Walden Cosmetic Center, and various other plastic surgery centers in Austin, Texas. The female cosmetic surgeon has also co-authored a text book by the name Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and is among the 24 best beauty surgeons as was listed by Harper’s Bazaars in the year 2014. Jennifer Walden decided to put up her cosmetic centers on realizing that her home town was lacking one.

Glen Wakeman – Highly Successful Business Strategist with Over Two Decades of Experience

Glen Wakeman is a multi talented personality and is well-known in the United States for being a serial entrepreneur, writer, investors, mentor, and a financial executive. In the past, Glen Wakeman has worked with GE Capital and has also served as the CEO of Doral Financial Corporation. Working for the global firm that has its business spread worldwide gave Glen Wakeman to work in 32 countries and live in 6 throughout his career spanning over two decades in the financial world. Few of the specialization of Glen Wakeman includes new market entry, business consultation, mergers and acquisitions, integrations, start-ups, and more.



Presently, Glen Wakeman serves as the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC; a firm that he co-founded. LaunchPad Holdings is an integrated SAAS enterprise that helps the new businesses and start-ups to use the online platform efficiently and increase their chances of success manifolds. With years of experience in the financial industry, Glen Wakeman loves to share his ideas and experience and is often seen blogging on various topics, including business transformation, emerging markets, global affairs, business planning services, angel financing, capital raising, and more (AffiliateDork). Glen Wakeman also plays the role of a mentor and provides business related guidance to many emerging start-ups, including Sitter Bees, Dreamfunded, and many others.



Glen Wakeman holds Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics from the Scranton University and has done Masters in Business Administration from the Chicago University. While working at GE Capital, Glen was given the title of Growth Leadership role model by the company’s board. Over the years, Glen has helped many companies transform their business, increase their revenue, and become a highly successful enterprise. Even as a mentor to start-ups like Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees, Glen Wakeman analyzes the business structure carefully to help mature the company, so that it remains competitive. Glen Wakeman has traveled the world and knows the business dynamics of international business, which has helped him, device specific business strategies for the companies he provides business counseling services with growth oriented strategies. Reaching out to a larger audience and increasing the operational territory by strengthening the hold of business overseas is essential to today’s date.

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Louis Chenevert: From Jets to Elevators

Gregory Hayes, current CEO of United Technologies, was recently asked what kind of legacy he wants to leave behind at the company. He answered that he believes the company should be at least in as good, if not better, shape than when took over.

By looking at the numbers, this seems to be the case so far. The company has created a revolution of sorts by creating a jet engine that is far superior to anything in its class. Called the GTF or geared turbofan, the engine is being used by 14 airlines in just a couple of years since its release. Considered to be the most efficient and clean engine, the GTF is a success story that involves a lot of hard work from a lot of people.

The supply chain to build the engines is located in almost all 50 states. The assembly plants are located in several different locations in the country. United Technologies invests nearly $1.3 billion in service centers for present and future customers. A total of $10 billion had been spent so far in the development of this particular engine. This is all money and jobs that are being kept in the US. What makes this company unique is that it has spent nearly $1 billion towards education programs for its employees and nearly 39,000 employees were able to earn their degrees through this program.

Louis Chenevert was the former boss at United Technologies. He became CEO in 1993 and guided the company to become the powerhouse it is today. What is even more impressive about this is that he did it despite the company being located in Hartford, Connecticut, which is not exactly the cheapest place to do manufacturing. In fact, as the rest of the nation was slipping and sliding in manufacturing after WWII, United Technologies improved its performance. Louis Chenevert was instrumental in turning the company into an aerospace as well as a construction related company, with the purchase of Otis elevators and escalators as well as BF Goodrich. Today, thanks to Chenevert, United Technologies is one the leading innovators as well as manufacturers in its field.

How Kate Hudson Made Fabletics a Success

Contrary to how the media makes it seems, establishing a new business is still incredibly difficult. It has gotten easier to open a new business but with all the e-commerce market being flooded with millions of new online stores, success is a low possibility.

Even more difficult is succeeding in today’s fashion industry. Fashion has always been a difficult industry, but with Amazon controlling 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market, succeeding in fashion is increasingly harder. Despite the odds, Kate Hudson is doing that very thing; growing a $250 million business in the first three years of operation.

Kate Hudson is a world-renowned actress and fashion icon. She’s always been known for her beauty and her healthy balance of diet and exercise. As society’s focus shifts toward healthier decisions, celebrities like Kate Hudson get more attention. Kate Hudson’s always taken pride in her fitness but noticed a lack of fashionable workout clothing.

When the opportunity presented itself, Kate Hudson launched Fabletics as part of the ‘activewear’ movement. Activewear is the correlation between exercise attire and casual wear. Popular among millennials, activewear is the biggest trend in fashion. Fabletics is the only brand creating stylish outfits that the common person can afford.

Since the company’s launch, Fabletic’s success in the e-commerce market led to the decision to open some physical stores. While physical stores are vastly different from running a website, Fabletics has had no problem adjusting to the different market. Currently, Fabletics has 16 stores nationwide and plans on adding more by the end of next year.

Fabletic’s success in retail is due to its “reverse showrooming” technique. Fabletic’s stores welcome offline browsing by hosting events and other activities. Each store uses its particular results to better stock its inventory with items that local members are more likely to buy.

As Fabletics grows in popularity, the number of online reviews increases. While other brands that promote themselves as customer-focused are shredded by reviews, Fabletics is actually keeping its head above water. In particular, a non-sponsored reviewer’s opinion of Fabletics has gotten a lot of attention.

According to her, Fabletics is actually worth the money members spend. She was surprised by the variety of styles Fabletics has; everything from simple tanks to sheer fabrics. Anyone interested in Fabletics can start by taking a lifestyle quiz.

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Brown Modelling Agency Becomes a Full-Service Agency

The Brown Modeling Agency is the new name given to Heyman Talent-South after it was acquired by Wilhelmina Austin, another well-known talent and modeling agency. This thought out move was made to bring the unique capabilities and strengths each agency had to offer together. Now that they have combined, The Brown Agency has become one of the very few full-service agencies in Texas and the only one in Austin where it is located. The marriage of these agencies will also benefit their clients who will now be able to have their portfolio reach more people and in turn there will be more experienced talent available to work.

The owner of The Brown Agency, Justin Brown, will still be in control of his agency as the President and CEO, but the addition of Wilhelmina Austin is sure to bring in an abundance of work and talent. Wilhelmina Austin has been an agency for almost a decade and has earned a name for itself as well as the respect it deserves. The Brown Agency will remain centered in Austin but there will be additional locations created in both Dallas and Los Angeles. Michael B. Bonnée, who was the Founder of Heyman Talent-South, will be working in the theatrical division of these additional locations.

This merger has become an integral to The Brown Agency. Growing into a full-service agency honors their commitment to their clients and the talented models and actors that they market. Justin Brown believes that this strategic move falls in line with his values for his agency, one of which being the ability to find the best people to fill the roles and to preparing them to be ready for larger markets. That is how both agencies have become so well-known. They provide dependable, professional and elegant talent to clients. Now with a larger workforce they will able able to deliver to more people.

The merger of Heyman Talent-South and Wilhelmina Austin has gain the attention of several big name companies across numerous industries. L’oreal, Dell, Toyota and Louis Vuitton are all looking at the new Brown Agency for models and actors. Also, many models from The Brown Agency have already been booked for several future events including Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week. Nothing makes Justin Brown happier. Now that the agencies have become strong enough to get their actors and models seen by big companies and invited to show at popular events the Brown Agency name is going to be the name on everyone’s lips. Brown is excited to see what the future holds for the agency and is thinking about expanding it even more across the United States.

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George Soros Re-emerges In Politics to Support Hillary Clinton In Her Presidential Bid

George Soros is a political activist and billionaire who were raised in Hungary. Soros experienced the Nazi Regime that left hundreds of Jews dead. Through it all, his father hid the family’s identity to protect them from mass killings. Soros flew Hungary to pursue his studies at the London School of Economics. That was the beginning of his entrepreneurial career as well as philanthropy. As a student, he worked as a waiter prior to being employed as a finance manager at a bank. He moved to New York and started his Wall Street career by establishing a hedge fund. The fund cost $12 million. The fund was later rebranded as Quantum Fund. Read his profile at Forbes.


Soros’s career can be described as a gradual evolution of experience. He was joined by Stan Druckenmiller in 1992 in shorting the pound in British. He received an active tag as the guy who broke the bank. Years later, he is known as a heavyweight investor. He established the Soros Fund Management which is worth over $30 billion. In 2017, he hired a leading investment portfolio manager from Wall Street. The lady, Dawn Fitzpatrick is in charge of operating the fund’s management. Being a huge enthusiast of liberal causes, he has been President Trump’s fierce critic. Learn more about his profile at


In 2016, Soros re-emerged in the political arena after dialing back his giving in 2004 when he was in support of George Bush’s defeat. He reemerged as the leading Democratic funder for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Soros pledged over $25 million geared towards Hillary’s election as president. According to the reports from the Federal Election Commission in addition to the interviews from his associates, Soros planned to donate more millions towards the elections. The wealthy billionaire traveled to Europe in support of the economic atmosphere although he was to join Hillary in her first presidential debate. Even in his absence, Soros was supportive of Hillary. He funded the Democratic fundraising operatives. His associates expected him to donate more money towards the elections.


Unlike in the past where George Soros was hesitant about chairing political campaigns, he was more politically inclined this time. Following his political differences with Trump and his manifesto, Soros was rest assured that Hillary Clinton was the best choice for America. Michael Vachon, his political adviser, stated that Soros has been consistent with his political donations. He also added that he was more politically inclined towards Hillary’s bid and that he was hopeful she would win. Vachon concluded that Trump’s agenda fostered Soros’s determination. His care for Americans could not allow him to support Trump as many strategies were not for the good of the citizens. Even though Hillary lost the chair to President Trump, he is still Hillary’s supporter.

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The Rise Of Mexican Broadcasting Companies

Mexico is home to 127 million people, and entertainment means big business whenever you are in Mexico. Media companies are facing each other to deliver the best programs with the highest ratings, and they are eager to produce quality programs which can be broadcasted internationally. Media companies are channeling their programs through the use of radio, television, and most recently, the internet. For journalists, their major platforms would be the newspaper and the internet, along with the classics like radio and television. There are a number of broadcasting companies and networks in Mexico, and they often team up with other media companies like publishing houses, dubbing corporations and radio networks to provide the best customer service.

The number of media companies and television networks in Mexico has grown throughout the years, but some of the most established are still present, dominating the industry. The biggest of them all is Televisa, known for producing programs that has reached phenomenal level and has been broadcasted all over the world. They are responsible for the spread of Mexican influence as far as South East Asia, where their programs are well received by audiences and usually gaining high ratings. Other big media companies in Mexico are TV Azteca and Grupo Imagen, and along with Televisa, they host a number of local channels being broadcasted throughout Mexico without the help of cable satellite. As the technology improves, these media companies are also adapting to change, improving their signals as years go by. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is also a key figure in transforming the way Televisa is performing. Through his expertise in the financial aspect of Televisa, it is now seen to expand further to markets it has never reached before.

Grupo Televisa has stated that they are already gearing towards providing more quality programs to the people of Latin America, and now that they have partnered with Univision and gained access to the US Market, it is expected of them to perform better. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is the current chief financial officer of Televisa, and he is responsible for the financial affairs of the company. He oversees how they could gain better profit, and how Televisa could continue to dominate the industry. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is eager and passionate to be one of the main contributors in the success of the company that he is serving.

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Heavy Metal Proves A Successful Teaching ground For Cassio Audi

The career of financial experts in Brazil and across the world rarely compare to that of former Viper drummer Cassio Audi, who has spent the majority of his career working in the financial markets; however, for four short years Cassio Audi was one part of one of the most popular heavy metal bands in South America and across the globe. Alongside a number of his childhood friends, Cassio Audi set out on a musical adventure into the heavy metal genre that began in 1985 when he joined Viper as the drummer for one of the most successful heavy metal bands ever to come out of Brazil.

As a teenager Cassio Audi took up the role of drummer for Viper when the band was established in 1985 and would continue to performer as the drummer for the band until the months prior to the release of the bands second studio album in 1989. Audi joined together with his fellow Viper band members who worked to produce their first album, “Soldiers of Sunrise” and instill within it a sense of excellent musicianship and a high level of performance.

Cassio Audi was one of the standout performers on the “Soldiers of Sunrise” album and found himself heralded by critics for the high level of musical accomplishment he and his fellow teenage Viper members had achieved in creating their first studio album. In 1989, Cassio Audi made the decision to return to his education by attending Pontifical Catholic University and Sao Paulo University in Brazil; in returning to education he joined his fellow Viper member Andre Motas in seeking to expand upon the education he has achieved in his life. Unlike Motas, who studied music, Cassio Audi looked to expand his horizons by exploring the world of finance and becoming a success in this area of business.

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