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Some Of The Most Distinguished Businesses Work In Reputation Management

Reputation management is a very important part of the modern business world, but a lot of people miss out on it because there is not a company near them. Status Labs works in Austin, Texas where they are near some of the best up and coming businesses, and it is important for all these people to remember that they can come to Status Labs when they need help. Online reputation problems can hit any business because the business is not immune to people being negative. Status Labs just takes that negative energy and turns it on its head.

The first thing that anyone can learn from Status Labs is how to respond. Darius Fisher founded the company to make sure that everyone who has an online reputation crisis can respond to the problem, and then they can see how they would get their reputation back. That is something that everyone needs to try for themselves, and it is something that they can ask for help for at any time.

This article in Daily Beast discusses how Status Labs can respond to the problems that their client have, and they can also start working on getting their reputation back. They help a lot of clients who have everything from the smallest to the biggest problems. It is very easy for them to do the work that is needed, and they will even make sure that the publish online content that people can read. Online content changes the impression people get of the client, and they read that instead of the negative content that was there.

Someone who wants to be sure that they can get their reputation back needs to ask Status Labs to help. There are many people who will be able to change their business for the better with Status Labs. Status Labs will correct the online reputation problem that is stinging their clients every day.

Hair Washing Trial Using Wen by Chaz Proves Wen is Great

Chaz Dean ( is one of the world’s leading hair care specialist. He works with movie stars and models every day. Chaz is the producer of the hair care product that is taking the world by storm. Wen is a cleansing conditioner that helps replace nutrients that most people are missing. People wash out the good stuff from their hair and need products such as Wen to replace the oils and nutrients. Chaz Dean makes special guest appearances to show how wonderful the product really is by washing the hair of women and showing how great it is.

Recently, on, a young lady took the time to research and report on the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner. She purchased a bottle fromĀ Amazon and began by pouring out the recommended amount of product into her hand. She noticed the amount of product was a lot more than the cheap product she use to use. The final result of the first day was that she was very impressed with the way her hair looked after it dried. She vowed to try the product for a whole week and report on the way her hair looked afterwards.

Each morning her hair was greasy and in need of a wash. She worked at a salon and always needed to look her best. One morning she woke up late and realized her hair needed to be washed and she had no time. She threw on some clothing and went to work. At work she had to wash her hair with another brand of shampoo. After blow drying her hair she noticed it looked thin and dull. She realized that the shampoos she had at the salon was not as good as the Wen by Chaz.

After work she made the change over to party time clothing. She never had to do anything to her hair because it already looked good. Her transformation was noticed by everyone that came in contact with her. Friends and family both commented on how good her hair looked. She realized that Wen by Chaz was a wonderful product well worth a try and well worth continuing to use. Learn more about Wen, visit their YouTube channel.


Wengie’s Back To School Hacks Fun, Fashionable and Easy!

Wengie’s back to school hacks vlog was full of unusual and useful life improvements. She takes ordinary school supplies and necessities and transforms them into something more individualized. With her bubbly personality and cheerful organizing designs I almost look forward to going back to school!

Wengie demonstrates quick hacks to make life better, or at least more fun. Ombre and rainbow highlighters really make study notes more attractive, and they captivate your attention so much more. After all, isn’t that the point or highlighting your text?

Instead of spending money on new pens and pencils that look like everyone else’s, Wengie had quick and easy hacks to make your existing writing tools exceptional. Her techniques are easy but effective. Life hacks should be easy and creative, or else you might as well do things the same way everyone else does.

To go with your improved pencils, Wengie upgrades your portable, messy pencil sharpener by packing it into a container that will eliminate pencil shavings in your books or desk. Glue the sharpener into an empty Tic-Tac box, or create a mini Starbucks cup for extra style. No more messy shaving when you try this hack!

My favorite hack was probably the easiest one. Simply by bending ordinary paper clips, your clip now forms a heart shape on everything you clip together. She showed a row of paper clips marching charmingly across the top of a folder. They looked so cute, and they were ready to jump into action to clip together anything that was untidy.

With washi tape, chalkboard paint and glitter, Wengie creates school supplies that are fashionable and useful. A chalk board painted binder was the most difficult project, but even that could be finished in an afternoon. Then you have a binder that can be used to write notes for the forgetful and erase them again when you’ve finished the project. Cute, useful and environmentally aware projects are really a great choice.

In just about twelve minutes Wengie shared twelve interesting, innovative projects that really can be done by the average person. Cheerful dialog and cute cats add to the engaging presentation. Wengie creates a wonderful online style guide that is reproducible by any viewer.

Talk Fusion Founder Bob Reina Uses Success To Help Others

The success of the Talk Fusion brand has had a positive effect on a wide range of charities because of the personal intervention of founder Bob Reina; the Talk Fusion CEO has always been of the opinion the success he achieves should assist entire communities of people who are in need of assistance in the future. Bob Reina is not a traditional CEO simply sitting behind a desk and overseeing the operations of Talk Fusion, but is instead known for his hands on approach to all aspects of business and charitable giving.

Talk Fusion came into existence in 2007 and quickly became known for the community links the company and its innovative CEO Bob Reina have established and maintained ever since. Reina looks to explain to those working for his company and affected by the growth of Talk Fusion why he feels it is important for each and every person to assist those in need at all times. Reina is always willing to lead by example in his decisions regarding philanthropy and has made major donations to animal based not for profits in the Tampa area of Florida; not only does Reina look to assist organized groups rescuing animals and has looked to aid the rehabilitation of many individual animals in his local community.

Bob Reina hopes his individual actions will have a great deal of inspiration for those who are working with him across more than 140 countries across the planet; Reina allows each employee to establish a single account with Talk Fusion in the name of a registered charity to provide funding in the future. The development of video marketing opportunities allow Bob Reina the opportunity to create a new form of success for his clients, and passes on the same skills and experience to the charitable groups his employees open a free account for providing access to the very best in Talk Fusion video and Email marketing products.