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Handy Guarantees a Clean Home for the Holidays

Let’s face it. Sometimes you don’t have time to clean. In fact, towards the end of the year, it’s virtually impossible. Not only are the kids involved in school and after school activities, you’ve got work, shopping and other errands to do. In addition, the Holidays are coming up. This means that even if you’re going to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years, you still might have to cook.

Even if you don’t have to cook something to contribute, you might not have time to clean. You might have one event to go to; or you might have several. People with large social circles often have many events to go to throughout the Holiday season; and this is just what’s possible. According to, for the most part, everyone is responsible for having guests over for at least one event and likely several.

Peace of Mind

Even if you do your best to clean your home for company, you’ll never do it as well as a professional cleaner will. Have you ever looked at the maid’s cart at a hotel and wondered what was in all those bottles; or casually watched them clean and spray an empty room while you waited for an elevator? Perhaps a maid has even shared a tip or trick with you that finally made you realize:

  • The products they use are different,
  • Their systematic methods are more efficient and provide a more even clean,
  • The products they use are more effective, and
  • The experience they have gives them more methods at their disposal to get rid of stains, disinfect and everything else you need them to do

Professional cleaning services are great. In addition, there’s a new business that makes finding the right maid quick and easy. Handy is a new app based cleaning service, where you can order a qualified home cleaner on-demand. The cleaners are well-screened and extremely professional.



Advantages of Renting New York’s Shared Office Buildings


Traditionally, people have had to go work at an office in order to support themselves. However, work at an office came with a lot of different issues. For one thing, people have to deal with a lot of different workplace politics. To make things worse, a job is not guaranteed for everyone. Therefore, people are living with a lot of anxiety over almost losing their job. Also, people are faced with losing their homes and their way of life if they are unable to keep up with their bills. Fortunately, there is a new alternative that is gaining a lot of popularity with people. This alternative is the co-working space.

Co-working spaces have been popping up all over the nation. Among the best of the spaces is a shared office space for rent in Manhattan, called Workville. A lot of care has gone into the building and the maintenance of the area. They people in charge of this New York shared office space has done everything they can to make sure that entrepreneurs have a great space to work at so that they can move their business forward. People that are looking to build an alternate source of income will have their best chances at a New York Shared office space because this is where the least distractions occur.


With Workville, people are given a lot of features that are meant to increase their productivity. For one thing, there is a lot less distractions for people to put up with. While most entrepreneurs are not going to be paid by the hour like in the office, they are going to be given a lot of incentive to focus on their company. For one thing, they are going to be surrounded by other professionals. The professional environment that the co-working space presents is going to make sure that people are encouraged to do their work. Many new businesses will be formed from Workville and plenty of other shared office spaces.

David Osio on Social Responsibility

David Osio, the chief executive officer of Davos Financial Group of companies, continues in helping non-profit organizations across the globe, institutions which in exchange support communities, the arts and the scientific community.

The business magnate of Venezuelan origin has for many years been helping communities. He and Financial Group of Companies live up to an ideal, which is corporate social responsibility. Osio supports non-profit organizations and foundations locally and internationally. For example, he was a board member of the Miami Symphony Orchestra for several years. According to Osio, he is an unconventional supporter of this foundation, and he personally has a lot of affection towards it. He is glad that the Miami Symphony Orchestra is still in business because it brings joy to the residents of Florida.

The philanthropist is the founder and chief executive officer of Davos Financial Group of companies, which he founded in 1993. Because of his business acumen, knowledge in business law and finances, he has been able to facilitate the increase of the financial firm’s income levels dramatically. Osio was able to help the company expand as well. Osio has established independent and licensed companies in Portugal, the United States and Switzerland. Osio also tries to contribute as much as possible in the places where Davos Financial Group of companies operates.

Osio has been helping organizations internationally for many years. He is especially fond of the medical community. Osio is a strong supporter of The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation and the EPK. According to Osio, more affluent individuals should contribute to The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. More people should come together in order to help in this crucial cause. Osio has also donated to the Wayuu Taya Foundation, UMA Foundation, and the Fundana Foundation. Osio also supports many artistic organizations, such as the Saludarte Foundation of Art in Miami. Recently this foundation exhibited Carlos Cruz Diez.

Before Osio founded Davos Financial Group of companies in 1993, he worked for GMO, one of the most important law firms in Venezuela. Here, he gave legal advice to many important corporations, such as Consolidated Bank. He then proceeded to work for Banco Latino International, a very important bank from Caracas. Within just two years, he got promoted to vice president. Osio studied law at the Catholic University of Andres Bello and pursued an advanced specialty at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Administration. Osio has received many prestigious awards, such as the Medal of Honor of the United States Congress and the South Florida Business Leaders 2009. He has also been recognized numerous times by the magazine New Europe.

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$17 Million Reward Shows How SEC Whistleblowers Are Changing The Financial Industry

The head of the SEC whistleblower program at Labaton Sucharow, Jordan Thomas, has a long history of working with investors and financial professionals who have been the victims of financial wrongdoing; the reputation of Thomas as a financial expert saw him involved in the creation and writing of the Dodd-Frank Act that laid the groundwork for greater regulation of the U.S. financial industry. For the past six years Jordan Thomas has been working with the Labaton Sucharow law firm as the head of the SEC whistleblower lawyers that has recently announced the award of the second largest SEC payout to an individual whistleblower of $17 million.

Jordan Thomas has created a team of financial experts, investigators, and attorney’s who are all looking to bring evidence of financial wrongdoing to the attention of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Labaton Sucharow believe the first step any potential whistleblower should take is to discuss their concerns of financial wrongdoing with their team of qualified experts, who will investigate the claims and evidence presented to make sure the complex rules and regulations of the SEC have been broken before presenting the evidence to the SEC.

The $17 million payout shows how seriously the SEC are taking the regulation of the financial industry as whistleblowers providing high quality evidence can be awarded between 10 and 30 percent of any fines paid based on the evidence of the whistleblower. The challenge for any whistleblower is to make sure they have evidence of the rules of the SEC being broken that is presented in such a way they receive any financial reward provided for them; Jordan A. Thomas and his team are determined to make sure they guide their clients through the process and receive the highest possible payout after fines have been levied by financial authorities.

Anybody who has even the slightest interest in the working of the financial community will understand the complex nature of the work of the SEC, and will know how difficult many of the regulations can be to understand. Entering into an SEC investigation with an experienced group of attorney’s is a good option for the individual whistleblower to take to make sure they get the best possible information about the quality of their evidence, how the investigation will progress, and what level of financial reward can be expected from the evidence provided.

Learn How To Build Financial Freedom With A Successful Online Course


An Ideamensch article has praised CEO of VTA and financial advisor Jim Hunt for contributing to the wealth of the little guy outside of the big banks and financial institutions. He is adamant of giving away true wealth building secrets that will benefit his customers and cause them to reach their financial freedom. Hunt says big financial corporations are getting wealthy at the expense of the smaller investor. Hunt wants to see his customers buy a new home, boat, or save money. The goal is to build your financial independence by giving your valued financial secrets.


VTA Publications teaches Hunt’s clients how to generate a cash flow, selling or starting your own business. He admits the only way you can reach your financial goals is by financing your dreams. The course also teaches you how to be confident in starting your business aside from listening to naysayer’s that will be against your success with negative comments. Jim Hunt admits that surrounding yourself around positive people will give you the mindset that you’re on the road to financial recovery. A great circle of friends may also assist you in financing your dreams. VTA teaches their clients when and how to take a chance on your wealth.


VTA Publications is an online course with over 5,600+ financial strategies available for their clients. They pass along real wealth building secrets in a course. Hunt provides tuition assistance for his clients that may need assistance paying for the course. VTA wants you to earn while you learn and give away real tips. You can get the secrets to biblical wealth and return your investment 100 fold, make a few calls, investing in a falling stock market and more. Hunt guarantees all this financial strategies for his customers and provides you with online reviews from actual users that have built their wealth.


You can become a VTA Publications client by visiting their secure website. You can choose from their intense collection of financial strategies and find out what course is best for your schedule. Discover how to take back your financial wealth today with VTA. Check out some of the free tips from Jim on Twitter, and through his YouTube channel.

Former Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson Files Lawsuit Against New Hampshire Insurance Company

Former ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks, led by Bruce Levenson, has filed a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company (also described as AIG) for a breach of contract over settlement claims made by former general manager Danny Ferry. The AHBE says that Ferry asserted the claims were covered. Despite these assertions by Ferry, the claims were not paid out by AIG.
Levenson, originally from Washington DC, attended Washington University in St. Louis before going to law school at American University back home in DC. In 1977, he founded United Communications Group, best known today for developing the mobile app Gas Buddy, which broadcasts current information on gas prices to its users.

In 2004, Atlanta Spirit, with Levenson as a majority partner, purchased the Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting, known best for CNN. At the time, Levenson also purchased the Atlanta Thrashers (a member of the NHL). The Thrashers were later sold in 2011. From his time of purchase of the Hawks, Levenson has also been a member of the NBA’s Board of Governors. Levenson hired Danny Ferry as general manager in 2012.

Levenson, of Jewish descent, went with his wife and basketball team to the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. in March of 2014. In addition, Levenson brought his mother-in-law Irene Boyarsky with the team. Boyarsky is a Holocuast Survivor. Levenson and Boyarsky discussed the experiences and impact the Holocaust had on his family both at the time, as well as the influence it continues to leave both on his family and community today.

Later that year according to Forbes, Levenson agreed to sell the team to the team’s current owner, Anthony (Tony) Ressler. Included in the group that purchased the Hawks is former NBA player Grant Hill and Spanx founder Sara Blakely. Ressler’s group purchased the Hawks for $730 million.


The Achievements of Philanthropist Malini Saba

Malini Saba is the co-founder and the current chairperson of the Saban Company. The firm holds various investment interests throughout the world. For instance, it holds interests in the technology industry in the United States, real estate in Australia and India as well as gas and oil investment interests in China. Malini Saba, with her intense need for giving, established the Stree: Global Investments in Women. Malini Saba was honored to have her foundation inaugurated by the former US President, Bill Clinton, and Queen Noor of Jordan. The institution offers legal empowerment and health care to women and children in Central America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and India.


The Stree Foundation is not for profit, and its primary mission is to positively impact the lifestyles of both children and women of low incomes, throughout the entire world. Malini made an impassioned tour in 2005 to the Tsunami ravaged locations in India and Sri Lanka, where she made a pledged of $10 million to the victims. Malini commenced her investment career back in the 1990s, as a Silicon Venture capitalist.


Malini Saba had the idea of starting her own venture from her early years. Thus, on gaining the relevant skill set and experience she proceeded to establish Saban. The company retains substantial investment interests in varied sectors in different places in the world.


Malini incorporates an excellent routine in her life, which has fostered her success. I would say the routine is a progressive, extrovert person. She regularly wakes up at 5 am. She then makes conference calls to Asia, where her commodity venture is based. By 7 am, she takes her lovely daughter to school. Notably, she walks her daughter to school so that they can have quality mom-daughter time. Later, she heads to the office to cater for matters concerning the USA and Europe. At 3 pm, Malini picks her daughter from school. Typically, a regular day for Malini entails minutes, which must last not more than 45 minutes.


 Malini Saba comes from Perth, where she took Psychology studies. The quest for working overseas lured her to move to the United States. At first, she settled in San Francisco in the 1990s. For the last twenty years, Malini has been using her unique skill set and expertise to run her business. During her 25 business years, Malini made over 22 investments in varied ventures as well as made travels all over the world. Malini analyzes the market trends and acts based on the opposite of the patterns‘ behavior. This way, she has been able to succeed in all her investment ventures.

Madison Street Capital Nominated for More Awards

The world of financial investment banking is very competitive. The established players have grown powerful in size and the world economy is unpredictable at best. With the recent US Economic downturn and the exit of Great Britain from the European Union, investment firms are struggling to stay afloat in a volatile world economy. This is what makes Madison Street Capital’s accomplishments impressive. Recently the M&A Advisor group announced that Madison Street Capital is a finalist for multiple awards at the November 9th Gala in New York City. The nominations serve as recognition for all of Madison Street Capital’s success this year.

Over the past 18 years, Merger and Acquisitions Advisor, or M&A for short, has developed a reputation as the pinnacle of achievement in the financial world. The awards seek to recognize companies of all sizes for their successes in mergers and acquisitions. Criteria considered for the awards include deal making, restructuring, and transfers of ownership in the financial world. Today, the organization enjoys presenting various companies with awards to draw attention to their successes. These awards help to attract excited customers to these companies for business.

Madison Street Capital has been nominated for Deal of the Year by the M&A Advisor firm. The deal referenced in the award nomination is the acquisition of Acuna and Asociados by Dowco. This deal was impressive because it took place over international borders. With many different laws in place governing the respective companies, it is a major challenge to set up a deal that is legal in both countries and beneficial to both parties. Working across multiple time zones to connect the clients was an additional challenge in mediating this deal. Regardless of the challenges, Madison Street Capital handled the obstacles with aplomb. Madison Street Capital founder and CEO welcomed the nomination by M&A Advisor, saying his employees appreciate the recognition for their tireless efforts. Furthermore, this deal was undoubtedly a major factor that got Madison Street Capital nominated for Boutique Firm of the Year, another nomination by M&A Advisor. With two award nominations, Madison Street Capital has generated a significant amount of momentum moving forward. More information on the awards can be found on Benzinga.

Madison Street Capital is an international financial organization that focuses on mergers and acquisitions. They have developed an impressive track record of success by holding true to their core principles. These principles include integrity, leadership, excellence, and service. Madison Street Capital provides a variety of services to its clients including transfers of ownership, valuation assistance, and financial opinions. With a diverse array of services, customers can receive help in multiple departments from one company. Without a doubt, this has contributed to the rapid rise of Madison Street Capital.

Understanding the Entrepreneurial Journey and Achievements of Don Ressler

Don Ressler is a dedicated professional with a great career as a businessman and his journey in entrepreneurship is a motivation to many young people looking to establish successful businesses. He has managed to come up with startups that have grown into strong and competitive businesses in the area of online retail subscription.

The first attempt at running a business for Don Ressler came when he launched, which performed well and within a short duration he sold the company to Intermix Media with the sole aim to raise funds. During these developments, Ressler met with Adam Goldenberg and they partnered in his next step to form Alena Media. Adam Goldenberg was then the COO at Intermix and his ideas were much similar to the vision Ressler had.

In 2005, Ressler and Adam handed over Alena Media to News Corp in a bid to raise funds for a bigger venture. The capital they got through this deal went into the establishment of Intelligent Beauty, which came with several brands. One of the brands that came together with Intelligent Beauty is DERMSTONE, a cosmetics marketplace and online skincare store.

The company further invested in more brands and two years after inception, they came up with SENSA, as weights-loss brand that contributed a lot to the growth of Intelligent Beauty on Although Intelligent Beauty did not release results and information about their performance, they recorded massive sales from the two brands in two years.

Ressler and Adam Goldenberg had similar experience in online marketing and prior success was a tool they could use to advance their practices in online businesses. They were motivated to start a new business, which would operate as an online subscription retrial namely JustFab.

About JustFab
JustFab, launched in 2010 by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, is a fashion-focused online subscription retail. They appointed Kimora Lee Simmons as the President of the company in 2011 and this was followed by strategies to expand its online presence. This growth needed funds, so they approached Matrix Ventures and agreed on $33 million funding. They also in 2012 approached several venture capitals and were awarded $76 worth of funding to help the company penetrate into other markets, specifically the UK, Canada and Germany.

JustFab acquired FabKids in 2013 and despite the similarity in names, the two companies existed as completely separate entities. FabKids offers fashion and accessories for kids and operates in a similar manner like JustFab.