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David Osio and the Directors of Davos REG Release a New Application.

The Davos Real Estate Group is a company that offers guidance on the real estate sector. The management of the company recently announced that it would be launching a top-notch mobile phone application that will be called the Davos CAP Calculator. The release of the software was led by David Osio who is the CEO of the firm and directors such as Pablo Bausili and Gerard González. The Davos Real Estate Group was started as one of the self-governed branches of the Davos Financial Group. The financial organization is international, and it has been dominating the Venezuela and Latin American markets for the past 20 years. It has devoted itself to offering business policies that can accomplish the needs of a wide variety of clients by using the best experts in providing high-quality services.

Gerard Gonzalez has spent the last six months to striving towards ensuring that the experts who were designing the program create it in an efficient way that will serve the clients appropriately. The calculator’s purpose is to determine the appreciation rate of a property while considering various factors such as the expenses that are connected to the property. The software has been designed for use in the latest cell phone operating systems, which are Android and iOS. According to the company, more applications will be developed to supplement the Davos CAP Calculator. Some of the programs that it plans on developing will have the ability to access information about properties and using interactive methods to inform the clients.

David Osio said that the company’s goals are being accomplished through the creation of new applications since they offer guidance to the customer in the real estate business of the United States. Users of the program will be having vivid commercial views of an asset before acquiring it. The Davos CAP Calculator also approximates the amount of money that can be paid as rent for different real estates.

Another new application that Davos REG will be releasing is the Mortgage Calculator. The function of this software will be approximating the cost of purchasing a home on a mortgage while determining different costs such as interest rates. The Davos Real Estate Group has been collaborating with various organizations, and it has currently spread its services to Europe. The number of affiliation that it has made increased by 60 percent in 2016, and this led an increase of its sales by 75 percent.

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OSI Group, The Respected Worldwide Meat Processor & Supplier

OSI group is one of the leading American meat processing companies whose primary area of focus iS retail and food service industry. OSI team was able to meet up the requirements to be on the list of the U.S. Top 100 Food and Beverage Companies, 2016. The company has its main headquarters in Aurora, Illinois.

The birth of the company can be traced back to the year of 1909 when Otto Kilschowsky started a small meat shop in Oak Park, Illinois. The meat shop expanded slowly, and he shifted his business to Maywood, Chicago. The company had its birth with the name of Otto and Sons in 1928. The company received a big kickstart when it tied up with McDonald’s which itself was in an embryonic state of development at that time.

Over the years both the companies developed a strong bond and helped each other in taking strong roots in the food industry. With the development of Cryogenic Food processing in the 1960s, meat processing of Otto and Sons was revolutionized and it became one of the four important meat suppliers of Mac Donald’s. It was in 1975 that the company changed its name to OSI Industries after expanding its reach beyond McDonald’s. The company began supplying meat to several restaurants with McDonalds’s being the original client. With the popularity of McDonald’s, even OSI grew bigger in size. In 2011, the company won the prestigious position of the 136th largest private company in the Forbes List. In 2016 also, the company was propelled to the position of 58 in the Forbes list as one of the greatest private companies with $6.1. billion.

In 2016, OSI Group set another milestone by the acquisition of Baho Food, another famous Dutch meat manufacturer. This activity gave OSI group more hold in Europe. Baho has about five branch industries in Germany and Netherlands. The executive team of Baho Group was very excited to be incorporated into the larger OSI Group. They will be working hand in hand with the team of OSI group in making the company grow more in Europe as well as worldwide.

OSI is one of the best entrepreneurial companies and has a very holistic towards work ethics and working with its employees. In the group, the voices of all the employees are taken into account along with following specific strategies and rules.

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chairman and CEO Of OSI group. He has a very long relationship of about 43 years with the company. Lavin started his career as a successful executive in the banking sector and built his financial firm. He has a first hand in transforming the face of OSI group from McDonald’s focused meat supplier to a worldwide provider. The company proudly boasts of about 20,000 employees globally. Lavin has been a part of the company as a financial advisor from 1970 when the business was known as Otto and Sons. He was very much involved in the expansion of the enterprise in North America, Europe, South America and Taiwan. In 1980, he acquired half of the controlling interest when one of the original owners sold it to him. Lavin is also a part of many charity foundations like Ronald McDonald House Charities, the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, Jewish United Fund, etc.

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IAP Worldwide Services to the International Community

IAP Worldwide is a successful international organization that offers facilities management, logistic, advanced and professional technical services. IAP Worldwide was started several years ago by a team of experts, and since then, it offers international scale solutions to transform the lives of people around the globe. The company specializes in the unexpected activities.

IAP Worldwide has grown significantly since it was founded. At first, the company was started by a few individuals, but today, the company gives employment opportunities to two thousand persons. IAP Worldwide Services has also expanded, and it is now found in twenty-five countries. These vital services from this company are offered to both the public and private industries. The company handles any complicated issues affecting any client even without notice.

IAP Worldwide focuses on making the impossible possible. In most cases, the organization deals with the unexpected activities affecting communities such as natural disasters or any battles that happen overseas. Whenever these calamities happen, there is no notice given for people to get prepared, but the company takes the challenge and works hard to ensure that everything is restored back to the original state. Because IAP Worldwide has been in the industry for sixty years, it has acquired the knowledge and expertise needed to handle these challenging situations on Cortera. The company has employed a team of experts who are good in planning, coordinating and carrying out the logistical and complex technical challenges that come their way.

IAP Worldwide has also acquired a lot of experience in handling and also maintaining the military installations it operates in the small cities, civilian facilities and remote research labs. These plants are crucial in most of its operations, and keeping them in the perfect shape is a priority.

In the last sixty years, IAP Worldwide has worked hard to build a reputation that is respected by its competitors. Today, the company is considered to be the market leader and also a strong institution that is only committed to serving the consumer on The entire customer needs have been met and exceeded by the company. Any matter that keeps any of the customers awake is handled with a lot of care by the team, and this is why the company has managed to do so well in the market. IAP Worldwide has also gone ahead to acquire several businesses to ensure that the ever-changing needs of the consumer are met. The company recently introduced a new aviation wing to improve its services.

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Town Residential – An Upscale Agency

One of the largest cities in the world is New York City. The city is vastly diverse and has many neighborhoods filled with people of all backgrounds and income groups. For those looking for a property on the upper end in certain neighborhoods, Town Residential is a luxury real estate agency ready to meet all of your property needs.


Town Residential has been in business for five years. They are led by their founder and CEO, Andrew Heiberger. He founded Town Residential in 2010 and has been expanding his company ever since. He has assembled an elite staff that has years of experience under their belts. They are also well versed in the neighborhoods in New York City and are ready to help any client that comes through their doors.


Recently, Town Residential announced that they were opening an office that will be located in the meat-packing district of Manhattan. This is a highly sought after location and after much negotiation, Town was able to secure the office space. This location is also situated in the middle of many neighborhoods and will make them more accessible to their clients located nearby.


The office space itself will be located on the second floor. It will take up the entire 7100 sq. ft. space. There are 16-foot ceilings to add to the appeal of the space. Also included within the space is a rooftop deck and plenty of meeting rooms available to the clients and the agents. The design of the space will make it so that the area is easy to navigate and clients feel welcome and comfortable in the office.


The location is the biggest advantage of the new office space. There are many neighborhoods nearby that are home to many residents. For anyone looking to utilize a real estate agency, having a real estate agent nearby and easily accessible helps to speed along the home buying and selling process. Town is hoping to take advantage of that.


Also moving with Town Residential is Thomas & Ingram. They are a brokerage firm that does many deals with Town. Having them close by will add to their appeal to their clients. Clients can have everything they need all in one location.


Town Residential is an upscale real estate agency with the experience to back it up. They cater to all their client’s needs and do everything they can to please their client and find them the best property possible. Working with Town Residential will produce positive results for both the client as well as the agency itself.


Oil Production to Dip Below One Million Barrel Per Day Mark

The United States Money Reserve was founded in 2001 by gold market entrepreneurs who recognized the need to combine expert knowledge, high-end customer services, and top-notch trustworthy guidance necessary when purchasing these precious commodities. As one of the largest issuers of the United States-issued precious metals, today, the company has the pleasure of working with thousands of its clients who prefer to convert their assets into the precious metals. There are numerous beneficial financial implications of purchasing these precious metal bullion.

The United States Money Reserve continues to work to provide the state-of-the-art United States government-issued silver, gold, and platinum coins in the region. While the company has more than a decade of professional experience, many clients have placed their trust in its abilities. Most of the people that have trusted the company have profited from its services. Due to the many purchases, the company remains the world’s leading providers of precious metals.

For the United States Money Reserve customer, you get the service of more than 100 well-trained individual professionals including:
• Sales Verification Personnel
• Coin Research Professionals
• Business Support Development
• Compliance and Standards Department
• Senior Gold Specialists
• Vault and Shipping Department
• Industry Leading Numismatic Expert
• Customer Relations Department
• Inventory Department

For more than two years ago, the oil production in North Dakota has surpassed over a million barrels per day. This was a symbolic moment that made the state rise to become of the highest producers of oil after Texas. According to the report done by Ben Smith, this mark will soon be passed by North Dakota. For this reason, this mark will be on the downward trend. According to the recent numbers issued by the state, they show that the region produces a constant amount of a million barrels daily. In July, the state produced 30,000 barrels. Lynn Helms, the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources, says that the good wells will be completed by the end of the year. However, over 41 wells are excellent for an extended period of production for the country. For a good day, the industry will maintain over a million barrels of oil.

For them to keep the minimum productions, it takes up to 90 wells to complete a day. Producers are spending their minimum after months of low oil prices for the most productive wells. According to Lynn Helms, there is no value to mobilize the crews and drilling rigs. For the winter, active drilling wells will maintain at 30.

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Handy; taking the efficiency of cleaning services to the next level

Handy cleaners are providers of professional home cleaning and related services. They have been in business for quite a while now and they do understand the value of giving great service to their customers. services they offer include:

  • Assembling furniture
  • Mounting electronics such as TVs
  • Painting inside the home
  • Helping people who are moving
  • Home cleaning

There are certain qualities that have made this company get to the top as a market leader. When you book with them, you can expect that trusted professionals will handle your cleaning. Before any cleaners are hired, Handy ensures to check their background thoroughly. They also go for staff that is experienced and friendly. Most importantly, they have insured their employees and their services. In the rare occasion that something goes amiss during a cleaning, the homeowner can be assured of complete compensation.

The other great quality is that they are available within short notice. It is one of the few companies that have next day availability. This means that as soon as you visit their website, you can give the details of the parts that need to be cleaned and this will be organized for as early as the next day. This comes in handy, especially in cases where a mess has been made and you need to have it cleaned within the shortest time possible.

Another reason to deal with these experts is their money back guarantee. They have a policy that states that when a customer is not satisfied with the service they get from the company, they can request to get their money back. This speaks a lot about the level of confidence they have in the services they deliver. They are sure that after a few hours in your home, you will not have anything to complain about.

Booking a cleaning with them is simple. You simply log into their site and get a quotation. To get the quotation, you will need to fill in a form that asks on specifications about your home size. They will estimate the number of hours and the cost. They will also look at the place where you live and link you with the cleaners that are closest to you.

These are the qualities that have made this online and mobile cleaning service hit over 1 million requests every week. This is a good as technology will get when it comes to maintaining a clean home.


The U.S. Money Reserve Secures Awards at the 20th Annual Creative Work Award for Annual Videographer

The U.S Money Reserve has earned recognition has a four-award recipient for the 2016 original production videographer awards. Moreover, the U.S Money Reserve won two Excellence Awards in Creative Cinematography and TV Commercial Production. Their infomercial earned a spot for television titled “Testimonial Show” depicts real testaments. They are loyal to the United States Money Reserve. They include the gold buyer Richard Petty and NASCAR driver

The excellence award is the best award written to produced, written, edited and shot productions in a high-end manner. The company’s creative team has an increased esteem through this award. They won an additional award for both Honorable Mention and Distinction Award for the “Pearl Harbor Show.”

Angela Koch, Chief Executive Officer of the United States Money Reserve, said that they are honored as a company to appear in the international arena in awards for our video and creative production efforts. Our production, talent, and marketing media team have an inspiring production. We bring the center of business to these shows to depict the actual nature of profitability when you purchase the state-issued gold from us. While our company remains loyal to customers, we bring business to live shows and scenes.

The members and Judges, of the Communication and Marketing Association of Professionals, look for individuals and magistrates whose talents exceeds a great excellence standard. They also look for those who work to set a high level in this industry. In 2016, the awards had a stiff competition of over 1,500 entries all over the world. For this past month, the United States Money Reserve had a bronze win at the spot tally awards.

The awards are judged and administered by the Communication and Marketing Association of Professionals. The international arena comprises of various communication, marketing, public relations, advertising, freelance professionals, and media production who are in the program. The awards come in 20 categories under each presentation. They have a distinction for future levels. Distinction Awards, Excellence Awards, and the Honorable Mention.

The United States Money Reserve was founded in 2011. The company has then grown into one of the world biggest distributors of foreign and U.S. state-issued silver, gold, and platinum products. Thousands of clients all over the country serve to take in the service of the U.S. Money Reserve. They use the company to change their money into the silver and gold coins. The company has a well-trained team of professionals with the right knowledge for these products.

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