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George Soros: The Democrat’s Money Man

George Soros is the Democrats top financial donor. Soros is the man responsible for keeping top Democratic candidates going. George Soros has given more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes he supports. Soros previously spent $27 million in an attempt to defeat President George W. Bush in 2004.

Soros has been a Clinton ally for over 25 years. Soros has made his millions through currency trades. George Soros has become more politically involved because of his fear of a Donald Trump presidency. Soros’ has been willing to spend as much money necessary to defeat Trump because he believes this year the stakes are exceptionally high. George Soros is seen by Democrats as the contributor who can influence other rich activists to give more.

Soros has convinced liberal donors including environmentalist Tom Steyer, New York hedge fund manager and media moguls Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner to give more than $60 million to various campaigns and political committees. Donors have full trust in Hillary Clinton, allowing her to build a massive financial advantage over Trump, who is not strongly trusted by the GOP elite.

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Soros donated $7 million last June to the super PAC called Priorities USA Action, giving them the most Soros has given any group this election cycle. George Soros has also written a $2 million check to American Bridge 21st Century PAC, which targets Donald Trump and other strong Republican candidates.

Soros has delivered $5 million to a super PAC which works hard to increase voter turnout among Hispanic voters in key swing states. One issue of concern to George Soros is voting restriction and he is fighting against that by giving $5 million to the nonprofit the Voting Rights Trust. He has also donated $2 million to America Votes, a group that focuses on voter mobilization.

Soros has also given to key Senate Democratic candidates including $1.5 million to the Senate Majority PAC and to Planned Parenthood Votes, which is a super PAC that fights for candidates who support abortion rights.

George Soros toned down his giving following the 2004 election and failing to defeat President George W. Bush. George Soros instead focused more attention on his global foundations, which have given more than $13 billion over the last 30 years. In 2005, he launched a club of top liberal donors, called the Democracy Alliance. Their goal was to turn groups focused on short-term election fights towards long-term battles who fight to combat climate change, income inequality and the role of big money in politics.

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Billy McFarland Takes Opportunity By The Hand With His New Business

Most people don’t understand that opportunity must be seized, not pondered upon. That is why Billy McFarland is successful, and his newest business venture is proof of that. In 2013 he put together a New York City company called Magnises, which is a venue built especially for millennials. Membership allows remarkable discounts and perks at many

Millennials, in this case, are young professionals, entrepreneurs, manager types in the IT and garment industries, and anyone else who is going somewhere between the ages of 21 and 35. Membership is somewhat selective, as there is an online application that must be filled out and approved by management.

To be a member of Magnises, an annual $250 membership fee is required, and when approved, the member is issued “The Black Card.” The Black Card copies all of the necessary information off of the member’s credit or debit card onto the magnetic strip of the Black Card. It is used to pay the bill at member businesses and automatically apply any discount that applies.

Millennials typically love to congregate together and swap stories, brag about themselves, and make business contacts. By the end of 2015, there were already over 10,000 members of Magnises, with many of the local businesses taking part. Billy McFarland screens potential businesses too and requires that they understand the higher levels of service that is expected and that they sign on for the long haul.

Businesses generally don’t have a problem with that because many of the millennials are already regular customers, and they have already seen more business growth because of Magnises. Being on the list is great advertising and public relations and has come to be a highly desired position in the Manhattan area.

Expansion is on the plate as McFarland eyes other metro areas such as Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and London. A recent $3 million investment by a venture capitalist hasn’t hurt, as Billy McFarland feels his business model is transferable to the other markets. Millennials are millennials, no matter where they are found, and Magnises is a concept made for them and their habits. The future looks excellent, indeed.

Help With An Event

If you feel like planning an event is simply too much work or you find that you want to spend more time with the guests than you do in planning, consider hiring an event planner. This is someone who can ensure that every aspect of the event gets taken care of, such as the food, decorations and locating the venue. There are a few things that you want to keep in mind when it comes to hiring an event planner. First, think about what you need help with. Make a list of the objectives to give to the planner. If you only need help with minor details, then make sure the planner knows that assistance might not be needed with everything. This can sometimes cut back on the costs that are associated with hiring an event planner.


Look at the qualifications of the planner. You don’t want to hire someone who is just getting started in the business if there are a lot of intricate details that you need worked out. However, you don’t necessarily want someone who will be too expensive to afford. Do a little research by reading reviews that are posted online or talking to someone you know who has recently dealt with an event planner. You can find out how each person deals with stressful situations and how the planner communicates with you before and during the event. Give the planner as many details about the event as possible, such as how many people you plan to invite, the age of the guests and the guest of honor and any specific details that you want included.


Twenty Three Layers is one of the event planning companies in NYC that takes care of every detail for you. All you need to do is give the company your information and let the dedicated staff do the rest. The company is among the event planners in NYC to work with vendors across the world, such as musicians and decorating companies, in order to deliver the best results possible.

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Workville Impresses in Midtown Shared Office Space Rentals


The advantages for using shared office spaces have become more pronounced in recent years with many customers drawn to these locations for the professional looking space, the ease of occupying these shared office spaces, and the lack of significant financial commitments when occupying this space. The last point is often the most significant for companies who decide to go for shared work spaces; a company that enters into a lease does so with all sorts of projections regarding their future business size and real estate needs. For smaller companies in the development stage, thus entering a new geographic location, and for those without extensive earnings histories, this may be too bold of a prediction to make, given the potential financial ramifications of cancelling leases early. In Manhattan, with sky high lease rates, the significance of this is even more obvious.

The result of these factors are that more tenants are choosing shared office spaces as their solution for their real estate woes. The number of companies that offer shared office spaces are increasing and some don’t quite have the same high quality premises as others do.


One company that has an excellent shared office space in the center of Manhattan is Workville. Workville is located right by Times Square just a few blocks from Grand Central Station and Penn Station and near most of the major subway lines. Their clients enjoy the significant benefits associated with being located near these transportation hubs and are more easily able to retain top talent as a result. Workville’s midtown Manhattan location is located a short distance from Bryant park and many employees love to relax there in the summer and enjoy their lunch outdoors.


Beyond location, Workville’s interior is modern and beautiful and well-maintained. There are dedicated cubicles available for users to use, available conference rooms, shared services, and every other convenience of a modern office space. These benefits are significant for companies that are looking to stand out and impress their employees, clients, and vendors who visit such a beautiful office space as that offered by Workville. If you are in the market for a shared office space in Midtown Manhattan you can’t go wrong with Workville’s shared office space.