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The constitutional expert and advisor; Sujit Choudhry

Sujit is specialist located at the L. Michael Heyman known as the professor of law at the UC Berkeley institution of law. He concentrates much on law, as the guy is entirely dedicated to solving constitutional law as well as the Dean of students since the year 2014. He has addressed issues concerning challenges associated with lawful making. He bears the title of a professor at the University of California as well as the New York University. He tends to combine some exciting mentorship towards the active creation of a constitution. His efforts are well appreciated globally and recognized as a leader in matters of comparative constitutional legal laws and politics.  Read a relevant article here

Contributions Made

His wide-ranging experience has led to his enthusiasm in drafting some constitutions. His study agenda has led to the formulation of the following written laws; South Africa, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Yemen only to mention a few. He is the spear of influence to the scheming of models set to administer the transition from cruel divergences to peaceful democratic policies. Sujit has ensured the adherence to healthy ethics practice in uniting divided societies. He links well with the global constitutional experts in creating a network of multilateral organizations in handling complex legal discrepancies.  For added reference, click


Sujit Choudhry has achieved the policy of Federalism, secession as well as advocating in legal courts. He has provided for the sufficient understanding of the oversight function, building a comprehensive strategy on the charted bill of rights. Being a scholar, Sujit Choudhry has been the publishing of his over eighty journals and articles that spearhead mutual understanding and the rule of law. His books include; The Oxford Handbook of the Indian constitution, migration of constitutional of constitutional ideas in Cambridge, 2006, as well as designs for divided societies. He continues to advocate for the mobilizing of knowledge searching in matters relating to natural interactions.  More to read on  He is a member of various executive commissions linked to legal issues. His projects to international agencies such as the UN and the World Bank in delivering development programs are a sign of dedication. Visiting his website one gets to acknowledge the level of professionalism aspiring from him in legal, constitutional affairs.  Click on

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Cancer Data Startup Tempus Among Chicago’s Top Ten

Few people have the highest forms of business integrity as compared to Eric Lefkofsky. When v was a child, he purposed to become one of the best business entrepreneurs in the world. His dream was never kindled when he was in college. This is because his entrepreneurial skills started when he was selling carpets to other students in college. During that time, he used his school fees to sell the commodities to his fellow students. For this reason, he endeavored to assimilate better business solutions in a way that is not anticipated in the industry. His business was set apart by the best physical assimilation techniques.

Eric Lefkofsky is an American serial entrepreneur who is committed to developing better business avenues for his clients in a manner that is not capacitated in the industry. When you talk about excellence, you may not fail to discuss the intentions he is facing to achieve the best for his clients. Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and Co-Founder of Groupon Company based in the United States. When he founded the company, his main aim was to help people seeking restaurants and flights to save themselves the money. For this reason, the company grew in favor and adoption in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Perhaps this is the reason why he is assimilated with the highest levels of prominence in the industry. Groupon Company has also gained favor among people to become one of the wealthiest companies in the industry.

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Tempus Company based in the United States. Tempus is a company that was developed to achieve the best digital medication for cancer patients in and out of the United States. As we are all aware, cancer has been an epidemic of the human health. Eric Lefkofsky is also one of the few people who is committed to extending an open arm that will solve the issues affecting cancer patients in the world using the digital medication. While cancer has no known cure in the industry, Eric Lefkofsky is committed to extending his philanthropic arm to Tempus Company towards finding its cure.

Sujit Choudhry Looks to Help Ukraine With Constitutional Reform

On a recent trip to Ukraine, legal expert Sujit Choudhry met with a number of experts in an effort to look for ways to reform Ukraine’s constitution. Choudhry along with a number of these experts met to talk about the political framework of the nation’s government and how to make it more democratic. During this meeting, Choudhry and other experts agreed that the democratic model of government is unstable in Ukraine due to a few significant factors. They concluded that Ukraine has an unstable democratic government due to a very high concentration of presidential power, a biased electorate system and also political parties that are generally weak. Due to these factors, Choudhry and the other officials looked to make recommendations in order to make Ukraine a more fail nation when it comes to national governance. After the meeting came to a conclusion, Sujit said that it was a privilege to talk to a number of constitutional law experts about improving the politics of Ukraine and making it a more democratically stable nation.

Sujit Choudhry has established himself as one of the most notable experts of constitutional law. Over the course of his career, he has helped a number of nations find ways to improve their constitution and overall political direction. Choudhry most recently worked with foreign leaders in an effort to draft a new constitution for them. When he first started his career, he spent a number of years working with the Canadian Supreme Court. During this time, he worked with the Supreme Court in order to make recommendations on how to improve the nation’s legal system and constitution. For further reference, check on

Sujit also helped with interpreting the laws of the nation as well. This experience prompted Choudhry to pursue other opportunities in his legal career in the educational sector. To keep up-to-date with his latest work, click on

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During the next several years of his career, Sujit Choudhry would work at law schools where he served as both a professor and a dean. When he was at the University of Toronto Law School, he provided instruction on constitutional law as well as serving as the associate dean. Related article on

In an effort to advance his career in the educational sector, Choudhry would move to the United States and work at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. While at this institution, he would eventually attain the position of dean. This enabled him to become the first Indian American to hold such a position.  Additional article on

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The Outstanding Hotelier, Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani is currently the chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group. Splendid Hospitality Group is among the fastest growing hotel groups that are privately owned in the United Kingdom. In 2016, he was named the ‘Hotelier of the Year’ at the Asian Business Awards. Mr. Boghani has experienced a lot in the hospitality industry. He has been and the business for over three decades.

He is currently the manager and owner of nineteen hotels in the United Kingdom. Mr. Boghani is a Chartered Accountant. He is an entrepreneur and an hotelier. In the 1990’s, his passion for hotels prompted him into introducing hotels branded with limited service in London.

Shiraz who formerly lived in Kenya arrived in the United Kingdom in 1969. He then trained in a small firm as an accountant after which he progressed to Thomson McLintock & Company. Shiraz was able to spot business opportunities and immediately ventured in the hospitality business.

The hotelier believes in giving back to the community. He funds charitable organizations and avails himself to the organizations whenever he is free. He holds numerous senior positions in the Ismaili community. Shiraz was a member of the community’s National Council and also the Chairman of the National Conciliation.

He is one of the co-founders and joint chairman of Sussex Health Care alongside Dr. Shiraz Boghani. They founded the Health Care facility in 1985. Sussex Health Care is a set of healthcare facilities. They are located in Sussex in the United Kingdom. The award-winning healthcare facility is employed more than 1000 employees. The medical center provides care and support to people living with disabilities and older people. It also offers neurological services in partnership with established hospitals and experts in the medical fields. Shiraz is moreover the chairman and founding partner of Sojourn Hotels LLP. He has successfully managed assets deals for Sojourn Hotels.

Shiraz Boghani has invested heavily in the hospitality industry. His most recent investments in the development and inauguration of Hilton London Bankside is impressive. The stylish hotel is worth 121 million Euros. Other top hotels include The Grand Hotel and Spa ad York and Holiday Inn London among other hotels. He has acquired the Mercure Bristol Bristow Hotel and the New Ellington located in Leeds. Shiraz Boghani supports the Aga Khan Foundation; a registered charity based in the United Kingdom. He also supports the Aga Khan Network which is a global organization.

Betsy Devos Is an Exceptional Woman in USA

Betsy Devos was born on January 1958 in Holland, Michigan. He is from a family of a Dutch native, and her family name is “Prins.” Betsy went to Holland Christian School in her village. She proceeded to Calvin College in Michigan where she graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree in business in the year 1979. While in the college, Betsy was deeply into politics as noted in the Philantrophy Magazine, page 23. She was a devotee to her church in America, where she has finally become an elder. Betsy DeVos is married to Richard Marvin who is a billionaire. They have four children namely Rick, Elissa, Andre and Ryan.


Betsy has contributed much to politics since she loves it by passion. In 2006, Betsy DeVos was nominated as a governor in the Republican Party in Michigan. After nomination, Betsy was made the chair of her party from 1996 to 2000. She later resigned from the post in 2000 after many differences with party members. After one year, the party solved its disputes and encouraged her to run for the seat once more. In 2003, she ran again as the chairperson and won with a great margin.


In 2004, Betsy Devos contributed $150, 000 for the campaign of George W. Bush. She had a large fundraising at her home, and all went well. When Bush won, she was made the finance chairperson since she had graduated with Business Economics. It is important to note that the Devos family has contributed much to the Republican politics since 1989. The family has shared more than 17 million US dollars to this party. In 1997, Betsy Devos demanded to get the results from the party since her family had contributed much to the survival of the party in terms of donations. Betsy Devos was concerned about the wellbeing of the party as well as the community it served. Her contributions were to promote policies of good governance that was to respect traditional American virtues.


Apart from politics, Betsy Devos is a strong bussinessperson, and she has headed the Windguest Group since 1989. The company operates on technology, clean energy and manufacturing. The company is largely owned by Betsy and her billionaire husband. They tried many other businesses like Broadway Scandalous and the Life Trials, written by kithie Lee, but failed in 2012 after rejection from the public.


On 23 November 2016, Betsy was announced to be Trump’s president-elect in the ministry of education. This was after she had portrayed strong expertise in her former school, and she was concerned with children education. However, she had faced strong opposition from some Senate members. These members questioned her wealth and expertise. She finally got big support and won out the case to be the education minister.


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One on One with Metrik Principal and CEO, Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a serial investor, an ardent lover of art and photography. He has an educational and career background in finance and business administration. Samuel Strauch entrepreneurial interest revolves around real estate, information technology as well as in hospitality.

Entrepreneurial Success

Samuel Strauch founded Metrik Holding in Miami due to its ideal business location. His network in Latin America assured him of success in the sector. According to Samuel, Metrik enterprise strategy to succeed involves adopting modern technology in its operations and remaining innovative in the market.

To improve his productivity, Samuel Strauch exercises a lot of meditation to relax his mind. Every morning he takes time to reflect on his personal and professional work as well as setting the day’s goal. According to Strauch, Metrik goal is to remain ahead of its competitors by adopting new technology and effectively conducting its business. Also, the company is exploring new opportunities in the hospitality sector as well as investing in unique properties.

The Metrik Holding basic principles entail being more than a property company. It involves itself in making the community better by being socially responsible. Also, it takes care of its employees, partners, and all other stakeholders. According to Strauch, the secret of Metrik success is by being exceptional in its service delivery. Therefore, the company gets a lot of referral business due to positive results. The Company is looking forward to venturing more in the hospitality industry and being more innovative.

For Samuel Strauch, he feels that he has trusted people so much to the point of disappointment. To some extent, his trust to employees has caused trouble with his clients. However, it has given him an opportunity to work with incredible and resourceful people. Samuel Strauch loves reading a book by Gabriel Marquez, ‘100 Years of Solitude’. The books offer his brain to relax and harness imagination.

About Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch graduated from Hofstra University, New York with bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, International Business. Also, he studied International finance and International marketing from Erasmus University, Rotterdam. He furthered his education in business from Harvard University. For more info about us: click here.

Samuel Strauch began his career as a banker. Later, Samuel joined his family real estate enterprise in South Florida. In 2002, he founded Metrik Real Estate Company. Based in Florida, the company incorporated brokerage, equity sourcing, development, acquisition, and management of real estates. The company has operations in the US as well as in the Latin America.

Academy of Art University Combines Cultural Designs for NYFW

Diversity in life and in design are key to this year’s Academy of Art University fashion graduates chosen for the New York Fashion Week. The students who attended the 88-year-old Art University in San Francisco fused their ethos into their fabrics and created a combination of designs that match their minds and souls. Each design represented a statement of self-awareness.

The fabrics were as diverse as the students. These delights included patent leather, recycled rubber bike tubes, knitwear, denim, vinyl, PVC, lightweight wool, lambskin, cashmere, brocades, jersey and wool. But, the embroidery, color contrasts, knitting with ends of prayer flags, and landscape photography, naturally and honestly enhanced these individual creations.

The Academy of Art University specializes in nurturing imaginations that allow students to use their talent beyond the fabric and design. Each student identified their culture and ethos within each design. For example, Ryan Yu’s space-age black and white designs of patent leather, jersey and wool follow his philosophy of leaving the darkness to embrace the light. Meanwhile, Saya Shen digitally transferred her own photographs, of snow covered Hokkaido along with San Francisco’s rolling hills, trees and ocean waves on to her fabrics capturing all her passions. Jelly Shan traveled to northwestern China where she encountered religious temples that brought her peace and joy. Her creations combine the sense of high towered temples knit with flowing prayer flags using soft colors.

The tradition of art and design started by Richard S. Stephens in 1929 continues with his granddaughter Elisa Stephens, who took over from her own father in 1992. Her tutelage has increased enrollment from 2,000 to 18,000. The Art Institute became fully accredited in 2007 by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. It offers associate degrees along with undergraduate and graduate fine art degrees. The tradition of inspiring and nurturing imaginations was evident in the NYFW 2017 show.


Boraie Development Sponsors Summer Series Events

Boraie Development has come together with The Provident Bank Foundation to sponsor a special series called the Free Summer Movie Series for the community in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The movies will air at the State Theatre this summer and is free to the public. There will be a collaboration of six different movies that will be featured throughout the summer starting in mid-July. The very first movie will be shown on July 12th and they will be showing the popular Frozen to kick off the summer series. The following week, on July 19th, they will show the classic E.T. the Extra Terrestrial. On July 26th, they will show Despicable Me 2 as the last movie for the month. August will start off featuring Babe on August 2nd and then Monsters University on August 9th. The last showing for the summer will be on August 16th and will show Aladdin. Each showing on the specified day will be at 10:30 am and 7:00 pm.


Hiam Boraie is the Vice President of Boraie Development and is so proud to be able to sponsor such a wonderful event for the community. He is glad to be able to give local families and young people the chance to come and see some free movies at a historical venue. Jane Kurek who serves as the Executive Director of The Provident Bank Foundation and is also happy to be able to bring together families of all backgrounds to such an exciting event at the State Theatre. The State Theatre was developed in 1921 and has been offering live entertainment in addition to screen entertainment for years. The theatre holds around 1800 people and they have recently renovated the seating arrangements. The historical monument estimates that they will see around 7000 people this summer throughout the series of events held at the theatre. They will get to experience some of the best family movies on the 46 foot HD digital screening systems with awesome surround sound. The event will be a wonderful experience for many to enjoy at an affordable cost. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.


Boraie Development is a real estate development company that specializes in providing exceptional services to the world of real estate for the community in New Jersey. They have been producing great services for many years and will continue to take part in many special events that support the overall well-being of the community and its businesses.



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Review of NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch has partnered with numerous companies and individuals to promote their products. Recently, Avanca and their sister company Ockel have reinstated a partnership with the NewsWatch team. This is the second time the companies have come together. During their first promotion on NewsWatch, Ockel was launching the crowdfunding campaign. Ockel credits some of the success of the campaign to the promotion of their product on NewsWatch.


In March of 1990, NewWatch TV aired its first episode. During this period in the shows history, each episode was focused primarily on financial matters. During the approximately thirty years that the show has aired, the topics that are covered have increased greatly since the 1990s. Such topics include travel and tourism, finances, consumerism, and technology.


NewsWatch TV airs weekly. Each week a new topic is approached and discussed. While most of the time, these discussions are held with experts in the field of discussion, occasionally, the show will star a celebrity or two that is knowledgable about the topic. It is expected that as the culture of the world changes, so will the topics that are discussed on the show.


In conclusion, NewsWatch provides companies the opportunity to promote their products. In turn consumers and viewers are able to educate themselves on topics, as well as products, with each episode. NewsWatch Tv provides an excellent way for individuals to begin understanding the topics presented. However, the show provides only a surface level of discussion, and viewers are encouraged to further investigate the topics.

Enjoy some of their videos.

Oxford Club Is An Ally for New Retirees

The money you keep in a stock portfolio should be determined by your age, health, monthly expenses, and portfolio size. Retirement rebalancing could help prevent the reduction of your portfolio size caused by “cashing in” your stocks when unemployed during a bear market. People might be tempted to cash in their stocks because their earnings from unemployment and social security may not be enough for them. There are two steps in the process of retirement rebalancing. First, you should calculate how much cash and earnings from low-risk bonds you need for your monthly expenses. Second, the money you would would need to meet living expenses for five years should be saved. If you cannot save the money needed for five years of living costs, there are other alternatives. You can work a few extra years before retiring. Savings can be increased. The cost of living could be lowered. Investments with higher returns could also be picked.

The Oxford Club is an independent company that was established in 1989. Oxford Club’s central office is located in Baltimore, Maryland. There are nearly 80,000 Oxford Club members across 100 nations. Analysts at Oxford Club perform investment research of the highest quality. Researchers select the investments with the highest profit growth and lowest volatility. Oxford Club members have access to these investments. The investment strategies used by the Oxford Club involve avoiding market risks completely and involve the allocation of assets.

Alexander Green is a Chief Investment Strategist at Oxford Club. He is also the leader of Oxford Club’s Editorial Team. Investment U, Energy & Resources Digest, and Wealth Retirement are the three free educational publications offered by the Oxford Club. Investment U has two newsletters: Investment U Daily and Investment U Plus. The newsletter of Oxford Club is The Oxford Communiqué.