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Jason Hopes to End Age Related Conditions with SENS Technology

Jason Hope is a technology guru. He has keen insight into the world of technology and business. This entrepreneur has helped to launch many tech companies. He is also a proven tech consultant for many businesses. As a matter of fact, Jason Hope even provides guidance of the future of business related technology. He predicts that the Internet of Things (IOT) is going to be a very important aspect for businesses in the future.Jason Hope is not only a keen technology guru, he is also a man who understands the importance of medicine. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with issues related to aging. Everyone knows that their body starts to change as they grow older. When this happens various conditions such as arthritis and high blood pressure could start to develop.

Other people might not deal with these issues, but they become impacted by ailments such as cancer or loss of sight.People should accept their old age because it is natural part of the human life cycle. However, they should not accept the negative impact on their health that happens with growing older. This is one reason why Jason Hope has made hefty donations to the SENS Foundation throughout his career.What is SENS? SENS is an acronym for Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research. This organization has been around since 2009. This foundation uses various forms of regenerative medicine research to reverse the process of aging. They have been making some strides with this medical science.

However, they still have a long way to go. Fighting the natural aging process is not an easy thing. Naturally, it will take time and a lot of caution for SENS to find viable ways to eliminate (or slow down) the problems associated with aging.Jason Hope donated $500,000 to this organization in 2010. Since that time, he has given more of his money toward this cause. Hope realizes that people can live healthier longer lives with this developing medical technology. Hope wants everyone to benefit from the research that SENS is conducting. Ultimately, Jason hopes that SENS will make significant change to the healthcare industry that will revolutionize life forever.

Conor Lamb Scores Huge Endorsement From End Citizens United

End Citizens United has been one of the busiest political action committees in the United States over the past two years. The PAC was established in order to fight for campaign finance reform while returning the power of the vote to the regular American voter. End Citizens United got involved during the 2016 Presidential Election as they stumped, endorsed, and raised money for progressive candidates who would be willing to fight for finance reform. Now, in 2018, ECU is continuing their efforts by endorsing Conor Lamb in the March 13th Special Election located in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District.

Conor Lamb is an upstart progressive politician who seems to be the perfect candidate to make a difference in a traditionally red state. Lamb himself has scored major love from rural Pennsylvania as well as the labor unions throughout the state. Lamb has also departed from progressives in some ways, showing that he’s willing to be a bipartisan force in a state that has almost always been red. Conor Lamb will be vying for the seat that was once held by Republican Tim Murphy, who was forced to resign after news of an extramarital affair and an abortion made headlines around the country.

When End Citizens United endorsed Conor Lamb, they gave him the boost that he needed in order to try and really get his message out. End Citizens United brings not just finances to progressive political campaigns, but ECU also brings a grassroots network of progressive voters that are willing to get out and spread the word. Lamb will need every ounce of support that he can get as he seeks to overcome poor odds against a stout Republican named Rick Saccone.

Rick Saccone doesn’t have the backing of the RNC but he has the personal vouching of President Donald Trump. Trump took to Twitter, as he is wont to do, in order to give Saccone his support. Saccone is a former intelligence officer in the military and he is pretty hardline Republican on most issues. Saccone saw a boost in his profile just this past week as more than a million dollars was poured into attack ads against Conor Lamb. These attack ads just show how much potential Lamb actually has in his campaign. If Lamb is to overcome Saccone then he will have to be fueled by End Citizens United as well as his own personal efforts to brand and reach out to conservative voters on a bipartisan pedestal.

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The AIA President Benefits His Profession And The General Public

The many accomplishments and contributions that Robert Ivy has done in the profession of architecture have definitely led to his appointment as the Executive Vice President /CEO of the American Institute of Architects. He was unanimously appointed in this position in 2011. Before taking the helm at AIA, Ivy spent his time professionally as one of the principals in an architectural firm that bear his name, Ivy Architects and also in Dean/Dale. After nearly 14 years as a Dean/Dale managing partner, he went to serve several architectural corporations in various executive positions.

Perhaps his professional activities and accomplishments in these corporations have led the bigwigs in AIA to appoint him as its Exec VP and CEO. There are two notable awards that Ivy has received that will attest to his professional accomplishments. One of these is in his profession, and another in print media. An architectural community, the Alpha Rho Chi gave Ivy the title Master Architect for his contributions in helping the public understand the importance of design for future generations. Ivy’s other award was given by the American Business Media for his great effort in the promotion of quality business media.

Ivy’s main task as AIA Exec VP/CEO is to manage its national office at Washington, DC. With its $56 million annual budget and the supervision of its 206 employees, Ivy already has his hands full. In the performance of his executive duties at AIA, Ivy is able to share important knowledge about his profession to the masses regarding the aspect of the role of architecture and architects and how the two relate to them. He also uses his AIA position to make the public aware of the importance of architectural design in their lives.

The AIA has been continuously serving the citizens of the United States, being the leading organization of licensed architects in the country. This organization serves the public by providing them outreach programs and by conducting various community development projects. And in order that US citizens may have a better understanding of the architectural profession, AIA regularly conducts public education. This enables the general public to better appreciate the role of architects in building their society.

Before he was appointed to the position of Exec VP/CEO at AIA, Ivy also spent time in promoting his profession through print media. He guided the editorial policy of Architectural Record, being its Chief Editor since 1966. And as a fellow of the AIA, he has used AR to disseminate its objectives and its projects to the masses. In this way, Ivy was not only able to further the goals of the AIA but is also able to provide a good picture of the architectural profession to the citizens of the United States.

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The Common Failures We Find Within Expanding Democracy

Society isn’t perfect. You and I are far from perfection also. Nevertheless, the standing principles we live by must be set on the foundations of perfection. Though the work of mankind will be found in fault, man has the power to hold to the perfect ideas of society, love and charity. The stronger we hold to these virtues, the closer we get to the perfection we need.

We listen to Sujit Choudhry to better understand what it is we seek. The failures of society are not the failures of politicians and world leaders. Society’s failure is the failure of its people. Democracy leads the world today and as an optimal form of government for mankind. This optimal stance pulls men like Sujit Choudhry to become a part of the democratic process.

When The People Don’t Have A Voice

The major issues for Professor Sujit Choudhry deal with how people relate with their governing leaders. The work we see in Ukraine is a perfect example of how passionate Sujit is regarding the standards that world leaders should live by. We also witnessed this passion in Sujit and as he rose his voice to hold the Spanish government accountable.   Relevant article on

Every step taken by this professional reveals a clear flaw in how we’ve been operating society. The lack of a unified voice among people creates an urge within Sujit Choudhry that can only be quenched once a full transformation goes into effect. This process is about giving the united people of the world a voice among democratic powers.  Read his interviews here.

When The People’s Voices Are Not Being Heard

The conflicts we learn about through the work of Sujit Choudhry target many political issues. Leading nations haven’t lived up to the standards of modern democracy. There’s no democracy in the eyes of Sujit Choudhry if people can’t clearly speak about issues within an open forum. What’s relevant in the world is not based on what the media prints and publishes.  Read more of his views on

Professor Choudhry gives the power of the press to people. We see a different world emerge, and as voices are being heard.

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Just who is Ronald Fowlkes?

Ronald Fowlkes, a resident of St Louis, Missouri, United States, is currently serving as the Business Development Manager at Eagle Industries Unlimited. At the company, he deals specifically with the sale and marketing of law enforcement products as well as commercial products. His work involves looking for new customers for the company’s products across the whole nation and manages the relationship and communication between the company and its clients.


He also conducts training sessions on the company’s pool of more than150 sales personnel where he educates them on the current product offerings of the company, their benefits and teaches them the best approaches of getting customers to purchase these products. He also helps the company to identify new products that it may want to venture into, help them to develop these products and make plans of how they shall get sold. He has served in this position at the company from the year 2008.


Fowlkes interest with law enforcement products is understandable because of his history with law enforcement agencies. He was able to serve his country in the Marine Corps between the years 1989 and 1993, a period which saw him being rewarded with promotion two times, as well as standing out as a veteran of the First Gulf War. At the Marine Corps School, he did his Marine Combat Training as well as other courses such as basic engineering skills and the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO) course. At the Parachute School, he learned advanced parachute skills, skills which he came to use when he was serving with 1st ANGLICO to do reconnaissance and air gunfire mission combats.


Besides, Fowlkes also served as a consultant with the Department of Defense under the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) in Iraq. His responsibilities included mounted, and foot infantry operations carried out in an enemy combat zone. He got the opportunity of training US military recruits on on-the-job skills required in their activities such as rescuing hostages, evidence collection, tactical combat as well as the interrogation and cross-examination of individuals they capture in an operation.


At one point, Ronald got posted at St Louis Metropolitan Police Department during which he worked in the department’s Hostage Rescue Team among others. He got licensed as an instructor on tactical rifle, how to handle house rescue mission, defensive tactics as well as Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT). When he and his team were not on official deployment, they would launch self-initiated investigations into crime-related activities in the cities in their neighborhoods such as illegal possession of guns, the operation of undercover gangs in the cities as well as the smuggling of illicit drugs and narcotics into the cities.


Their specialized unit at the department was also responsible for responding to incidences involving weapons of mass destruction as well as cases of civil disobedience. It is these 13 years of service in law enforcement agencies that have given him the insight needed in his current position.


Sujit Choudhry Assembles Roundtable

Sujit Choudhry is a Professor of Law the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. Previously, he was the Professor of Law at New York University and holds a valuable position at the University of Toronto. Today, Choudhry is recognized worldwide for his views on comparative constitutional law and politics. He received his education from Oxford, Harvard, and Toronto. In addition, he was a law clerk to Chief Justice Antonio Lamer.  For more info, visit this website, check on

With over two decades of experience as a constitutional adviser, his skills are valued by organizations all over the world. In addition, he has spoken in over two dozen countries, including Egypt, Jordan, Ukraine, and Nepal. Today, he is a member of the U.N. Mediation and has consulted the World Bank Institute.  For a better insight into his career choices, hit

Recently in December 2017, Sujit Choudhry, amongst other notable members, held a round-table workshop titled “Recovering from Authoritarian Backsliding: Pathways and Prospects. The roundtable deduced that the countries, Hungary and Poland, have the potential to return to a constitutional democracy — a deal not imaginable today. They also hope to investigate the state of the constitutional, institutional, and political affairs in these countries.  Read more on

The Third Wave of democratization, as it has been labeled, is responsible for the transition of these countries. Most of the Central Eastern European countries joined the European Union and thus, changed their status from authoritarian type of government to a constitutional democracy.  Additional article on

During the roundtable meeting, Sujit Choudhry and his peers wish to address and fix the authoritative backsliding in Hungary and Poland. In addition, the roundtable will establish a network of connection, which could further aid their research to transition the countries into a Democracy. Its ultimate mission is to develop these tools and proposals so other organizations, such as political actors and independent institutions can utilize it to fix constitutional problems of their own.   A note-worthy article here.

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