Bernardo Chua And His Ever-Evolving Business Model

On his personal Facebook page there isn’t a lot of information, it’s very sparse and private. Well, at least it is from the outside looking in; unless you’re one of his twenty-nine friends. Sometimes only confirmed friends can see and read a person’s posts.

The only available information on Chua’s page states that he attended the University of the East Manila in the Philippines. His other social media profile is Twitter and it’s linked to Organo. But that profile hasn’t been officially verified as a real account. The Twitter page was created in 2014 and has only four tweets.

As CEO and founder of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua has accomplished many business firsts. Including the newly launched, OGX FENIX™ in September 2016. A press release announced the addition of a fortified protein shake to the Organo family of products. What makes this product unlike any other currently on the market? Well, according to Chua it contains the key ingredient, Ganoderma, along with major electrolytes, fiber and probiotics.

It was developed as a weight loss tool. Most people trying to lose weight face the dilemma of eating-on-go, which can often lead to a lack of vital nutrients. Bernardo Chua had this to say, “Meeting one’s nutritional needs in a convenient and economical manner, given today’s fast-paced lifestyle, is the goal of OGX and a natural evolution for ORGANO.”

The introduction of this new protein shake is a part of a larger mission instituted by Bernardo Chua in re-aligning his business model. In 2015, he announced a restructuring of his organic coffee business, switching the name from “Organo Gold” to simply, “Organo.”

Chua’s business model has always been evolving into something bigger and something greater than its former self. Perhaps, it’s due to his earlier company, Gano Excel. Gano Excel paved the way for a small company to grow into a much larger division of network marketers. All built around the inclusion of the organic mushroom extract, Ganoderma. In his native Philippines, the mushroom grows in plenty for harvesting and extract production.

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