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End Citizens United Is Going After These Senators

End Citizens United has fought to get big money out of politics for years, but the current moment seems to be the most ripe for making a major difference. Next year, midterm elections are going to give the country a blue wave like it’s never seen in some time. Between the Trump administration and growing discontent with Congress, a move for big change is in the works. To help bring this change to fruition, End Citizens United is working to promote the defeat of Republicans in some of the most vulnerable seats with the help of grassroots movements and voters.

The list of senators and representatives up for replacement is known as the Big Money 20. These 20 politicians place special interests over their constituents and fail to give them what they asked for. This is an injustice that can’t be allowed to go on anymore. Replacing them with candidates that look after their voters is a primary goal of End Citizens United. While all of the Big Money 20 are in vulnerable seats, it seems that these are the ones who are particularly vulnerable and who would make great targets for grassroots campaigns looking to take down incumbents.


Most experts agree that the 2018 elections are going to be great for Democrats and possibly give them a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Midterms almost always force the incumbent party to lose some seats with only a few exceptions in history such as shortly after WW2. The ability to challenge the GOP is even greater given the horrible record of president Trump, but there is a potential to go even further if a proper message is placed to the opposition. Ending big money in politics is exactly the kind of message that can give Democrats an edge.

The majority of Americans do not like the idea of big money in politics and want to do what ever they can to get it out. Big money takes away the power of the voter and gives it to corporations with their own profit motive. The best way to fix things is to show corporations we will not allow them to buy politicians or decide how the country should be run. This current situation is essentially returning our politics to a time of aristocracy and disenfranchisement of the masses. Only through the work of ordinary citizens can this be stopped.

End Citizens United was originally formed to help fight the growing influence of corporations on politics after the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling. Now, it serves as a PAC helping to fight the influence of big money in politics in general regardless of where it seems to be coming from.

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George Soros Re-emerges In Politics to Support Hillary Clinton In Her Presidential Bid

George Soros is a political activist and billionaire who were raised in Hungary. Soros experienced the Nazi Regime that left hundreds of Jews dead. Through it all, his father hid the family’s identity to protect them from mass killings. Soros flew Hungary to pursue his studies at the London School of Economics. That was the beginning of his entrepreneurial career as well as philanthropy. As a student, he worked as a waiter prior to being employed as a finance manager at a bank. He moved to New York and started his Wall Street career by establishing a hedge fund. The fund cost $12 million. The fund was later rebranded as Quantum Fund. Read his profile at Forbes.


Soros’s career can be described as a gradual evolution of experience. He was joined by Stan Druckenmiller in 1992 in shorting the pound in British. He received an active tag as the guy who broke the bank. Years later, he is known as a heavyweight investor. He established the Soros Fund Management which is worth over $30 billion. In 2017, he hired a leading investment portfolio manager from Wall Street. The lady, Dawn Fitzpatrick is in charge of operating the fund’s management. Being a huge enthusiast of liberal causes, he has been President Trump’s fierce critic. Learn more about his profile at


In 2016, Soros re-emerged in the political arena after dialing back his giving in 2004 when he was in support of George Bush’s defeat. He reemerged as the leading Democratic funder for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Soros pledged over $25 million geared towards Hillary’s election as president. According to the reports from the Federal Election Commission in addition to the interviews from his associates, Soros planned to donate more millions towards the elections. The wealthy billionaire traveled to Europe in support of the economic atmosphere although he was to join Hillary in her first presidential debate. Even in his absence, Soros was supportive of Hillary. He funded the Democratic fundraising operatives. His associates expected him to donate more money towards the elections.


Unlike in the past where George Soros was hesitant about chairing political campaigns, he was more politically inclined this time. Following his political differences with Trump and his manifesto, Soros was rest assured that Hillary Clinton was the best choice for America. Michael Vachon, his political adviser, stated that Soros has been consistent with his political donations. He also added that he was more politically inclined towards Hillary’s bid and that he was hopeful she would win. Vachon concluded that Trump’s agenda fostered Soros’s determination. His care for Americans could not allow him to support Trump as many strategies were not for the good of the citizens. Even though Hillary lost the chair to President Trump, he is still Hillary’s supporter.

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Bruno Fagali: Competent Legal Representation By A Brazilian Lawyer

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Leadership Styles Employed at Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is the current president of Eucatex and has been able to maintain this position for the past two and a half decades. He is identified as a successful and established lawyer, engineer, and entrepreneur. He is son to a renowned politician, Mr. Paulo Maluf, who actively participated in the December 2, 1961 politics. The Maluf family owns the Eucatex Company and as such have entrusted Flavio Maluf to oversee its operations.

Being a graduate from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) situated in Sao Paulo, Flavio is best suited for the position of president at Eucatex. His competency is further supported by the leadership skills acquired in his studies abroad at the New York University where he studied Business Administration for one year.

Flavio Maluf career started in 1987 where he managed operations in the trading area before moving to the industrial area later on in 1996. At this time, he became part of the executive frame at Eucatex Group where with great collaboration from his colleagues managed numerous successes for the company.

An agreement involving the company’s stakeholders and the Maluf family appointed Flavio as the president of Eucatex Group. On his appointment, Flavio embarked on a modernization strategy as required by the company that saw to the opening of new plant in Sao Paulo and a factory in Botucatu. In addition to his remarkable leadership skills, Mr. Flavio is also a philanthropic individual as characterized by his efforts towards giving back to the community. He is involved in many charity and volunteer programs such as collaboration with the Hospital and Maternity Idio Carli, aimed at improving the healthcare industry.

Eucatex objectives are mainly focused on providing acoustic comfort by exclusively dealing with environmental issues. The company was established in 1951 and recorded as the first ever Brazilian organization to deal with environmental issues. Eucatex, which now serves as a leading manufacturer in furniture and construction materials, was also the first company in Brazil to use eucalyptus in the production of ceiling panels and tiles. The company has established its position globally as depicted by the beneficial partnerships it has engaged. Through the efforts of its president, Flavio Maluf, the company is able to understand and satisfy the needs of its customers both in the global and Brazilian market.  Follow Flavio on his journey on Twitter, and has prominently talked about Brexit and what it could mean for Brazil.

Controversial Crusader for Human Rights, Thor Halverssen

His father was a political prisoner, his mother was shot by the regime of Hugo Chavez, and his first cousin is currently in prison in Venezuela. These are just a few of the factors that have provoked 37-year-old Thor Halvorssen to engage in the complex and challenging endeavor of defending global human rights. In 1989, he organized opposition to South African apartheid in London. In 1999, he co-founded the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and served as the Executive Director and CEO.

In response to his mother’s attack at a political protest in 2004, he founded the New York-based Human Rights Foundation, dedicated to the support of political prisoners and democracy in Latin America. Since the inception of the HRF, the organization has succeeded in managing the release of over seven prisoners of conscience. Thor Halvorssen is also the founder and CEO of the Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual conference hosting human rights activists from all over the world. Oslo was chosen for Norway’s neutrality, providing sanctuary for international delegates to plead their case on the world stage.

This last May, Hugo met at the Oslo Forum with Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng to provide advice. Thor Halvorssen mentioned the importance of actor Christian Bale, who had gone to China to negotiate Chen’s release. There were representatives from over 57 countries at the forum, drawing roughly 450 to listen to the daytime speeches.

Some compare Thor Halvorssen’s ideology to that of the anti-Soviet freedom movement. He is clean-cut, highly energetic, and speaks over four different languages fluently. Because of his continuous engagement in human rights activism, his relationship with his home country of Venezuela has not improved. He is still lauded with recognition for his diplomatic flare and salesmanship, particularly when it comes to approaching financial backers for his projects. While so many are preoccupied with maintaining the status quo, Mr. Halvorssen boldly crusades against authoritarian regimes to effect change.

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