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Bruno Fagali: Competent Legal Representation By A Brazilian Lawyer

Are you in need of advice or representation regarding administrative law or regulatory law? Do you want to find a highly reputable attorney that has great expertise in the field? If you’re going through a tough situation and need one of the best attorneys in the field, it’s imperative to contact Bruno Fagali for assistance.

Entrepreneurs and organization managers should not be reluctant to hire a lawyer because legal services are beneficial and necessary to the day-to-day operation or management of the business.

Administrative law is an area of law that can involve proactive assistance with rules and regulation on local, state or federal level.

Finding a good lawyer, for administrative law issue, or other legal matter, is not a difficult task. Getting the right lawyer for your situation simply requires thorough research and attention to details.

Start online, using reliable attorney websites, or contact friends and relatives, to get recommendations. Also, colleagues and professionals, such as physicians and real estate professionals, may be able to recommend a good lawyer to you.

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Bruno Fagali offers years of experience in representing clients, both individuals and business clients. Bruno Fagali is highly committed to rendering outstanding legal solutions to those that need reliable advice and guidance.

Bruno Fagali has his law office in Brazil, where he handles cases involving administrative law, regulatory law, Urban Law, Compliance, anti-corruption law, Electoral law, and Ethics.

Bruno Fagali takes the time to know his client’s situation and find out what their expectations are. Bruno Fagali works with his clients to come up with effective strategy to resolve their case to their satisfaction.

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Leadership Styles Employed at Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is the current president of Eucatex and has been able to maintain this position for the past two and a half decades. He is identified as a successful and established lawyer, engineer, and entrepreneur. He is son to a renowned politician, Mr. Paulo Maluf, who actively participated in the December 2, 1961 politics. The Maluf family owns the Eucatex Company and as such have entrusted Flavio Maluf to oversee its operations.

Being a graduate from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) situated in Sao Paulo, Flavio is best suited for the position of president at Eucatex. His competency is further supported by the leadership skills acquired in his studies abroad at the New York University where he studied Business Administration for one year.

Flavio Maluf career started in 1987 where he managed operations in the trading area before moving to the industrial area later on in 1996. At this time, he became part of the executive frame at Eucatex Group where with great collaboration from his colleagues managed numerous successes for the company.

An agreement involving the company’s stakeholders and the Maluf family appointed Flavio as the president of Eucatex Group. On his appointment, Flavio embarked on a modernization strategy as required by the company that saw to the opening of new plant in Sao Paulo and a factory in Botucatu. In addition to his remarkable leadership skills, Mr. Flavio is also a philanthropic individual as characterized by his efforts towards giving back to the community. He is involved in many charity and volunteer programs such as collaboration with the Hospital and Maternity Idio Carli, aimed at improving the healthcare industry.

Eucatex objectives are mainly focused on providing acoustic comfort by exclusively dealing with environmental issues. The company was established in 1951 and recorded as the first ever Brazilian organization to deal with environmental issues. Eucatex, which now serves as a leading manufacturer in furniture and construction materials, was also the first company in Brazil to use eucalyptus in the production of ceiling panels and tiles. The company has established its position globally as depicted by the beneficial partnerships it has engaged. Through the efforts of its president, Flavio Maluf, the company is able to understand and satisfy the needs of its customers both in the global and Brazilian market.  Follow Flavio on his journey on Twitter, and has prominently talked about Brexit and what it could mean for Brazil.

Controversial Crusader for Human Rights, Thor Halverssen

His father was a political prisoner, his mother was shot by the regime of Hugo Chavez, and his first cousin is currently in prison in Venezuela. These are just a few of the factors that have provoked 37-year-old Thor Halvorssen to engage in the complex and challenging endeavor of defending global human rights. In 1989, he organized opposition to South African apartheid in London. In 1999, he co-founded the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and served as the Executive Director and CEO.

In response to his mother’s attack at a political protest in 2004, he founded the New York-based Human Rights Foundation, dedicated to the support of political prisoners and democracy in Latin America. Since the inception of the HRF, the organization has succeeded in managing the release of over seven prisoners of conscience. Thor Halvorssen is also the founder and CEO of the Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual conference hosting human rights activists from all over the world. Oslo was chosen for Norway’s neutrality, providing sanctuary for international delegates to plead their case on the world stage.

This last May, Hugo met at the Oslo Forum with Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng to provide advice. Thor Halvorssen mentioned the importance of actor Christian Bale, who had gone to China to negotiate Chen’s release. There were representatives from over 57 countries at the forum, drawing roughly 450 to listen to the daytime speeches.

Some compare Thor Halvorssen’s ideology to that of the anti-Soviet freedom movement. He is clean-cut, highly energetic, and speaks over four different languages fluently. Because of his continuous engagement in human rights activism, his relationship with his home country of Venezuela has not improved. He is still lauded with recognition for his diplomatic flare and salesmanship, particularly when it comes to approaching financial backers for his projects. While so many are preoccupied with maintaining the status quo, Mr. Halvorssen boldly crusades against authoritarian regimes to effect change.

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