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Alexandre Gama is Making a Statement with One Ad at A Time

Alexandre Gama has made a significant imprint in the advertising industry in Brazil; a remarkable trailblazer that takes the mode of advertisement to the next level. Alexandre Gama is a native to Brazil; he gained a degree in Advertising and Communications from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP). Afterward, he journeyed until his true calling, he began his advertising profession as a copywriter and creative at Standard Ogilvy and Mather.

Years later, he operated at DM9 as a copywriter and Creative Director, where he was acknowledged and awarded for his prestige accomplishments. In 1999, Alexandre Gama took a leap of faith and established his own business named Neogama. Neogama became the advertising agency you wanted to do business with. Over the years, Alexandre Gama has received many awards for his powerful impression he displayed in the advertising industry. Awards that include, “Agency Director of the Year,” “Entrepreneur of the Year in the Communications Industry,” and a Golden Lion Award just to name a few. Alexandre Gama has left his mark for innovation and dedication in the world of advertising in Brazil.

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