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AI Singularity

Sentient AI The Singularity of Man and Machine

Technological innovation has always been at the forefront of human invention, perhaps more so today than ever before as technology today evolves at such an unbelievably rapid speed that it’s near-impossible for many to keep pace. This has, of course, given birth to many incredible feats and achievements thought impossible, literally turning fantasy into reality. However, there is one such technology that is both parts equally fascinating and terrifying; sentient A.I. and the possible implications and consequences of its continued advancement.

Once the realm of Hollywood and science fiction, the prospect of AI becoming the dominating form of intelligence and possibly rebelling and overtaking the human populace is closer now to science fact than ever before, coming to a head where machine outperforms man, a Technology Singularity, as Masayoshi Son, CEO of Softbank, describes it. Known for having an obsession with AI advancement, Son predicts that this singularity will occur by 2047, claiming that AI will possess an IQ 10,000 times higher than a human. This prediction has harrowing consequences for humanity’s well-being, yet Son seems to hold little interest in the possible dangers and sees it as an enormous opportunity, implying that humans will always remain at the forefront of imagination over machines 30 years from now.

However, there are those that do understand and regard the enormous risks involved, such as Bill Gates and Steven Hawking. Ebon Mush, Tesla’s CEO, goes a step farther and focuses his investments in technology to aid human survival and benefit fellow man, not machine. There’s also the possibility for a severe economic crisis as human workers are replaced by machines, causing a detrimental loss of jobs far greater than unemployment issues faced today.

Absurd as it may sound, there are those who seem not to care or appreciate the very real and enormous risks of Sentient AI and self-awareness. This is truly one fantasy many do not wish to make reality, and the future will dictate whether mankind pushes too hard and past the point of no return.