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Just who is Ronald Fowlkes?

Ronald Fowlkes, a resident of St Louis, Missouri, United States, is currently serving as the Business Development Manager at Eagle Industries Unlimited. At the company, he deals specifically with the sale and marketing of law enforcement products as well as commercial products. His work involves looking for new customers for the company’s products across the whole nation and manages the relationship and communication between the company and its clients.


He also conducts training sessions on the company’s pool of more than150 sales personnel where he educates them on the current product offerings of the company, their benefits and teaches them the best approaches of getting customers to purchase these products. He also helps the company to identify new products that it may want to venture into, help them to develop these products and make plans of how they shall get sold. He has served in this position at the company from the year 2008.


Fowlkes interest with law enforcement products is understandable because of his history with law enforcement agencies. He was able to serve his country in the Marine Corps between the years 1989 and 1993, a period which saw him being rewarded with promotion two times, as well as standing out as a veteran of the First Gulf War. At the Marine Corps School, he did his Marine Combat Training as well as other courses such as basic engineering skills and the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO) course. At the Parachute School, he learned advanced parachute skills, skills which he came to use when he was serving with 1st ANGLICO to do reconnaissance and air gunfire mission combats.


Besides, Fowlkes also served as a consultant with the Department of Defense under the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) in Iraq. His responsibilities included mounted, and foot infantry operations carried out in an enemy combat zone. He got the opportunity of training US military recruits on on-the-job skills required in their activities such as rescuing hostages, evidence collection, tactical combat as well as the interrogation and cross-examination of individuals they capture in an operation.


At one point, Ronald got posted at St Louis Metropolitan Police Department during which he worked in the department’s Hostage Rescue Team among others. He got licensed as an instructor on tactical rifle, how to handle house rescue mission, defensive tactics as well as Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT). When he and his team were not on official deployment, they would launch self-initiated investigations into crime-related activities in the cities in their neighborhoods such as illegal possession of guns, the operation of undercover gangs in the cities as well as the smuggling of illicit drugs and narcotics into the cities.


Their specialized unit at the department was also responsible for responding to incidences involving weapons of mass destruction as well as cases of civil disobedience. It is these 13 years of service in law enforcement agencies that have given him the insight needed in his current position.


How Glen Wakeman Uses His Professional Experience To Help Entrepreneurs Launch Companies

Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur who lives in Miami, Florida. He has worked internationally for much of his career. He spent over 20 years working for GE Capital which involved him living in multiple locations both in the United States and overseas. He developed considerable experience both managing other people and business operations. The last position he held for GE Capital was as their chief executive officer of GE Money Latin America.

While leading GE Money Latin America, Glen Wakeman started from scratch. He eventually built a company that operated in nine countries. When left this company had over $2 billion in annual revenues and employed over 17,000 people. This company had more than 1,000 branches and dozens of partnerships that Glen Wakeman had formed with other companies.

Another success that Glen Wakeman had while working for GE Capital took place in London early in his career. He was the general director of their English subsidiary Global Insurance Ventures. When he arrived at this company they had a net income of $2 million. When he left this position a few years later than had a net income of $10 million as well as $3 billion in assets.

Glen Wakeman now works for himself. He founded a company called LaunchPad Holdings LLC. He is this company’s chief executive officer as well. His goal is to help budding entrepreneurs launch their company. The way he does this is by operating an online platform that guides them through the process of setting up a great business plan. He says that he came up with the idea of this company when he was researching why so many startups fail.

The research that Glen Wakeman compiled led him to conclude that the problem many new businesses have is that they lack the structure necessary to accomplish their goals. He says that many new entrepreneurs think that a business idea is a plan which is simply not the case. So, he solved this problem by creating an intuitive to use a software platform that takes them step by step through building a grounded business plan that will help them succeed (DailyForexReport).


Jorge Moll‘s Neuroimaging Studies Reveal Brain Response to Family

Neuroimaging involves numerous techniques to either directly or indirectly image the structure, function, and pharmacology of the brain and nervous system. This procedure doesn’t require surgery, incisions, or direct contact with the brain and nervous system. Neuroimaging is often used in cases of brain injuries, so that neuroscientists may better understand brain function and how to treat victims.

Jorge Moll has a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology from São Paulo University, and he is President-director and member of the governing board of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR).

He and his team of professionals are able to find abnormal functional magnetic resonance imaging connectivity in various areas of the brain – which help scientists better understand an injured person’s behavior or lack of.

Humans have always been pack animals, and it’s interesting to know this registers in specific areas of the brain. Moll has done an interesting study concerning the brain’s response to family connectivity. In this study, he discovered how the brain responds when one reacts to the family as a distinct or cohesive group. Moll‘s findings indicate there is increased subgenual cortex response to kinship scenarios ( The subgenual cingulate cortex may represent a key link between family-related emotional attachment and group perception. This study may prove there is a neurobiological basis for a person’s feelings of belonging. Concerning facial recognition,, Moll has discovered the anterior medial substrates of the brain are activated when one recognizes or detects one’s kin. Moll also discovered when one compares a friend’s face to a family face, the posterior cingulate and cuneus of the brain become activated ( In conclusion, Moll’s study investigates the role of face-processing in the brain; also the discrimination of kin from familiar non-kin members of one’s social group.

Moll is a multi-faceted idea man who happens to be interested in artificial intelligence and cognitive systems or how machines and brains can work together. Additionally, regenerative medicine and gene therapy are other areas of study that occupy Moll’s busy day.