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An Overview of Rick Smith’s Leadership at Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a large technology provider firm in the United States. It provides secure technological services that are applied to protect the society. Correctional organizations, government institutions, public safety organizations, and global customers are some of the consumers of the technology, which they use to investigate situations and protect business and themselves. The company specializes in criminal and civil justice based techniques and solutions, which prevent crimes including those committed by people under incarcerations.

The Chief Executive Officer Rick Smith Securus

Rick Smith Securus become the CEO of the firm in 2008. Before his appointment, Rick worked for the following companies; the Frontier Corp- He acted as the vice president in the Finance department. He joined the Frontier in 1972. He has also worked at the Midwest Telephone Operations as the Director of the Network Plant Operations, Chief Information Officer, Vice President of the Telephone Operations and Financial Management, and later assumed the presidency of the company before Heading to Eschelon Telecom. In October 1998, Rick Smith Started at Eschelon as the chief financial officer and then served as the COO from 1999. In 2003, he was promoted to the Chief Executive Officer and later the President of the company.

Education Background

Rick Smith attended the State University of New York at Buffalo, where he graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. He went further to pursue master’s degree in Business Administration, as well as masters in Mathematics from University of Rochester’s Simon School and the State University of New York at Brockport respectively. He also holds an associate’s certificate in Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. He assumed the position as the CEO of the Securus Technologies in 2009. Also, he has been the company’s director from 2008. According to Wikipedia

Appointment in Securus Technologies

Before his appointment, the executives of the Securus were interested in his vast experience and accomplishments attained while working for the previous companies. They believed Rick was the ultimate talent, which the company needed. For instance, while working as the CEO, he grew their revenue from $30 million to $ 350 million dollars annually. He is also behind the successful IPO launch of the Eschelon in 2005. The extensive experience in IT, business management and development, finance and employee management was desperately needed to propel Securus to greater heights.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technological services are applied in law enforcement activities. Ricks Smith says that the firm receives thousands of emails from customers appreciating their services and for ensuring a crime-free society. The company is headquartered in Dallas. It offers services to over 1,000,000 individual under incarcerations in North America alone. Part of the company’s DNA apart from being profitable is the social responsibility. Keeping order and providing a friendly environment for healthy activities.

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Party And Work At The Same Time

If you need a part time job that suits your life style, or if you just want to have some fun and meet new people, here is a great way to do that, and make some money at the same time.

At Traveling Vineyard Wines, you can host a wine tasting party, and invite your friends, and their friends to a wine tasting party. Traveling Vineyard Wines provide everything you need for a successful wine tasting party, including the invitation, different types of wines, and the snacks to go with the different types of wine. Some snacks are, of course, different, because different types of snacks and foods bring out the different flavors of the wines.

You are also provided with an order book so that you can take orders for the bottles of wine you will sell. And, there is no better way to sell a bottle of wine than to friends at a wine tasting party. You can be a Wine Guide and hold the parties at your house, or get your friends to host parties at their houses. Soon, you can build a network of a number of wine tasting parties throughout your city. There is not better way to meet people, please your friends, and have fun at the same time. There are ‘perks’ for each individual to host a wine party, so, most people will love the idea of hosting a party at their house.

If you like wine, which nearly every one does, and if you like to meet people, this is the way to go into business in your own home and do something you really enjoy — party! Look into Traveling Vineyard Wines!

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The Benefits Of Managed Healthcare With A Leading Provider

InnovaCare serves their beneficiaries as one of the largest managed health care providers in North America. They have challenged the complex medical industry with reasonable priced plans that fall under two categories. They offer both of the plans under the original Medicare and Medicaid program. Beneficiaries can choose from their Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans. Ironically, M.D., M.B.A & Chief Executive Officer Richard Shinto, is constantly trying to expand the extended services that are offered under the InnovaCare physicians services plans. The goal is to provide quality healthcare that will improve the health and well being of their current 240,00+ beneficiaries worldwide. Visit for more information.

Penelope Kokkinides, Assistant Chief Executive Officer also says that InnovaCare makes it their mission to put their customers first. Their core values include a excellent team of professionals that is willing to put the needs of the beneficiary first. Beneficiaries can rest assured they will have a strong patient-provider relationship. They are redefining managed healthcare to ensure that can compete with the ever changing medical profession. The innovative services that they provide are backed by quality. Patients can expect a healthier life and a managed healthcare provider that will be there when they need a plan that can be utilized under the original Medicare and Medicaid program.

Their network is lead by leading physicians, efficiency, and accountability. They lead the industry with a strong team of physicians backing their medical provider plans under a managed network. InnovaCare is unapologetic about finding solutions to tough problems. They work hard to pursue their goals and to ensure their beneficiaries that they will receive the highest level of corporate integrity. You get great services that include extended visual and dental coverage.

Unfortunately, getting your teeth cleaned is not under your original Medicaid or Medicare Part A or B coverage, but InnovaCare provides many additional features including teeth whitening under their extended Medicare manged healthcare plan. You can also get the cost of your eye exam covered through their Medicaid Advantage Plan. They have recently added three executives to their leadership team to continue and improve the high level of service that InnovaCare beneficiaries expect. InnovaCare is currently headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey. They also provide health-related services in the Puerto Rico area. Get the managed healthcare services that will improve your quality of life with several plans to choose from with InnovaCare. Follow InnovaCare at

The Challenge Of Maintaining Momentum According to Adam Goldenberg

As a business gets started, it is actually easy to come up with ideas and plans in order to get the momentum going. However, as the business grows, there tends to be changes in many aspects of it. Along with the changes come new challenges. Some of the challenges are easy to figure out. However, there are plenty of other challenges that people have to work together to overcome because the company is not the only thing that is changing. The industry that the company operates in is also changing. For instance, Adam Goldenberg’s TechStyle is in a rapidly changing fashion industry. Therefore, he has to make sure that he is able to handle the changes that come his way.


Fortunately, Adam Goldenberg has the tools and the knowledge to analyze the markets so that he can stay on top of the changes that are occurring, which is what TechStyle’s data driven fashion is all about. Therefore, he has an understanding of what to do about his products. He is willing to test many products that he offers to the customers by way of performance. If he sees that the performance is strong, then there will be more of the products available until that demand is satisfied.


It is one thing to be able to keep up with the changes in the industry. It is another thing to actually influence the industry. A company that has influence in the industry is going to have a greater success than the companies that are even good at keeping up with changes. This is one of the goals of Adam Goldenberg with TechStyle and the brands that have grown from it. While bringing forth some really creative trends, Adam is also making sure that his company has a good relationship with his customers. Customers will buy from companies that show a lot of appreciation to the customers.

Adam Goldenberg has experience managing companies from his time at Crosscut, and as a member of the board for RGT Advisors. Adam is one of the top up and coming CEOs living in LA, and the community has recognized him as such:


TSE Minister, Luciana Lossio, Outstanding Qualification

The vacancy for the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), was filled by lawyer Luciana Lossio. She was sworn in the position during an inauguration ceremony held in the plenary court. Luciana is an experienced attorney who is committed to her calling. She entered history in 2011 when she occupied one of the three vacancies exclusive for lawyers as substitute minister for TSE.


Luciana Lossio’s Qualifications


Luciana is prominent in her field of specialization, electoral law, and for this, she has very sought after. She has a solid career some of her clients being governors. Also, Luciano is also a member of the Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law.


She has excellent oral explanations which are a necessary tool in the position considering the varied forms of defense. She is also comprehensive with the TSE requirements. Luciana will strike you with her unimpeded character when it comes to the responsibilities she has been entrusted with. She has unquestionable for the human beings and their constituted rights.


Education Qualifications


She holds a degree in law which she got from the University Center of Brasilia in 1999. In the same year, her dedication to acquiring more knowledge enabled her to gain the approval of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) in the same year.


Luciana is characterized with zealous for education. She holds three postgraduate degrees in Civil Procedural Law, State, and Constitution Law and Legal Department and Public Prosecutors Office. Her strong desire to acquire knowledge can be credited for these educational achievements. The knowledge has not been in vain as it enabled Luciana to get the ministerial position which requires a lot of legal expertise.


Luciana’s Work Experience


Luciana has experience working in the office of the Attorney General where she served for seven years. During these years, she worked alongside the two former Republic attorney generals, Claudio Fonteles and Geraldo Brindeiro. Her responsibilities during this period included serving as an advisor in all cases whose judgment were in the hands of TSE or the Superior Federal Court. During that time, Luciana was attentive and worked hard to make sure that all the cases she handled followed the current law and that her judgment respected the reality under which the nation is built.


TSE Requirements


The Federal Constitution indicates that the TSE must contain a minimum of seven judges. Three of these judges must have their origin from the STF, two from the STJ and the other two must be lawyers chosen from a list of three possible appointments granted by the Supreme Court.


In her previous position, Luciana had shown exemplary ability to handle complex situations. She holds justified good characteristics that make her suitable for the job.

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Mike Baur: Leading the Way for Young Entepreneurs

With a mere two years of operations under its belt, the Swiss Startup Factory, founded in 2014 by Swiss businessman Mike Baur and two partners, has risen as the number one ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. Baur, who is the executive chairman of the Swiss Startup Factory, is responsible for financing and fundraising, which well suits the 20 year veteran of Swiss private banking. His experience in banking alone gives him the wisdom and advantage to guide Swiss Startup Factory’s clients. Baur earned an MBA from the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York, as well as an Executive MBA from the University of Bern in Bern, Switzerland. He spent 20 years in Swiss Private Banking working his way up from a commercial apprentice to an executive board member of a large private Swiss bank. Hard work, dedication, and an entrepreneurial spirit were essential to Baur’s success, an ideology that he passes down to his clients with young companies. Along with the large amount of assistance, Mike Baur encourages these young businessmen and women to work harder, smarter, and together if they want to build up successful companies, much as he has. The Swiss Startup Company, an independent company, provides young entrepreneurs with access to a plethora of information, services, and assistance with their startups. Coaching, mentoring, financing, community office spaces that allow for a growth in connections, and a large international network of like minded individuals are some of the services and benefits of joining their 3 month startup accelerator programs. The incubator company is also privately financed, meaning that Baur and the two other partners are financially invested in the state of their client’s businesses. Swiss Startup Factory’s independence from the stock market, politics, and outside investors sets it apart from other incubator companies in Switzerland. From innovative idea, to execution of that idea, to the development and growth of successful companies, Swiss Startup Factory is an asset to their clients. Baur’s help, financially and as a mentor, in the launch and execution of these startups has not gone unnoticed and he remains an impactful leader in Swiss business ventures.


The Success of Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a unique individual who is most noted for his expert work within the area of study of comparative law, an up and coming area of study that is specifically an analysis of different legal systems around the world and an analysis of which legal system currently functions the best. The field of comparative law is a field of study that compares and contrasts the different legal systems around the world and also analyzes past legal systems that have either disappeared or have taken root in a current legal system. This field of study has gained much popularity over the past 300 years as not only the interaction among individuals has increased, but the available transportation methods and ability to trade outside of a country has also increased. Research has been continuously conducted to not only examine the past and present legal systems, but to examine a possible legal system as the world pushes closer and closer to a globalized nation.

The field of comparative law has not only gained interest due to the ability to examine past and present legal systems, but has also gained interest due to the interest in the fact that legal systems have also stemmed overtime from cultural norms and even from religion. Many of the ancient civilization legal systems have been examined to compare and contrast the legal systems in present day. One of the foremost experts when it comes to legal systems and to comparative law is Sujit Choudhry, a professor of law as well as a learned scholar who has a passion for learning as well as for teaching.

Sujit Choudhry was born and raised in India. Even as a young boy, Mr. Choudhry had a desire to travel to the United States to study in college in order to experience a different legal system as well as a different culture. Mr. Choudhry was able to work his way up through the academic field and eventually became the first Indian to be offered the position as the dean of one of the top schools in the world. This honor has influenced many of his students to follow his path.

Workville Impresses in Midtown Shared Office Space Rentals


The advantages for using shared office spaces have become more pronounced in recent years with many customers drawn to these locations for the professional looking space, the ease of occupying these shared office spaces, and the lack of significant financial commitments when occupying this space. The last point is often the most significant for companies who decide to go for shared work spaces; a company that enters into a lease does so with all sorts of projections regarding their future business size and real estate needs. For smaller companies in the development stage, thus entering a new geographic location, and for those without extensive earnings histories, this may be too bold of a prediction to make, given the potential financial ramifications of cancelling leases early. In Manhattan, with sky high lease rates, the significance of this is even more obvious.

The result of these factors are that more tenants are choosing shared office spaces as their solution for their real estate woes. The number of companies that offer shared office spaces are increasing and some don’t quite have the same high quality premises as others do.


One company that has an excellent shared office space in the center of Manhattan is Workville. Workville is located right by Times Square just a few blocks from Grand Central Station and Penn Station and near most of the major subway lines. Their clients enjoy the significant benefits associated with being located near these transportation hubs and are more easily able to retain top talent as a result. Workville’s midtown Manhattan location is located a short distance from Bryant park and many employees love to relax there in the summer and enjoy their lunch outdoors.


Beyond location, Workville’s interior is modern and beautiful and well-maintained. There are dedicated cubicles available for users to use, available conference rooms, shared services, and every other convenience of a modern office space. These benefits are significant for companies that are looking to stand out and impress their employees, clients, and vendors who visit such a beautiful office space as that offered by Workville. If you are in the market for a shared office space in Midtown Manhattan you can’t go wrong with Workville’s shared office space.

David Osio and the Directors of Davos REG Release a New Application.

The Davos Real Estate Group is a company that offers guidance on the real estate sector. The management of the company recently announced that it would be launching a top-notch mobile phone application that will be called the Davos CAP Calculator. The release of the software was led by David Osio who is the CEO of the firm and directors such as Pablo Bausili and Gerard González. The Davos Real Estate Group was started as one of the self-governed branches of the Davos Financial Group. The financial organization is international, and it has been dominating the Venezuela and Latin American markets for the past 20 years. It has devoted itself to offering business policies that can accomplish the needs of a wide variety of clients by using the best experts in providing high-quality services.

Gerard Gonzalez has spent the last six months to striving towards ensuring that the experts who were designing the program create it in an efficient way that will serve the clients appropriately. The calculator’s purpose is to determine the appreciation rate of a property while considering various factors such as the expenses that are connected to the property. The software has been designed for use in the latest cell phone operating systems, which are Android and iOS. According to the company, more applications will be developed to supplement the Davos CAP Calculator. Some of the programs that it plans on developing will have the ability to access information about properties and using interactive methods to inform the clients.

David Osio said that the company’s goals are being accomplished through the creation of new applications since they offer guidance to the customer in the real estate business of the United States. Users of the program will be having vivid commercial views of an asset before acquiring it. The Davos CAP Calculator also approximates the amount of money that can be paid as rent for different real estates.

Another new application that Davos REG will be releasing is the Mortgage Calculator. The function of this software will be approximating the cost of purchasing a home on a mortgage while determining different costs such as interest rates. The Davos Real Estate Group has been collaborating with various organizations, and it has currently spread its services to Europe. The number of affiliation that it has made increased by 60 percent in 2016, and this led an increase of its sales by 75 percent.

Follow Osio @davidosio1

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Handy Guarantees a Clean Home for the Holidays

Let’s face it. Sometimes you don’t have time to clean. In fact, towards the end of the year, it’s virtually impossible. Not only are the kids involved in school and after school activities, you’ve got work, shopping and other errands to do. In addition, the Holidays are coming up. This means that even if you’re going to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years, you still might have to cook.

Even if you don’t have to cook something to contribute, you might not have time to clean. You might have one event to go to; or you might have several. People with large social circles often have many events to go to throughout the Holiday season; and this is just what’s possible. According to, for the most part, everyone is responsible for having guests over for at least one event and likely several.

Peace of Mind

Even if you do your best to clean your home for company, you’ll never do it as well as a professional cleaner will. Have you ever looked at the maid’s cart at a hotel and wondered what was in all those bottles; or casually watched them clean and spray an empty room while you waited for an elevator? Perhaps a maid has even shared a tip or trick with you that finally made you realize:

  • The products they use are different,
  • Their systematic methods are more efficient and provide a more even clean,
  • The products they use are more effective, and
  • The experience they have gives them more methods at their disposal to get rid of stains, disinfect and everything else you need them to do

Professional cleaning services are great. In addition, there’s a new business that makes finding the right maid quick and easy. Handy is a new app based cleaning service, where you can order a qualified home cleaner on-demand. The cleaners are well-screened and extremely professional.