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Spring Cleaning Is Fun When Chores Are Matched with Interest

Spring cleaning can be a more complex subject than most people would ever imagine. Talk to anyone about the subject and they’re probably not going to have a lot of enthusiasm about it. People tend to leave it at that and seldom really ask why that’s the case. It’s easy to see the root problem when one really looks at it though. Spring cleaning isn’t a single concrete item. Instead it’s a big mixture of different chores. This means that it’s pretty rare to find anyone who actually enjoys all of them. Some people love the idea of getting out in the sun and cleaning out the gutters. Other people might look at that in horror, but love the idea of sorting out and washing clothing for the sunny days ahead. The big issue is that the chores people don’t like will always outnumber those they do. This might seem like an insurmountable problem at first. But some people believe they’ve found a way to match up chores with the people who actually enjoy them.

A company called Handy has come up with an innovative method of tackling chores. And it’s the perfect solution for anyone who’s less than thrilled by the idea of spring cleaning. Handy itself is located in New York. But it has thousands of contractors all over the country. And the number is continually rising. The reason comes down to the unique method of Handy’s workload. The company allows people to post household chores such as cleaning or home repair. At the moment they’re receiving an estimated 10,000 posts per month. And this number keeps on growing.

Also growing is the number of people who see those chore listings and think they’d be a good match for it. Handy acts as a middle transaction and matching service between people who’d like someone to do a chore for them, and the person who’d like to do it for an agreed upon sum. The extensive screening process done by Handy for all of the contractors also ensures that the service will always be excellent. But the real magic of Handy is the scope. A traditional cleaning company might handle a single aspect of spring cleaning. But with Handy someone could match up every single chore with a person who can complete it happily and efficiently. And the public is quickly catching on to what a useful idea it can be. Sales through the service have been growing by around 60% each month for at least three months. This means that worries over spring cleaning might well be a thing of the past.

Download Handy’s app for free here!

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