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Some Of The Most Distinguished Businesses Work In Reputation Management

Reputation management is a very important part of the modern business world, but a lot of people miss out on it because there is not a company near them. Status Labs works in Austin, Texas where they are near some of the best up and coming businesses, and it is important for all these people to remember that they can come to Status Labs when they need help. Online reputation problems can hit any business because the business is not immune to people being negative. Status Labs just takes that negative energy and turns it on its head.

The first thing that anyone can learn from Status Labs is how to respond. Darius Fisher founded the company to make sure that everyone who has an online reputation crisis can respond to the problem, and then they can see how they would get their reputation back. That is something that everyone needs to try for themselves, and it is something that they can ask for help for at any time.

This article in Daily Beast discusses how Status Labs can respond to the problems that their client have, and they can also start working on getting their reputation back. They help a lot of clients who have everything from the smallest to the biggest problems. It is very easy for them to do the work that is needed, and they will even make sure that the publish online content that people can read. Online content changes the impression people get of the client, and they read that instead of the negative content that was there.

Someone who wants to be sure that they can get their reputation back needs to ask Status Labs to help. There are many people who will be able to change their business for the better with Status Labs. Status Labs will correct the online reputation problem that is stinging their clients every day.

Talk Fusion seeks to Connect More New users

Talk Fusion has announced that it will offer the rest of its customers a chance to experience what others are experiencing in the remainder of the world. It is a great inspiration as a result of the hard work of the Talk Fusion staff and Bob Reina the Founder and CEO to ensure that the rest of the prospective customers have the required experience.

Talk Fusion is one stop for all in video marketing services. Video marketing is the use of video in marketing a given product, and this has proved to offer the best that it can in the market. There is no other option when it comes to video marketing that cannot be found at Talk Fusion. Due to customers demand, the 30 days Free Trial has been launched officially and clients will have a chance to understand how the marketing tool works.

The process to enjoy the Free Trial is simple, and it only requires a customer to sign up on the website that has been newly developed and with new features on board. There are no any personal details such as the credit card information required when signing up. When signed up, the customer can experience what the rest of the market has been experiencing. Businesses will be able to get an edge in competition and improve their businesses.

Access that is free to Video Email Live Meetings, Sign Up forms and also the video chat that contains the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award is available to all the customers who subscribe to the site. It will spontaneously give insights to how powerful the marketing tool is for the first time users.

Talk Fusion has been on the market for over eight years, and it has transformed how business is done lately. Connecting various partners through video conferencing and also pushing one’s products to be strategically placed in the market is the best experience that customers will gain out of the launch. Talk Fusion aims at providing the marketing to as many individual globally as possible so that they can unlock the potential that is available to them.

Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders Appoints a New Member

William Skelley is the founder of iFunding. iFunding is one of the first crowdfunding companies in the world, and since it was started, it has successfully managed to change the lives of many individuals who want to invest in the real estate industry. He has a lot of experience in the real estate activities, and his contributions in the industry are respected and appreciated by many people.

Apart from being the founder of such a powerful and successful company, William Skelley is the CEO of the institution, and he makes important decisions for the company. Thanks to the company, people can come together and invest in the institution with very little amounts of money.

Before the introduction of the crowd funding, it was quite complicated to own shares in real estate companies. The industry requires a lot of capital, and many individuals cannot comfortably afford the money with the high cost of living. Many people were forced to abandon their dreams of owning shares in the lucrative business, but this will not be the case anymore.

With Crowd funding, different people from different origins come together with the main aim of investing, as Skelley describes in interviews. They contribute some amount from the internet and then use it to start projects in the real estate industry. Since its start, iFunding has managed to do quite well, and it has some investments in different places in the world.

Not long ago, William Skelley received another important position in a different organization. According to confirmed reports, William will be the leader and member of an organization known as Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders.

The organization was not founded a long time ago. It is still new in the industry, and it was started recently. It managed to have its first annual dinner this January, in the New York City. The dinner was held at the Columbus Citizens Foundation. The association is actually an invite only, and it was started by an individual known as Michael Stoler. Michael is the managing director for a firm known as Madison Realty Capital.

Apart from being a managing director of a powerful organization, he is also the host of a weekly television show that is believed to be dedicated to the real estate businesses in the nation. The show is believed to have been in the televisions for more that fifteen seasons, and it has brought many changes in the real estate industry in the country.  Follow their journey on social media, where both William Skelley and iFunding are available on Twitter and Facebook.

Darius Fisher and Online Reputation Management

Darius Fisher is an expert on online reputation management and how companies should handle scandal. In 2011 Congressman Anthony Weiner was caught sending suggestive pictures of himself to a 21 year old college girl through Twitter. It was removed from his account but a journalist took a screen shot and more inappropriate pictures were found. This lead to Mr. Weiner resigning from Congress.


This is the type of situations that Darius Fisher handles for companies and businesses. He say its important to take an active approach if inappropriate photos concerning your company or employees appear in social media. Contact web site administrators and request the photos be removed immediately. If necessary, get an attorney to help draft a notice about removing photos.


This is a formal request under the Digital Milliennium Copyright Act. Also Darius Fisher says research your state’s revenge pornography laws to see if it the photos violate state laws. Under some laws you can take legal action against the website and distributor. Try to create some positive press that appears on the first page of Google. This replaces the negative effect of the photos.


You will need a user friendly mobile website and to be active on all your social media accounts. Link to positive media on your sites and social media outlets. Don’t link to negative images this only fuels the fire. Explain to the media what you are doing to handle the situation. Hire a public relations or crisis management firm.


Learn from your mistakes and prevent it from happening again. Protect your accounts with long complex passwords that cannot be hacked. Be aware of privacy features on social media and your company’s policy on social media and Internet usage.


Darius Fisher is president of Status Labs a company that handles online reputation management. It handles reputation management for companies and individuals offering many services. They specialize in digital marketing and public relations.
The company has offices in Austin, New York, and Sao Paulo. He created the strategy and vision of Status Labs but partners with other agencies and businesses. He worked as a copywriter and political consultant. Fisher graduated with honors from Vanderbuilt College.