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Flavio Maluf Dissects the Startup Business Scenario in the Brazilian Market

In the wake of the wave of economic crisis in Brazil, startups have grown tremendously to control a large part of the nation’s market. Dissecting this scenario, President Flavio Maluf of Eucatex Companies recently noted that according to the data obtained from the Brazilian Association of Startups, there are not less than 4,200 startup businesses in Brazil today. These startups are distributed across the Brazilian market sectors of health, SaaS, education, entertainment, and e-commerce at

Shortage of Experts For Startups

Even with this remarkable growth, these startups may have a shortage of experts and professionals. Businesses prosper depending on the level of expertise at their disposal, especially in the key areas mandatory for the day-to-day running of the business. Flavio Maluf argued that these startups have no other option rather than addressing these shortages if they are to realize real growth and cement their position in the future of the Brazilian market. Gama Experience, a technological school for the future professionals, conducted research on the professional areas that startups must strengthen in the near future.

Areas to Improve On

According to the findings, startups need to hire professional mobile developers to handle the programming requirements of the companies as well as offering the system maintenance services on Flavio’s input was that these businesses must invest in technology and innovation for them to compete in the fast-changing technological world.

Another area the Startups must focus on is the digital marketing area on The businesses must hire a digital marketing team that will come up with online marketing strategies. According to Flavio, the firms must also hire CSS professionals who will design more attractive websites that will attract more clients.

About Flavio Maluf and Eucatex Group

Flavio Maluf was born in Sao Paulo 55 years ago. He is a mechanical engineer by profession and a businessman by passion and talent. A graduate of Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, he went on to become the president of Eucatex Group.

Eucatex Group is a Brazilian firm that specializes in the production of building materials for the civil construction and the furniture industries. The company kicked off operations in 1961 and has since grown to become one of the biggest market players in Brazil.

Understanding the Entrepreneurial Journey and Achievements of Don Ressler

Don Ressler is a dedicated professional with a great career as a businessman and his journey in entrepreneurship is a motivation to many young people looking to establish successful businesses. He has managed to come up with startups that have grown into strong and competitive businesses in the area of online retail subscription.

The first attempt at running a business for Don Ressler came when he launched, which performed well and within a short duration he sold the company to Intermix Media with the sole aim to raise funds. During these developments, Ressler met with Adam Goldenberg and they partnered in his next step to form Alena Media. Adam Goldenberg was then the COO at Intermix and his ideas were much similar to the vision Ressler had.

In 2005, Ressler and Adam handed over Alena Media to News Corp in a bid to raise funds for a bigger venture. The capital they got through this deal went into the establishment of Intelligent Beauty, which came with several brands. One of the brands that came together with Intelligent Beauty is DERMSTONE, a cosmetics marketplace and online skincare store.

The company further invested in more brands and two years after inception, they came up with SENSA, as weights-loss brand that contributed a lot to the growth of Intelligent Beauty on Although Intelligent Beauty did not release results and information about their performance, they recorded massive sales from the two brands in two years.

Ressler and Adam Goldenberg had similar experience in online marketing and prior success was a tool they could use to advance their practices in online businesses. They were motivated to start a new business, which would operate as an online subscription retrial namely JustFab.

About JustFab
JustFab, launched in 2010 by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, is a fashion-focused online subscription retail. They appointed Kimora Lee Simmons as the President of the company in 2011 and this was followed by strategies to expand its online presence. This growth needed funds, so they approached Matrix Ventures and agreed on $33 million funding. They also in 2012 approached several venture capitals and were awarded $76 worth of funding to help the company penetrate into other markets, specifically the UK, Canada and Germany.

JustFab acquired FabKids in 2013 and despite the similarity in names, the two companies existed as completely separate entities. FabKids offers fashion and accessories for kids and operates in a similar manner like JustFab.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: Write an article about this person

Are you a beginning investor or experienced investor seeking quality advice on private equity investing? Do you want to find the right firm or team of professionals to guide you on the path to success? May be you already know that Stephen Murray was a great investor and expert in private equity investing and had a team of experienced professionals.

Stephen Murray was a well known professional in the private equity investing field and had a great career. He was considered and the brightest minds in the industry and had great influence on the team at CCMP Capital. Stephen Murray was the former President and CEO of CCMP Capital and he personally trained and guided some of the successful private equity investing advisors out there and had countless clients around the globe.

Private equity firms and their teams raise funds by obtaining capital commitments from external sources such as financial institutions. They also commit some of the their own capital (commonly 1-5%) to contribute into the fund. The partners of the firm might take other steps to raise the money or they might consult a placement agent to help them handle this task. Read more: Exclusive: CCMP Capital CEO Stephen Murray leaves firm

When it comes to choosing a private equity firm or advisor, it is imperative to look into the firm’s background and record of performance in the industry before making a decision. Not all private equity firms or professionals are created equal.

CCMP Capital specializes in proprietary deal sourcing. The team under the leadership of Stephen Murray, sourced and handled countless deals and achieved outstanding performance in the industry. The team at CCMP Capital is comprised of highly qualified and experienced investment professionals, with focus on private equity investing. Like Stephen, most of the experienced team members at CCMP Capital provide a unique combination of expertise and skills, and have a track record of consistent performance.

CCMP Capital was established in 2006 and the company continues the successful investment strategy implemented by its predecessors: Chase Capital Partners, Chemical Venture Partners and Manufacturers Hanover.

Mr Murray was well versed in all aspects of the investment field, and had an established history of outstanding performance in the private equity arena. Entrepreneurs, business people, corporate executives and investors around the world have only positive things to say about Stephen Murray. He was a good person and an extraordinary investing professional. Stephen Murray passed away on March 12, 2015. He was 52.

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