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Wengie’s Back To School Hacks Fun, Fashionable and Easy!

Wengie’s back to school hacks vlog was full of unusual and useful life improvements. She takes ordinary school supplies and necessities and transforms them into something more individualized. With her bubbly personality and cheerful organizing designs I almost look forward to going back to school!

Wengie demonstrates quick hacks to make life better, or at least more fun. Ombre and rainbow highlighters really make study notes more attractive, and they captivate your attention so much more. After all, isn’t that the point or highlighting your text?

Instead of spending money on new pens and pencils that look like everyone else’s, Wengie had quick and easy hacks to make your existing writing tools exceptional. Her techniques are easy but effective. Life hacks should be easy and creative, or else you might as well do things the same way everyone else does.

To go with your improved pencils, Wengie upgrades your portable, messy pencil sharpener by packing it into a container that will eliminate pencil shavings in your books or desk. Glue the sharpener into an empty Tic-Tac box, or create a mini Starbucks cup for extra style. No more messy shaving when you try this hack!

My favorite hack was probably the easiest one. Simply by bending ordinary paper clips, your clip now forms a heart shape on everything you clip together. She showed a row of paper clips marching charmingly across the top of a folder. They looked so cute, and they were ready to jump into action to clip together anything that was untidy.

With washi tape, chalkboard paint and glitter, Wengie creates school supplies that are fashionable and useful. A chalk board painted binder was the most difficult project, but even that could be finished in an afternoon. Then you have a binder that can be used to write notes for the forgetful and erase them again when you’ve finished the project. Cute, useful and environmentally aware projects are really a great choice.

In just about twelve minutes Wengie shared twelve interesting, innovative projects that really can be done by the average person. Cheerful dialog and cute cats add to the engaging presentation. Wengie creates a wonderful online style guide that is reproducible by any viewer.