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Wen a Day for Seven Days

For some the daily challenge of washing and styling their fine hair is a challenge. Thankfully, a recent article by Bustle, details a young woman’s one week regime, washing and caring for her hair using Wen hair care products by Chaz Dean.

In a February article by Bustle ( a young woman uses a bottle of Sephora’s Fig Wen hair care 5 in 1 conditioner. With hopes that her fine hair will be more voluminous, she gives Wen a seven day trial. She sticks to a routine, maintaining her hair with WEN, applying the conditioner each day. By the end of her experiment, the girl finds her hair shinier and considers Wen an ideal product for the young woman who needs to style her hair each day.

Pouring his passion into Wen, Chaz invented what could be used by anyone and utilizes a variety of natural ingredients. Wen’s revolutionary formula eliminates the use of certain shampoos and other products that could contain harmful products such as sulfates. Wen products such, as cleansing conditioners, can be left in and used daily without harming a person’s fine hair. Made in the United States and not tested on animals, Wen prides itself on selling over 10 million units on Amazon to date.

Once upon a time, caring for fine hair on even a semi regular basis used to prove troublesome. With this one woman’s efforts it’s easy to see how the chore caring for fine hair is made easier by WEN.