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Former Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson Files Lawsuit Against New Hampshire Insurance Company

Former ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks, led by Bruce Levenson, has filed a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company (also described as AIG) for a breach of contract over settlement claims made by former general manager Danny Ferry. The AHBE says that Ferry asserted the claims were covered. Despite these assertions by Ferry, the claims were not paid out by AIG.
Levenson, originally from Washington DC, attended Washington University in St. Louis before going to law school at American University back home in DC. In 1977, he founded United Communications Group, best known today for developing the mobile app Gas Buddy, which broadcasts current information on gas prices to its users.

In 2004, Atlanta Spirit, with Levenson as a majority partner, purchased the Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting, known best for CNN. At the time, Levenson also purchased the Atlanta Thrashers (a member of the NHL). The Thrashers were later sold in 2011. From his time of purchase of the Hawks, Levenson has also been a member of the NBA’s Board of Governors. Levenson hired Danny Ferry as general manager in 2012.

Levenson, of Jewish descent, went with his wife and basketball team to the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. in March of 2014. In addition, Levenson brought his mother-in-law Irene Boyarsky with the team. Boyarsky is a Holocuast Survivor. Levenson and Boyarsky discussed the experiences and impact the Holocaust had on his family both at the time, as well as the influence it continues to leave both on his family and community today.

Later that year according to Forbes, Levenson agreed to sell the team to the team’s current owner, Anthony (Tony) Ressler. Included in the group that purchased the Hawks is former NBA player Grant Hill and Spanx founder Sara Blakely. Ressler’s group purchased the Hawks for $730 million.