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The Benefits Of Managed Healthcare With A Leading Provider

InnovaCare serves their beneficiaries as one of the largest managed health care providers in North America. They have challenged the complex medical industry with reasonable priced plans that fall under two categories. They offer both of the plans under the original Medicare and Medicaid program. Beneficiaries can choose from their Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans. Ironically, M.D., M.B.A & Chief Executive Officer Richard Shinto, is constantly trying to expand the extended services that are offered under the InnovaCare physicians services plans. The goal is to provide quality healthcare that will improve the health and well being of their current 240,00+ beneficiaries worldwide. Visit for more information.

Penelope Kokkinides, Assistant Chief Executive Officer also says that InnovaCare makes it their mission to put their customers first. Their core values include a excellent team of professionals that is willing to put the needs of the beneficiary first. Beneficiaries can rest assured they will have a strong patient-provider relationship. They are redefining managed healthcare to ensure that can compete with the ever changing medical profession. The innovative services that they provide are backed by quality. Patients can expect a healthier life and a managed healthcare provider that will be there when they need a plan that can be utilized under the original Medicare and Medicaid program.

Their network is lead by leading physicians, efficiency, and accountability. They lead the industry with a strong team of physicians backing their medical provider plans under a managed network. InnovaCare is unapologetic about finding solutions to tough problems. They work hard to pursue their goals and to ensure their beneficiaries that they will receive the highest level of corporate integrity. You get great services that include extended visual and dental coverage.

Unfortunately, getting your teeth cleaned is not under your original Medicaid or Medicare Part A or B coverage, but InnovaCare provides many additional features including teeth whitening under their extended Medicare manged healthcare plan. You can also get the cost of your eye exam covered through their Medicaid Advantage Plan. They have recently added three executives to their leadership team to continue and improve the high level of service that InnovaCare beneficiaries expect. InnovaCare is currently headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey. They also provide health-related services in the Puerto Rico area. Get the managed healthcare services that will improve your quality of life with several plans to choose from with InnovaCare. Follow InnovaCare at

Jeanmarie Guenot is Guiding Amphivena Therapeutics in the Fight Against Life-threatening Diseases


According to her website, JeanMarie Guenot got a Ph.D. from the University of California and an advanced degree in business administration from the University of Pennsylvania. CrunchBase makes it pretty clear that Guenot has two decades of work experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. She has managed high-profile research institutions and pharmaceutical firms.


Guenot’s work experience


Guenot began her career in 1993 at Hoffman-La Roche as a scientist. She participated in the development of drugs for various medical conditions such as autoimmune diseases, inflammation, melanomas, and metabolic diseases. In 2000, Guenot joined Atlas Venture as an associate. Her role in this company was to manage capital investments. Three years later, she was appointed VP of PDL BioPharma. Guenot spearheaded activities in the corporate and business development division of the company. Her role was to oversee mergers & acquisitions, licensing, management of product portfolios, and alliances. In 2008, she launched Guenot, LLC and served as its managing partner. A year later, she co-founded SKS Ocular, LLC. This company pioneered the development of unrelenting release ocular drug conveyance technologies, dry AMD, Ocular inflammation, and therapeutics for glaucoma.


Amphivena Therapeutics enters an agreement with Janssen Biotech


Amphivena Therapeutics is a biotechnology company established in 2012. This California-headquartered company specializes in the development of immunotherapy technologies for hematologic malignancies. A year after its inception, Amphivena Therapeutics raised about $14 million in its first series of financing with the help of MPM Capital. In 2013, this company made a deal with Janssen Biotech, which gave Janssen the power to acquire Amphivena with the approval of IND.


In 2015, Amphivena announced its achievement under its new agreement with Janssen. This company selected a candidate to participate in clinical trials for a new tumor antigen. This success prompted the issuance of funds to Amphivena by Johnson & Johnson Innovation. Amphivena’s candidate was given RECRUIT-TandAb, a drug conjugate with bi-specific molecules that bind on tumor cells and cause cell lysis. RECRUIT-TandAb is showing promising results in the fight against cancer. According to JeanMarie Guenot, this discovery is a significant milestone for the company and the science fraternity. She also added that Amphivena Therapeutics would continue to conduct more research to address the various forms of life-threatening cancers.

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