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Crime Prevention Strategies Expedited By Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies, a company in the corrections and telecommunications segment, was established in 1986. The primary responsibility of the organization is to engage in activities that minimize and prevent the occurrence of crime. Securus Technologies uses sophisticated technologies in the realization of its mission. The technology utilized revolutionizes the incarceration environment through offering help to correctional facilities for the enhancement of public safety. Recently, the company reviewed its customer’s comments for the speculation of its performance. The comments generated form clients’ emails and letters received from state and jail prisons. In my opinion, Securus Technologies’ strategy of speculating their customers’ reviews will be useful in the augmentation of more secured tips to curb crime. A fascinating comment entailed the use of investigator tools during proper operations. I postulate that sophisticated and advanced investigator tools are significant for the ease identification of crime instances thus facilitating their prevention and minimization.


Since its establishment Securus Technologies has expanded its operations in more than 45 states serving over 2,600 correctional agencies. I provide that the expansion of the organization in various areas will overtime facilitate strategies required to minimize crime. Additionally, Securus incorporates the latest technologies for easier crime detecting and prevention. Recently, the company acquired JPay Inc., a technological organization that integrated electronic payments into Securus’ systems. In my opinion, the acquisition of JPay will facilitate Securus’ operations in the reduction of crimes. The augmentation of sophisticated products for prisons will create safer environments. Additionally, quality items facilitate inmates’ transition into viable individuals once they are released. As a result, I postulate that with an evident transformation of inmates, the risk of participating in criminal offenses is minimized.


Other companies that have impacted Securus Technologies significantly include the Harris Corporation. The enterprise introduced a cell defender technology that prevented contraband cell phones from connecting to mobile networks. I provide that the model helped in curbing cyber crimes instantly.


Securus Technologies is a Beneficial Asset for Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is a prison technology service. They were founded in 1986 and their headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. They also have other locations including two other offices in Texas and one in Atlanta, Georgia. They currently work with 2,600 correctional facilities in North America. Some of their services include providing inmates with telephone services and preventing contraband cell phone use within the prisons. They also provide parolee tracking and government information management.


Their core mission is to meet the needs of the law enforcement and correctional facilities. Many of their customers have expressed gratitude for the company’s services including one customer who says their assistance allowed them to obtain a search warrant against a corrupt employee who was introducing contraband into the prisons. Another customer says that Securus’ services allowed them to obtain information about illegal activities within the prison including alcohol use, the selling of drugs, illegal money transfers, and threats. This type of technology helps ensure that prisons are safer for both inmates and employees. It is easy to see why customers are so grateful for the services that Securus provides. A lot of illegal activities, unfortunately, occur within our prison systems and having a way to monitor the inmates and employees is a very valuable asset to have.


An Overview of Rick Smith’s Leadership at Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a large technology provider firm in the United States. It provides secure technological services that are applied to protect the society. Correctional organizations, government institutions, public safety organizations, and global customers are some of the consumers of the technology, which they use to investigate situations and protect business and themselves. The company specializes in criminal and civil justice based techniques and solutions, which prevent crimes including those committed by people under incarcerations.

The Chief Executive Officer Rick Smith Securus

Rick Smith Securus become the CEO of the firm in 2008. Before his appointment, Rick worked for the following companies; the Frontier Corp- He acted as the vice president in the Finance department. He joined the Frontier in 1972. He has also worked at the Midwest Telephone Operations as the Director of the Network Plant Operations, Chief Information Officer, Vice President of the Telephone Operations and Financial Management, and later assumed the presidency of the company before Heading to Eschelon Telecom. In October 1998, Rick Smith Started at Eschelon as the chief financial officer and then served as the COO from 1999. In 2003, he was promoted to the Chief Executive Officer and later the President of the company.

Education Background

Rick Smith attended the State University of New York at Buffalo, where he graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. He went further to pursue master’s degree in Business Administration, as well as masters in Mathematics from University of Rochester’s Simon School and the State University of New York at Brockport respectively. He also holds an associate’s certificate in Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. He assumed the position as the CEO of the Securus Technologies in 2009. Also, he has been the company’s director from 2008. According to Wikipedia

Appointment in Securus Technologies

Before his appointment, the executives of the Securus were interested in his vast experience and accomplishments attained while working for the previous companies. They believed Rick was the ultimate talent, which the company needed. For instance, while working as the CEO, he grew their revenue from $30 million to $ 350 million dollars annually. He is also behind the successful IPO launch of the Eschelon in 2005. The extensive experience in IT, business management and development, finance and employee management was desperately needed to propel Securus to greater heights.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technological services are applied in law enforcement activities. Ricks Smith says that the firm receives thousands of emails from customers appreciating their services and for ensuring a crime-free society. The company is headquartered in Dallas. It offers services to over 1,000,000 individual under incarcerations in North America alone. Part of the company’s DNA apart from being profitable is the social responsibility. Keeping order and providing a friendly environment for healthy activities.

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Securus Technologies Law Enforcement Officer’s Customer Reviews using Technology to Solve and Avert crimes

Securus Technologies provides technology solutions to ordinary citizens, and the Department criminal justice for investigations, public safety, and corrections monitoring. They recently published several facility consumer comments on the use of technology to prevent and solve crimes including inmate related crimes.


We have some of the samples of comments from email and formal letters that we receive from prison officials tasked with managing crimes and the prison environment across the country. Securus Technologies develops programs continuously to help law enforcement personnel prevent crimes. “Securus receives numerous weekly correspondences from clients who regularly review their technology. Developing reliable safety technology is an honor,” chimed Richard Smith, Chairman and C E O of Securus Technologies.


Facility Consumer Comments on Using Technology to Stop and Resolve Crimes

“I write to express my sincere gratitude for the assistance in this case, where we used phone call information to acquire a search warrant for the dishonest staff member. Through your help, this individual was apprehended by our team for introducing illegal imports. We look forward to your continued support.”


“We monitored phone calls following a tip-off that inmates used alcohol, sold drugs in prison, had access to a mobile device, suspicious money transfer conversations, threats, a past incident of fired gun shots, and a civilian confession to trading discounted prescription drugs.”


“For more than ten years, our facility has relied on Securus Technology solutions. It is good to see that our provider is committed to transforming the prison environment and progressively improve community safety.”


About Securus Technology


Securus is based in Dallas, Texas, and provides technology services to over 3,400 corrections agencies, public safety, and law enforcement institutions and nearly 1,200,000 convicts across North America. Securus Technologies endeavors to connect and serve the public by providing communication, disaster response management, investigations, public information, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, data management, and monitoring services to provide a safer environment.


The Boom At Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies deals with many people on a regular basis. They send in letters about their experiences with them, and the company has decided to publish these for others to see. In many cases, the information helps to solve and prevent crimes.


The company has also issued an invitation to the public to visit their facility in Dallas, TX. During the time they are there, they will receive a presentation that will allow them to see the latest technologies that the company is working on. The people will be able to learn a lot more about what the company does, and why the work is so important to the country and the world.


Securus Technologies is the leader in the public safety field, heading the rest of the companies that are concerned with issues that affect the public, as well as the inmates in institutions clear across the country. Not only is this company popular in North America, but they are also known in the rest of the world for their excellent work on the issues. There are a lot of reasons that the future looks great for this company, and it has mostly to do with their ability to care immensely for the safety of the public. With their new technologies coming out every week, they are creating ways to make all people safer in all different types of situations. They are company that people will continue to pay attention to well into the future.