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A Glimpse Into the Kabbalah Centre International

The Kabbalah Centre International is a religiously based organization founded by Philip Berg, a prominent American rabbi and author of such works as, The Wheels of a Soul. The Kabbalah Centre International’s primary purpose is to spread knowledge about, as one might have guessed, the Kabbalah. For those unfamiliar with the term, the Kabbalah is a esoteric methodology derived from the ancient Judeo-christian teachings that is a method of ontology which seeks to explain the nature of the infinite and finite realms of being as well as their relationship to each other. The core text of the mystic tradition is the Zorah, a collection of ancient Aramaic texts which utilize the four pardes, or methods of Jewish exegesis (critical explanation of a text) to correctly interrupt the Torah and other related texts. The four parges are: Sod (metaphysical meanings), Derash (linguistically comparative meanings), Remez (allegorical meanings and explanations) and lastly, Peshat (forthright meaning – direct interpretations).

The Kabbalah Centre International offers a diverse array of options to study the Kabbalic tradition, incorporating a wide variety of different texts and teaching methods which can be accessed either through the internet on their website or found at one of their over forty different brick and mortar locations around the world.

The Centre’s approach to teaching is very relaxed and relatable and takes a practical, brass tacks approach to the source material such that previous knowledge of the Torah or Zorah is not required to get the ball rolling. Despite the close association with Judaism, the Kabbalah Centre International is not a religious organization, rather, they teach that all faith beliefs are partially glimpsed half-truths that hint at a larger and interconnected spiritual world. This spiritual world, they infer, is one that is inaccessible to the normal senses, since humans have five sense but can only perceive a small portion of the world around them through it – through reaching this hidden realm, one attains enlightenment.

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