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Provided By Karl Heideck

Legal Services Provided By Karl Heideck
Legal Services Provided By Karl Heideck

When people think of Philadelphia, they oftentimes think of it as the city of “brotherly love.” However, the city remains known for something else. Moreover, the city remains known for an attorney by the name of Karl Heideck. Among his peers and colleagues, Karl Keideck remains a seismic figure. In fact, Heideck single-handedly reshaped the city’s way of practicing law. Due to such hard work and an acumen for success, Karl continually raises the bar for attorneys. To be exact, Karl specializes in risk management and compliance practices serving the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Furthermore, Karl Heideck holds the distinction of being adept in areas such as legal writing, product liability, commercial litigation, and so forth. The list goes on. When pertaining to practicing law, Heideack does not have a limitation. For 10 solid years, Karl Heideck remained a top name in law practice. Therefore, his work history speaks for itself. Furthermore, Heideck remains a man of many trades. He also remains an individual hailing from an educated background. While at Temple University Beasley School of Law, Heideck graduated with honors. Moreover, he attended Swarthmore College in the previous years. While there, he studied English and Literature.

Moreover, Karl Heideck’s career began at Conrad O’Brien. While there, Karl served as an associate. Furthermore, Heideck represented clients in commercial litigation and also studied and reviewed government investigation documents. Moreover, Karl Heideck features determination and professionalism in pharmaceutical litigation and things of that nature. While at Pepper Hamilton LLP, Karl Heideck served as a project attorney. While there, he reviewed materials for things such as trial preparation. To conclude, Karl remains someone to admire in the world of litigation. Evidently, Karl knows his practice and he knows it very well. Furthermore, Karl has paved the way for numerous attorneys for years to come.


The Success of Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a unique individual who is most noted for his expert work within the area of study of comparative law, an up and coming area of study that is specifically an analysis of different legal systems around the world and an analysis of which legal system currently functions the best. The field of comparative law is a field of study that compares and contrasts the different legal systems around the world and also analyzes past legal systems that have either disappeared or have taken root in a current legal system. This field of study has gained much popularity over the past 300 years as not only the interaction among individuals has increased, but the available transportation methods and ability to trade outside of a country has also increased. Research has been continuously conducted to not only examine the past and present legal systems, but to examine a possible legal system as the world pushes closer and closer to a globalized nation.

The field of comparative law has not only gained interest due to the ability to examine past and present legal systems, but has also gained interest due to the interest in the fact that legal systems have also stemmed overtime from cultural norms and even from religion. Many of the ancient civilization legal systems have been examined to compare and contrast the legal systems in present day. One of the foremost experts when it comes to legal systems and to comparative law is Sujit Choudhry, a professor of law as well as a learned scholar who has a passion for learning as well as for teaching.

Sujit Choudhry was born and raised in India. Even as a young boy, Mr. Choudhry had a desire to travel to the United States to study in college in order to experience a different legal system as well as a different culture. Mr. Choudhry was able to work his way up through the academic field and eventually became the first Indian to be offered the position as the dean of one of the top schools in the world. This honor has influenced many of his students to follow his path.

$17 Million Reward Shows How SEC Whistleblowers Are Changing The Financial Industry

The head of the SEC whistleblower program at Labaton Sucharow, Jordan Thomas, has a long history of working with investors and financial professionals who have been the victims of financial wrongdoing; the reputation of Thomas as a financial expert saw him involved in the creation and writing of the Dodd-Frank Act that laid the groundwork for greater regulation of the U.S. financial industry. For the past six years Jordan Thomas has been working with the Labaton Sucharow law firm as the head of the SEC whistleblower lawyers that has recently announced the award of the second largest SEC payout to an individual whistleblower of $17 million.

Jordan Thomas has created a team of financial experts, investigators, and attorney’s who are all looking to bring evidence of financial wrongdoing to the attention of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Labaton Sucharow believe the first step any potential whistleblower should take is to discuss their concerns of financial wrongdoing with their team of qualified experts, who will investigate the claims and evidence presented to make sure the complex rules and regulations of the SEC have been broken before presenting the evidence to the SEC.

The $17 million payout shows how seriously the SEC are taking the regulation of the financial industry as whistleblowers providing high quality evidence can be awarded between 10 and 30 percent of any fines paid based on the evidence of the whistleblower. The challenge for any whistleblower is to make sure they have evidence of the rules of the SEC being broken that is presented in such a way they receive any financial reward provided for them; Jordan A. Thomas and his team are determined to make sure they guide their clients through the process and receive the highest possible payout after fines have been levied by financial authorities.

Anybody who has even the slightest interest in the working of the financial community will understand the complex nature of the work of the SEC, and will know how difficult many of the regulations can be to understand. Entering into an SEC investigation with an experienced group of attorney’s is a good option for the individual whistleblower to take to make sure they get the best possible information about the quality of their evidence, how the investigation will progress, and what level of financial reward can be expected from the evidence provided.