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Oxford Club Is An Ally for New Retirees

The money you keep in a stock portfolio should be determined by your age, health, monthly expenses, and portfolio size. Retirement rebalancing could help prevent the reduction of your portfolio size caused by “cashing in” your stocks when unemployed during a bear market. People might be tempted to cash in their stocks because their earnings from unemployment and social security may not be enough for them. There are two steps in the process of retirement rebalancing. First, you should calculate how much cash and earnings from low-risk bonds you need for your monthly expenses. Second, the money you would would need to meet living expenses for five years should be saved. If you cannot save the money needed for five years of living costs, there are other alternatives. You can work a few extra years before retiring. Savings can be increased. The cost of living could be lowered. Investments with higher returns could also be picked.

The Oxford Club is an independent company that was established in 1989. Oxford Club’s central office is located in Baltimore, Maryland. There are nearly 80,000 Oxford Club members across 100 nations. Analysts at Oxford Club perform investment research of the highest quality. Researchers select the investments with the highest profit growth and lowest volatility. Oxford Club members have access to these investments. The investment strategies used by the Oxford Club involve avoiding market risks completely and involve the allocation of assets.

Alexander Green is a Chief Investment Strategist at Oxford Club. He is also the leader of Oxford Club’s Editorial Team. Investment U, Energy & Resources Digest, and Wealth Retirement are the three free educational publications offered by the Oxford Club. Investment U has two newsletters: Investment U Daily and Investment U Plus. The newsletter of Oxford Club is The Oxford Communiqué.