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Doug Levitt Brings The American Experience to Life in The Greyhound Diaries

Talented singer and Songwriter Doug Levitt is taking his talents to a new level with his book, “The Greyhound Diaries” released in 2008. A eight-year long project, Levitt finished his book after traveling 80,000 miles by Greyhound Bus all around the United States. His motivation was to capture the struggle of Americans across the country as a kind of tribute to the Great Depression’s WPA projects. He hoped to catch the struggle during the collapse of the American economy and meant the project as a sort of lens for people to look through and realize they are not alone in their life’s struggle. He also released songs and photos about his fellow passengers.

Levitt was an international correspondent before his Greyhound project. He was featured on many TV stations including CNN and ABC. He was educated at Cornell and later received his Masters in International Relations from London School of Economics. Based out of London for most of his broadcasting career, Doug Levitt later moved to Nashville to take up singing and song writing. He collaborated with producer David Henry on The Greyhound Diaries. He has performed the songs written during his journey at The Kennedy Center while also displaying the many photos taken along the way. He has also performed at homeless shelters across the country to help lift the spirits of the hopeless.

Levitt captured the American spirit in his work seeking the marginalized. As he explains in an interview with DCist, Greyhound buses reach many places in the U.S. that people have never even heard of and many times the experience of these people is left behind because the big-time media doesn’t reach the small towns. The Greyhound Diaries really weaves together the experience of passengers as well as becoming an avenue for Levitt to find himself.

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