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Philanthropy In The Eyes of Sheldon Lavin

Why Philanthropy Matters

The OSI Group is a large-scale manufacturer. This requires that it uses the basic proponents of industry and to meet a product quota with. The agency needs to operate while realizing the challenges that are brought with the environment. This is just the nature of OSI’s industry however.

The agency is a leader in the meat processing sectors and because it also leads its work with environmental aide. The process of most industrial operations take into account the consumption of natural resources and the potential to contaminate the same. Philanthropy matters to the CEO of OSI Group as a result.

It matters to Sheldon Lavin because there’s a great deal processed through the work of the OSI Group, and all of the work requires a mind of philanthropy.

Active Philanthropists With Environmental Service

The OSI Group has a tremendous advantage in the current industrial market. This advantage comes from two factors that modern innovation enables. Sheldon Lavin became the corporation’s CEO after he had achieved substantially in the financial world. What he used to succeed there in finance is what he now leverages as CEO.

The second factor to the success of the OSI company is its footprint. The world economy is combining its forces to create an environment that needs philanthropic ideas and in order thrive with. The world is now embracing the fundamental development of the OSI Group and what Sheldon Lavin is doing.

How The Environment Ties Into His Work

It was inevitable for Sheldon Lavin to become more conscious of the environment and to also help in the process of preserving it. Sheldon brings to business what many CEOs can’t as they don’t have his experience. The work that led Sheldon Lavin to greater success is his balance between production and giving back.

The complete cycles of productivity require that resources consumed are in constant supply. The constant operation of the OSI Group shows a demand that puts meat products into constant manufacturing rotation. The system only works, however, when that source of meat is always there to be consumed.

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OSI Group is Focusing on Expanding its Market Further

When a company decides to expand globally, it has to cater to the needs of the local community. It has to make the products culturally acceptable and designed for the needs of the people on the ground. The government rules and regulations, local produce and abilities can limit the operations of companies. When dealing with a consumable product, the taste of the consumers on the ground has to be taken into consideration. The OSI Group did not fall short of these requirements. They made sure they conducted research extensively before their expansion into China and Europe. They also have people on the ground who advise them on what works and what does not work depending on the needs of the people.

David McDonald who is OSI Group’s President explained the need to understand local communities before investing in them. The company’s main focus is efficiency when it comes to offering solutions locally. The OSI Group has its headquarters in Aurora and is a leader in the food industry when it comes to the production of value-added proteins. Some of their products include beef patties, sausages, and pizza among others. Its current operations are widespread in 17 countries with over 50 operational facilities. Its current focus is China where it is looking at expanding their presence. It has operated in this market for more than 2 decades so it understands the needs on the ground. The company is working tirelessly towards growing further to satisfy the increase in demand for their products. Some of their clients include Subway, McDonald’s, Burger King and Yum among others.

In the last year, OSI as shown tremendous growth through their expansion strategy. They have reported new processing facilities globally. From Poland and Geneva to India, China and Hungary, growth has been seen. They are working towards a significant impact on their clients when it comes to products and services. The OSI Group is working towards healthier and organic products just as the market demands. The type of equipment they use is well advanced technologically for efficiency. A good example is the machines they use to ensure safety and high quality that detect anything that is foreign during processing of the products. The same machine also monitors the growth of their raw material. The team at OSI Group is determined to keep providing safe products to their clients and that is why they work tirelessly to ensure quality assurance is done.

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OSI Group, The Respected Worldwide Meat Processor & Supplier

OSI group is one of the leading American meat processing companies whose primary area of focus iS retail and food service industry. OSI team was able to meet up the requirements to be on the list of the U.S. Top 100 Food and Beverage Companies, 2016. The company has its main headquarters in Aurora, Illinois.

The birth of the company can be traced back to the year of 1909 when Otto Kilschowsky started a small meat shop in Oak Park, Illinois. The meat shop expanded slowly, and he shifted his business to Maywood, Chicago. The company had its birth with the name of Otto and Sons in 1928. The company received a big kickstart when it tied up with McDonald’s which itself was in an embryonic state of development at that time.

Over the years both the companies developed a strong bond and helped each other in taking strong roots in the food industry. With the development of Cryogenic Food processing in the 1960s, meat processing of Otto and Sons was revolutionized and it became one of the four important meat suppliers of Mac Donald’s. It was in 1975 that the company changed its name to OSI Industries after expanding its reach beyond McDonald’s. The company began supplying meat to several restaurants with McDonalds’s being the original client. With the popularity of McDonald’s, even OSI grew bigger in size. In 2011, the company won the prestigious position of the 136th largest private company in the Forbes List. In 2016 also, the company was propelled to the position of 58 in the Forbes list as one of the greatest private companies with $6.1. billion.

In 2016, OSI Group set another milestone by the acquisition of Baho Food, another famous Dutch meat manufacturer. This activity gave OSI group more hold in Europe. Baho has about five branch industries in Germany and Netherlands. The executive team of Baho Group was very excited to be incorporated into the larger OSI Group. They will be working hand in hand with the team of OSI group in making the company grow more in Europe as well as worldwide.

OSI is one of the best entrepreneurial companies and has a very holistic towards work ethics and working with its employees. In the group, the voices of all the employees are taken into account along with following specific strategies and rules.

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chairman and CEO Of OSI group. He has a very long relationship of about 43 years with the company. Lavin started his career as a successful executive in the banking sector and built his financial firm. He has a first hand in transforming the face of OSI group from McDonald’s focused meat supplier to a worldwide provider. The company proudly boasts of about 20,000 employees globally. Lavin has been a part of the company as a financial advisor from 1970 when the business was known as Otto and Sons. He was very much involved in the expansion of the enterprise in North America, Europe, South America and Taiwan. In 1980, he acquired half of the controlling interest when one of the original owners sold it to him. Lavin is also a part of many charity foundations like Ronald McDonald House Charities, the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, Jewish United Fund, etc.

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