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Darius Fisher and Online Reputation Management

Darius Fisher is an expert on online reputation management and how companies should handle scandal. In 2011 Congressman Anthony Weiner was caught sending suggestive pictures of himself to a 21 year old college girl through Twitter. It was removed from his account but a journalist took a screen shot and more inappropriate pictures were found. This lead to Mr. Weiner resigning from Congress.


This is the type of situations that Darius Fisher handles for companies and businesses. He say its important to take an active approach if inappropriate photos concerning your company or employees appear in social media. Contact web site administrators and request the photos be removed immediately. If necessary, get an attorney to help draft a notice about removing photos.


This is a formal request under the Digital Milliennium Copyright Act. Also Darius Fisher says research your state’s revenge pornography laws to see if it the photos violate state laws. Under some laws you can take legal action against the website and distributor. Try to create some positive press that appears on the first page of Google. This replaces the negative effect of the photos.


You will need a user friendly mobile website and to be active on all your social media accounts. Link to positive media on your sites and social media outlets. Don’t link to negative images this only fuels the fire. Explain to the media what you are doing to handle the situation. Hire a public relations or crisis management firm.


Learn from your mistakes and prevent it from happening again. Protect your accounts with long complex passwords that cannot be hacked. Be aware of privacy features on social media and your company’s policy on social media and Internet usage.


Darius Fisher is president of Status Labs a company that handles online reputation management. It handles reputation management for companies and individuals offering many services. They specialize in digital marketing and public relations.
The company has offices in Austin, New York, and Sao Paulo. He created the strategy and vision of Status Labs but partners with other agencies and businesses. He worked as a copywriter and political consultant. Fisher graduated with honors from Vanderbuilt College.