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Rodrigo and Michel Terpins Continues With Their Dominance in Rally Competitions in Brazil

Rodrigo Terpins, just like his younger brother Michel Terpin, is among the best performing off-road rally drivers in Brazil. Together with his co-driver, Mr. Fabricio Bianchini, the duo is doing perfectly well in this year’s series of the Sertoes Rally. The series, which is the 22nd edition, has seven phases and the Bull Sertoes Rally Team comprise of Fabricio Bianchini and Rodrigo. Terpins is currently ranked 8th in the competition that attracted a total of 38 participants. As for the T1 Prototypes Category, the team ranks among the top three teams.


This year’s edition of Sertoes Rally is relatively shorter than the previous ones. Unlike the others, which pass through several states, this year’s edition passed through a couple of states: Goias State and Minas Gerais State. In total, the total distance covered was 2,600 kilometers, which were conveniently split into seven stages.



The Fun of It As Explained By Rodrigo


The result was remarkable for Rodrigo Terpins, who described it as so good and beyond his expectations. He was also impressed by his partner, Fabricio Bianchini, and described his partnership as great. The duo used car #326, which gave them a 100 percent confidence going into the competition according to Rodrigo. Fabricio was particularly impressive because the competition marked his debut in the category cars. He is a legend in the motorcycles category, having made more than ten appearances in the category. The Bull Sertoes Rally Team was exemplary in its teamwork according to Rodrigo.


On, Rodrigo Terpins expressed his satisfaction with how the competition was organized, which made it more than enjoyable. The edition was also not as hard as other competitions that the 44 years old driver had participated in before. He also noted that the shortness of the distance made him feel comfortable for it gave him enough space and time to attend to his commitments without infringing on the commitment that comes with his profession.


Rodrigo Terpins is a native of Sao Paulo. He has been in the rally racing sport for some time now, a sport that is adored by his family. His 40-year old brother Michel Terpin is an active Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship. Visit for more information.