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Being A Serial Entrepreneur Is Instinctive For Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks, serial entrepreneur, is proof that anyone with enough drive and motivation can succeed in the business world. With only a high school diploma, Sparks has started dozens of companies; some were extremely lucrative, however, others flopped.

Sparks outlines his entrepreneurial path in his book, They Can’t Eat You, where he explains what went wrong and where he succeed, in hopes of helping others learn from his mistakes. The title refers making a mistake, which is not fatal, since individuals who are still alive can try again.

In 2015, Sparks’ Dallas, Texas-based Timber Creek Capital, his private equity firm, moved into new offices that are large enough to host three different startups during their incubation period. Sparks believes that bright, modern work environment is conducive to success, so he arranged the transition to offices with glass walls and an open layout that encourages collaboration.

As the founder and CEO of Timber Creek Capital, Sparks enjoys mentoring and giving entrepreneurs the benefit of his more than three decades of entrepreneurial experience. New businesses receive everything that they need, including capital, legal and accounting services, marketing assistance and more, in addition to office space to work.

Timber Creek startups, which have already been sold, include Cobalt Real Estate Services, Splash Media, Reliant Healthcare Partners and other companies in diverse industries.

Having goals is important to Sparks. As the beginning of each week, he makes a to-do list for each day of the week, which Sparks says keeps him focused. One of Sparks favorite saying is “A goal without a deadline is only a dream.”

While Sparks is a self-motivated person who does not like three-day weekends because he is away from work for too long, he does relax by engaging in outdoor activities, including hiking, golf and biking. Sparks also enjoys traveling the world and visiting exotic locations as a way to gain inspiration for his next venture.