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Rocketship Education is a non- profit network of public charter schools that work with community organizations and other stakeholders in the education sector to provide quality public education to San Jose’s low-income children and English language learners.

Their first school was launched in 2007 in San Jose, California and since then they have 25 schools serving the low-income members of the society. The chain of charter schools is headed by Preston Smith who is the CEO and co-founder.

Rocketship Education is known for their involvement of parents in running of all their schools. Unlike other public schools, Rocketship partners with the parents and caregivers and students are given personal attention. The children of low-income earners are therefore able to enjoy quality education regardless of their low status in the society.

Rocketship has continued to attract attention from many people which have seen many parents campaign for the establishment of more of their schools. In fact, they involve the parents in selecting the teachers to teach their children. Unlike many schools where parents have no idea of the teachers who will be attending to their children when school open, parents in Rocketship Education participate as panelists in jobs interviews for hiring the teachers.

Prior to the interviews, three to six parents undergo a training that prepares them for the interviews. Community meetings are also held to enable the parents to meet the job finalists. According to Preston Smith, parents’ participation has always been the core of their program. Their personalized and blended form of learning is something that has put the school into the spotlight.

The involvement of parents in running the schools ensures that there are hardly any disagreements between the parents and school leadership. This involvement promotes good relationships while at the same time enhances smooth running of the schools.

Rocketship Education is guided by five values, four of which are shared by all their schools while the fifth one is left for the parents and teachers to come up with in their school. The four are respect, responsibility, empathy, and persistence.