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Three Anime Shows For Science Fiction Lovers To Dig Their Teeth Into


Hulking metal robots controlled by pilots who fight to the death in some of the best robot anime. Ancient samurai that are preserved by green goo that places them into cryogenic sleep. And traveling medicine men who are able to commune with an unseen world of creatures that are a cross between bacteria and spirits. The ability to tell stories like these that are often as strange as they are well-developed, engaging and masterfully flushed out are just a few of the reasons that one might be able to successfully argue that anime is one of the best places to find a great science fiction story to dig one’s teeth into. Television lovers that find that they are most interested in seeing storytellers try to come up with answers about what humanity’s future could look like will be able to find many different kinds of anime series to indulge in.


There are many different popular anime franchises that deserve to have a spot in conversations about which anime with strong science fiction themes are the best and anime like Kuromukuro, Mushishi and the Voltron franchise deserve to be counted among them. Kuromukuro is a newer anime that made its American debut on Netflix. It follows the awakening of a cryogenically frozen samurai who is aided by a student named Yukina in his struggle to stave off an alien invasion on earth by fighting them in his giant mecha robot. The anime is incredibly well-paced and treats viewers to many fast-paced action sequences between the samurai and his alien foes as they square-off in bright-colored giant robots. Viewers who liked the X-files and appreciate sad stories might like watching Mushishi’s main character Genko as he travels across medieval Japan investigating and solving paranormal mysteries that arise in various villages.

80s anime babies will probably be interested in the latest reboot inspired the classic anime Voltron, a show called Voltron: Legendary Defender that centers on a new generation of pilots that come from a future earth that has developed space travel and follows them as they discover the powerful robot Voltron and travel to new planets.