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Shea Butter: The Ingredient With Endless Benefits

It’s important to take care of your skin, simply stated. When you think of caring for your skin, you will likely think of natural, pure ingredients that aren’t harsh to the skin or containing chemicals. When deciding the best care for your skin, you should always consider shea butter. It is very well known for its abilities to moisturize the skin, but it holds other beneficial uses. There are many reasons that people use shea butter-some of which will surprise you!

Shea butter derives from the African shea tree, and is simply a fat from one of the fruits seeds. This butter is used for cooking in many different countries, and acts as an oil. Besides moisturizing your skin, it also has an anti-inflammatory benefit. If your skin is swollen, applying the shea butter will ease the swelling. In addition to that, it also has anti-aging benefits. It improves regular collagen production naturally without needing chemicals or harsh products. It also improves elasticity, which makes it very desirable to women who are expecting a baby. They will use it during and after pregnancy to reduce lines and stretch mark appearances. Shea butter is also used as a lip moisturizer and can be found in many that you may already known, believe it or not. The uses for shea butter are plentiful, and makes this natural ingredient a very sought after one.

Eugenia Shea is one brand that offers all natural shea butter in three awesome formulas. These formulas are designed to meet peoples specific moisturizing needs. You have the everyday formula, which will provide you with that skin moisturization daily. Then there is the pregnancy formula which is ideal for women expecting. By using this formula, it will reduce the appearance of unwanted stretch marks. Lastly, there is the dermatological formula which is great for anyone suffering from severe skin issues, such as excema. This will ensure you get the moisturization you need to get rid of that patchy, rough skin. These formulas have been proven beneficial to the skin, and are affordable, and easily attainable. Vist for more information.