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Talk Fusion Founder Bob Reina Uses Success To Help Others

The success of the Talk Fusion brand has had a positive effect on a wide range of charities because of the personal intervention of founder Bob Reina; the Talk Fusion CEO has always been of the opinion the success he achieves should assist entire communities of people who are in need of assistance in the future. Bob Reina is not a traditional CEO simply sitting behind a desk and overseeing the operations of Talk Fusion, but is instead known for his hands on approach to all aspects of business and charitable giving.

Talk Fusion came into existence in 2007 and quickly became known for the community links the company and its innovative CEO Bob Reina have established and maintained ever since. Reina looks to explain to those working for his company and affected by the growth of Talk Fusion why he feels it is important for each and every person to assist those in need at all times. Reina is always willing to lead by example in his decisions regarding philanthropy and has made major donations to animal based not for profits in the Tampa area of Florida; not only does Reina look to assist organized groups rescuing animals and has looked to aid the rehabilitation of many individual animals in his local community.

Bob Reina hopes his individual actions will have a great deal of inspiration for those who are working with him across more than 140 countries across the planet; Reina allows each employee to establish a single account with Talk Fusion in the name of a registered charity to provide funding in the future. The development of video marketing opportunities allow Bob Reina the opportunity to create a new form of success for his clients, and passes on the same skills and experience to the charitable groups his employees open a free account for providing access to the very best in Talk Fusion video and Email marketing products.