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Mike Heiligeinstein And Other Transit Professionals Offers Tangible Solutions To Williamson County’s Traffic Problems

Recently, Transit professionals offered solutions to the traffic problem affecting Williamson County. Often, Austin’s transit discussions center on the city itself. Williamson County Growth Summit provided a chance to structure transportation challenges while considering the needs of the suburban communities of the area.

The panel discussion had notable personalities such as Mike Heiligenstein, Leandre Johns, Jared Ficklin, and Joseph Kosper. Heiligenstein works as the executive director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA). Johns serves as the executive leader of the Texas External Affairs. Kopser is the founder of RideScoutt LLC while Ficklin is a product designer that specializes on transportation. Jared has recommended that an aerial gondola system should be established in Central Austin.

Williamson County Growth Summit was hosted at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center. The discussions of the summit focused on the different ways through which technology could be used to transform transportation in Austin and around the globe. Heiligeinstein asserted that there was need to embrace new technologies such as applications on ridesharing and driverless vehicles. He also noted that Austin needed to invest in its transportation capacity. To grow the capacity, Mike believes that smarter roads should be built. More roads offer an appropriate way to cater for the mobility needs of the population, which is growing rapidly, especially in suburbs like Williamson County.

Over the last 15 years, Williamson County has been framing its infrastructure. However, the population is growing fast. To this end, Heiligenstein suggested roads capacities should be expanded. He also suggested that the present corridors should be made smarter, technically advanced, and more efficient. Ficklin said that policy makers should work on the flexibility of building and land use codes in readiness for the future transportation demands. He also pointed out that even with autonomous vehicles, roads and parking garages would still be needed.

About Mike Heiligenstein

Over the years, Mike Heiligenstein has provided transformative leadership at the CTRMA, which is an independent government agency. The organization was created in 2002. It was established to design a new regional transportation network for the expansive Texas Region. The authority’s current and future projects are integral elements in the designed-multi-modal transportation system. The entity plans to meet various mobility demands of the region, considering that is rapidly growing. Recently, the authority inaugurated the 290 Toll project. CTRMA is credited for successfully managing the development of 183A, which was its initial project in Williamson County.

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