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Academy of Art University Combines Cultural Designs for NYFW

Diversity in life and in design are key to this year’s Academy of Art University fashion graduates chosen for the New York Fashion Week. The students who attended the 88-year-old Art University in San Francisco fused their ethos into their fabrics and created a combination of designs that match their minds and souls. Each design represented a statement of self-awareness.

The fabrics were as diverse as the students. These delights included patent leather, recycled rubber bike tubes, knitwear, denim, vinyl, PVC, lightweight wool, lambskin, cashmere, brocades, jersey and wool. But, the embroidery, color contrasts, knitting with ends of prayer flags, and landscape photography, naturally and honestly enhanced these individual creations.

The Academy of Art University specializes in nurturing imaginations that allow students to use their talent beyond the fabric and design. Each student identified their culture and ethos within each design. For example, Ryan Yu’s space-age black and white designs of patent leather, jersey and wool follow his philosophy of leaving the darkness to embrace the light. Meanwhile, Saya Shen digitally transferred her own photographs, of snow covered Hokkaido along with San Francisco’s rolling hills, trees and ocean waves on to her fabrics capturing all her passions. Jelly Shan traveled to northwestern China where she encountered religious temples that brought her peace and joy. Her creations combine the sense of high towered temples knit with flowing prayer flags using soft colors.

The tradition of art and design started by Richard S. Stephens in 1929 continues with his granddaughter Elisa Stephens, who took over from her own father in 1992. Her tutelage has increased enrollment from 2,000 to 18,000. The Art Institute became fully accredited in 2007 by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. It offers associate degrees along with undergraduate and graduate fine art degrees. The tradition of inspiring and nurturing imaginations was evident in the NYFW 2017 show.


How To Make More With the Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is a company that has been giving ordinary people like yourself the job opportunity to make good money selling wine through a direct sales program. This company makes it so simple and easy on you in the long run because they can help you move forward and actually succeed. The Traveling Vineyard capable of providing videos and instruction to guide you to earn more money in this business. Selling wine is quite an adventure for a lot of people looking for a way to earn money because it’s so easy to sell to people who just genuinely love wine. The Traveling Vineyard is definitely one of best companies to work with if you want to do direct sales doing something so different.

The Traveling Vineyard requires for you to do all kinds of strategies and techniques to make sales. Here’s a few different things that can allow for you to grow and succeed more in this industry:

Utilize your online presence. Writing on your website, promoting online, and simply utilizing the web can make a big difference to making sales. When you use your online presence, you can easily use that to increase sales for later on in the world down the road. The Traveling Vineyard is capable of giving you all the right resources of drinking wine so you can do this.

You should be sure to have as many parties as you can possibly have. The reason behind this is because you want to have yourself in front of as many people as possible. There’s so many people who just don’t have enough of interaction with people to make sales, so utilize your friends and people you know. Having them throw a wine tasting party inviting other friends can be very helpful and powerful.

Traveling Vineyard can help lead you down the right path for growing and making great money. Being a seller for this brand isn’t even about selling. It’s all about knowing about their incredible wine and explaining to people who live wine about their best choices and options. This is the best way to earn.

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