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Honey Birdette Is Much More Than A Lingerie Brand

Honey Birdette is an Australian lingerie brand that is quickly expanding to accommodate consumer desire for their products. Eloise Monaghan launched Honey Birdette in 2006 and since then it has drastically grown. The are continuing to expand in the UK but after noticing an increase of sales to US customers are also planning on opening stores in the states. By the end of 2018, there are plans for 40 stores to open up around UK. Now in total, there are 55 stores between the UK and Australian locations, with hopes of expanding into other parts of Europe and the United States soon.

Honey Birdette was created with the hopes of bringing sensuality into the bedroom. After noticing that there was a lack of provocative lingerie, founder Eloise Monaghan set out to change that. Honey Birdette is focused on adding pleasure to the bedroom in many different forms. These forms range from lingerie to toys and an array of other items to spice up anyone’s bedroom life. Every item is created at their headquarters with Eloise Monaghan right there. She wants to create items for everyone, from delicate lingerie wearers to people who enjoy the darker side of lingerie.

As the store goes, image is very important. Walking into a Honey Birdette store is an experience withing itself. Patrons can expect champagne, luxurious furnishing, and an overall atmosphere that displays a sensual and flirty feeling. The workers, who are referred to as “Honeys,” are also a key part of the experience of the store. Unlike other stores where workers often lack emotions or are not good at interacting with customers, Honeys are all about interacting with customers for a fun experience. They are passionate about promoting empowerment in women while creating a playful atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable and also have fun.

Unlike other lingerie brands, Honey Birdette is more focused on the entire experience than just the lingerie itself. This is something that most brands neglect. Not to mention, the lingerie itself is exquisite and ranges to meet many different tastes. With all this said, it’s no wonder that Honey Birdette is expanding so fast.

Sanjay Shah: Financial Advisor Who Battles Autism With Music

Sanjay Shah’s journey through life has been a remarkable one, and he is still pressing on with his goals. He’s a long time financial advisor who is considered retired from that profession, and now he dedicates most of his work towards his philanthropy. His chief goal now is helping raise money for research into autism, and to improve treatments and eventually find a cure for it. Autism hits close to home for Sanjay Shah Denmark and his wife Usha, as their young son Nikhil has autism. But through a music festival that was recently held in Dubai, Shah’s foundation Autism Rocks has raised funds to be able to help. The artists that traveled to this festival included Flo Rida and Tyga.

Shah always wanted to help others from a young age. He is the son of 2 immigrants who came to the UK from impoverished lands, and growing up Sanjay wanted to become a doctor so he could return to those lands and cure people. He tried medical school in college, but unfortunately it didn’t work out the way he had hoped. So he went into banking and finance instead, and became an investment advisor who held positions at several major banks, including Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. While Shah made a lot of money at his job, he started longing for something more to do with his life.

After the economic crash of 2008 happened, Shah found himself out of work, but he decided instead to start up his own financial advisory firm. He had very little funds for this operation, and his office at first was nothing more than a little room he rented in a quaint corner of London. But as he began acquiring clients, word of his business spread around and soon Shah was able to build enough income that he relocated to a bigger office building, and named his company Solo Capital. The company is still in business today, offering clients investment as well as stock and proprietary trading services.

Shah made enough money with Solo Capital that he was able to retire and spend more time with his family, and he eventually moved from London to Dubai, where he spends most of his time today. While Shah enjoys making money, he puts family first and does all he can to give back to families in his community. So far Autism Rocks has been a great success for him, and he hopes to continue bringing awareness of the disease through these concerts.