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Oil Production to Dip Below One Million Barrel Per Day Mark

The United States Money Reserve was founded in 2001 by gold market entrepreneurs who recognized the need to combine expert knowledge, high-end customer services, and top-notch trustworthy guidance necessary when purchasing these precious commodities. As one of the largest issuers of the United States-issued precious metals, today, the company has the pleasure of working with thousands of its clients who prefer to convert their assets into the precious metals. There are numerous beneficial financial implications of purchasing these precious metal bullion.

The United States Money Reserve continues to work to provide the state-of-the-art United States government-issued silver, gold, and platinum coins in the region. While the company has more than a decade of professional experience, many clients have placed their trust in its abilities. Most of the people that have trusted the company have profited from its services. Due to the many purchases, the company remains the world’s leading providers of precious metals.

For the United States Money Reserve customer, you get the service of more than 100 well-trained individual professionals including:
• Sales Verification Personnel
• Coin Research Professionals
• Business Support Development
• Compliance and Standards Department
• Senior Gold Specialists
• Vault and Shipping Department
• Industry Leading Numismatic Expert
• Customer Relations Department
• Inventory Department

For more than two years ago, the oil production in North Dakota has surpassed over a million barrels per day. This was a symbolic moment that made the state rise to become of the highest producers of oil after Texas. According to the report done by Ben Smith, this mark will soon be passed by North Dakota. For this reason, this mark will be on the downward trend. According to the recent numbers issued by the state, they show that the region produces a constant amount of a million barrels daily. In July, the state produced 30,000 barrels. Lynn Helms, the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources, says that the good wells will be completed by the end of the year. However, over 41 wells are excellent for an extended period of production for the country. For a good day, the industry will maintain over a million barrels of oil.

For them to keep the minimum productions, it takes up to 90 wells to complete a day. Producers are spending their minimum after months of low oil prices for the most productive wells. According to Lynn Helms, there is no value to mobilize the crews and drilling rigs. For the winter, active drilling wells will maintain at 30.

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The U.S. Money Reserve Secures Awards at the 20th Annual Creative Work Award for Annual Videographer

The U.S Money Reserve has earned recognition has a four-award recipient for the 2016 original production videographer awards. Moreover, the U.S Money Reserve won two Excellence Awards in Creative Cinematography and TV Commercial Production. Their infomercial earned a spot for television titled “Testimonial Show” depicts real testaments. They are loyal to the United States Money Reserve. They include the gold buyer Richard Petty and NASCAR driver

The excellence award is the best award written to produced, written, edited and shot productions in a high-end manner. The company’s creative team has an increased esteem through this award. They won an additional award for both Honorable Mention and Distinction Award for the “Pearl Harbor Show.”

Angela Koch, Chief Executive Officer of the United States Money Reserve, said that they are honored as a company to appear in the international arena in awards for our video and creative production efforts. Our production, talent, and marketing media team have an inspiring production. We bring the center of business to these shows to depict the actual nature of profitability when you purchase the state-issued gold from us. While our company remains loyal to customers, we bring business to live shows and scenes.

The members and Judges, of the Communication and Marketing Association of Professionals, look for individuals and magistrates whose talents exceeds a great excellence standard. They also look for those who work to set a high level in this industry. In 2016, the awards had a stiff competition of over 1,500 entries all over the world. For this past month, the United States Money Reserve had a bronze win at the spot tally awards.

The awards are judged and administered by the Communication and Marketing Association of Professionals. The international arena comprises of various communication, marketing, public relations, advertising, freelance professionals, and media production who are in the program. The awards come in 20 categories under each presentation. They have a distinction for future levels. Distinction Awards, Excellence Awards, and the Honorable Mention.

The United States Money Reserve was founded in 2011. The company has then grown into one of the world biggest distributors of foreign and U.S. state-issued silver, gold, and platinum products. Thousands of clients all over the country serve to take in the service of the U.S. Money Reserve. They use the company to change their money into the silver and gold coins. The company has a well-trained team of professionals with the right knowledge for these products.

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George Soros and Philip Diehl Advises America to Invest In Gold and Other Precious Metals

According to PRNewsWire, U.S Money Reserve Inc. is the world largest private distributor of not only the US but also foreign government-issued platinum, silver and gold tender products. The company was coined in the year 2001 and since them it has garnered hundred thousand clients worldwide who primary depends on US. The move to establish worldwide clients is imperative as it has helped to strengthen the US economy against tidal economic failures.

According to the Company’s LinkedIn, the U.S. Money Reserve has a well-trained team including numismatic professionals and coin researchers who are well informed in the market knowledge. Indeed, the personnel play an important role towards sourcing products that have higher profit potential in terms of higher profit returns as far as buyers of precious metal are concerned in a multidimensional level. Most importantly, the company goes beyond the industry standards to offer extra services to its clients

The US Money Reserve through the ownership of precious metal, persons or countries involved have been able to safeguard their wealth during economic downturn. The company has banks of precious metal and according to its researchers advisory, it is anticipated that the price of gold could attain new records in the near future. Read more: and

The US Money Reserve notes that Philip Diehl and the company at large advises people to venture into buying of precious metal as it is the only save method of saving and investing. The money reserve is a company that is focused on providing highest levels of services to its clients considering that gold is regarded as the only currency to inflation. Evidently, the clients have immense trust ion the company professionalism as far as precious metal business is concerned. This is attributed to the reliable advice it gives to its customers on precious metal investment.

Philip Diehl, the company’s director is credited for his remarkable effort towards building a career where financial freedom and public service meets. Diehl is a corporate leader who is equipped with expert knowledge and experience in the field of precious metal and thus he is deemed a vital asset to the company’s commitment to its incredible customer’s experience.

U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio, notes that Philip is regarded as one of the accomplished corporate directors in the USA history. In fact, he was the leader responsible for the fifty states Quarter program. He also overlooked the minting of the first U.S program in which platinum coin were issued. During the interview he recalled the transformation meted by the US mint particularly during his tenure. His initiative helped to transform the precious metal business into a real business agency and this ushered company’s commitment towards improving customer’s satisfaction.

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