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Dealing with White Shark Media Customer Complaints

White Shark Media has grown over time from the small company it was to the reputable provider it is now. During that journey, the company has made errors, and it has learned from the mistakes. Through the errors and complaints from its customers, White Shark Media has perfected its customer service. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: and

Here is a list of complaints White Shark Media receives from its customers and how it corrects the mistake to better their services and ensure customer satisfaction.

Customers complain that they lost touch with their AdWords campaigns

White Shark Media realized that their reporting procedures were not adequate. Small business owners could not easily review their reports. To correct that error, the firm ensures that each customer gets a thorough explanation concerning the ins and outs of the new campaign.

Customers felt that communication was not enough

Communication is an essential part since it is a consultancy agency. During the first days, customers felt that connection is not sufficient, and they felt frustrated getting hold of the contact person. The firm implemented solutions like phone systems with direct extensions without going through a receptionist. White Shark Media Complaint team also scheduled monthly status calls with GoTomeeting. It is an online conference tool.

Clients wanted to the company to offer SEO services

White Shark Media is yet to provide SEO services. However, it has the skills of distinguishing between reliable SEO providers from a bad one. To avoid losing money with SEO vendors, White Shark Media is always available to review SEO proposals on your behalf. You can send the materials to your SEM strategist then they will be examined.

Some customers felt that the old campaigns performed better than the new optimized campaigns

Being an AdWords provider, that is a significant criticism on the overall competency of the firm. When clients come, and they fail to get a better performing campaign, then that means trouble for the business. In a bid to ensure customer success, the firm makes sure that existing campaigns are actively in use and experience managers offer feedback.

About White Shark Media

At White Shark Media, customers enjoy free resources and events including but not limited to free AdWords book, free AdWords evaluation and free SEM evaluation.

Clients also get free local listings scanner. You can go through customer testimonials to see how well the firm satisfies all their customers. Since it is a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner, it meets the set requirements. The program helps business owners who lack resources or time to monitor their advertisement campaigns.