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Kim Dao’s Back to School Life Hacks!

Heading Back to School? Don’t miss Kim Dao’s “10 Back to School Life Hacks You Need To Know!”. Read Kim’s tips for an easier school year below:


Problem: Always losing hair ties?

Kim Dao’s Life Hack: Use a rappelling clip to keep hair ties in one place.


Problem: Boring Locker?

Kim Dao’s Life Hack: Use stickers and decorative tape to create picture frames.


Problem: Behind listening to lectures?

Kim Dao’s Life Hack: Up the playback speed 1.5- 2X for faster listening.


Problem: Often Forgetful?

Kim Dao’s Life Hack: Create a to-do list using cork-board, glue, paper and sticky notes.


Problem: Forgot to charge your phone last night?

Kim Dao’s Life Hack: Charge phone in airplane mode for quick charging.


Problem: Too many notebooks?

Kim Dao’s Life Hack: Color code pages of notebook for easier identifications.


Problem: Want to sleep in later?

Kim Dao’s Life Hack: Choose outfits before bed; get dressed faster in the morning.


Problem: Can’t find useful articles for a paper?

Kim Dao’s Life Hack: Use Google scholar and sign in with your school email


Problem: Tired of tangled headphones and chargers?

Kim Dao’s Life Hack: Clip binder clips onto a desk and slide cables in for neat storing


Problem: Hit snooze too much?

Kim Dao’s Life Hack: Place the alarm further from the bed forcing yourself to get up.



Enjoy these tips? Watch the video to see Kim put her personal touch on each hack.

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The Achievements of Philanthropist Malini Saba

Malini Saba is the co-founder and the current chairperson of the Saban Company. The firm holds various investment interests throughout the world. For instance, it holds interests in the technology industry in the United States, real estate in Australia and India as well as gas and oil investment interests in China. Malini Saba, with her intense need for giving, established the Stree: Global Investments in Women. Malini Saba was honored to have her foundation inaugurated by the former US President, Bill Clinton, and Queen Noor of Jordan. The institution offers legal empowerment and health care to women and children in Central America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and India.


The Stree Foundation is not for profit, and its primary mission is to positively impact the lifestyles of both children and women of low incomes, throughout the entire world. Malini made an impassioned tour in 2005 to the Tsunami ravaged locations in India and Sri Lanka, where she made a pledged of $10 million to the victims. Malini commenced her investment career back in the 1990s, as a Silicon Venture capitalist.


Malini Saba had the idea of starting her own venture from her early years. Thus, on gaining the relevant skill set and experience she proceeded to establish Saban. The company retains substantial investment interests in varied sectors in different places in the world.


Malini incorporates an excellent routine in her life, which has fostered her success. I would say the routine is a progressive, extrovert person. She regularly wakes up at 5 am. She then makes conference calls to Asia, where her commodity venture is based. By 7 am, she takes her lovely daughter to school. Notably, she walks her daughter to school so that they can have quality mom-daughter time. Later, she heads to the office to cater for matters concerning the USA and Europe. At 3 pm, Malini picks her daughter from school. Typically, a regular day for Malini entails minutes, which must last not more than 45 minutes.


 Malini Saba comes from Perth, where she took Psychology studies. The quest for working overseas lured her to move to the United States. At first, she settled in San Francisco in the 1990s. For the last twenty years, Malini has been using her unique skill set and expertise to run her business. During her 25 business years, Malini made over 22 investments in varied ventures as well as made travels all over the world. Malini analyzes the market trends and acts based on the opposite of the patterns‘ behavior. This way, she has been able to succeed in all her investment ventures.

Evolution of The Corporate World with Helane Morrison

Maintaining ethical integrity, doing the right thing at all times and following the rules is having a strong character. These are qualities that need to be upheld especially in business and finance but are very rare to find. It has been seen since the early 2000’s as the industry has destroyed its reputation steadily. The global economic crisis in 2007 where institutions collapsed, banks turned to government for bailouts and high rate of unemployment. Digging into this exposed unethical behavior that was in existence in the financial sector. Fraud, secret dealings, and falsified records were unearthed. Corruption was exposed and how long it had remained covered. Dealing with such anomalies required a person of high integrity and sharp mind, that person is Helane Morrison.


Morrison started out as a journalist and progressed to joining the government service. Morrison has prevented corruption, protected and created awareness to the vulnerable, exposed corrupt brokers and transformed the financial workplace.


Helane Morrison is an assertive, sharp and collected woman. She was born and grew up in Brooklyn. Morrison acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Northwestern University, Illinois. Later proceeded to University of California Berkeley School of Law. Morrison started working as a clerk at the US Court of Appeals for a year. She then joined Supreme Court Justice, Harry A. Blackmun for two years. Morrison had exceptional skills and experience and proceeded to the law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, a duration of 10 years where she was involved in corporate investigations, defending private securities and business litigation. Morrison was impressed by some of the cases and even published them for the public to create awareness and how to safeguard investments.


Ms. Morrison’s work was so impressive that she was offered a position as the US Securities and Exchange at San Francisco office. Her responsibility was to protect individuals and corporations from fraud and deceptive dealings. She was to ensure transparency and fairness in dealings that involve investments. She was so impressive that SEC named her the Head of Commission and Regional Director. This made her the first woman in history ever to acquire the title.


She left the government after being there for eleven years to join one of the largest and most reputable investment advisory firm in San Francisco. She has joined hands with Sarah Stein (President), Kathryn Hall (Co-Chief Investment Officer) and Morrison (Managing Director) to restore the trust that was lost by the squandering that led to the financial crash in 2008. Morrison goal is to regain accountability, integrity and regulatory compliance in all their dealings. Their reputation has preceded the company and it’s not a surprise that Morrison is an integral part of the Hall Capital Success.