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IAP Worldwide Services to the International Community

IAP Worldwide is a successful international organization that offers facilities management, logistic, advanced and professional technical services. IAP Worldwide was started several years ago by a team of experts, and since then, it offers international scale solutions to transform the lives of people around the globe. The company specializes in the unexpected activities.

IAP Worldwide has grown significantly since it was founded. At first, the company was started by a few individuals, but today, the company gives employment opportunities to two thousand persons. IAP Worldwide Services has also expanded, and it is now found in twenty-five countries. These vital services from this company are offered to both the public and private industries. The company handles any complicated issues affecting any client even without notice.

IAP Worldwide focuses on making the impossible possible. In most cases, the organization deals with the unexpected activities affecting communities such as natural disasters or any battles that happen overseas. Whenever these calamities happen, there is no notice given for people to get prepared, but the company takes the challenge and works hard to ensure that everything is restored back to the original state. Because IAP Worldwide has been in the industry for sixty years, it has acquired the knowledge and expertise needed to handle these challenging situations on Cortera. The company has employed a team of experts who are good in planning, coordinating and carrying out the logistical and complex technical challenges that come their way.

IAP Worldwide has also acquired a lot of experience in handling and also maintaining the military installations it operates in the small cities, civilian facilities and remote research labs. These plants are crucial in most of its operations, and keeping them in the perfect shape is a priority.

In the last sixty years, IAP Worldwide has worked hard to build a reputation that is respected by its competitors. Today, the company is considered to be the market leader and also a strong institution that is only committed to serving the consumer on The entire customer needs have been met and exceeded by the company. Any matter that keeps any of the customers awake is handled with a lot of care by the team, and this is why the company has managed to do so well in the market. IAP Worldwide has also gone ahead to acquire several businesses to ensure that the ever-changing needs of the consumer are met. The company recently introduced a new aviation wing to improve its services.

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IAP Worldwide Global-Scale Operations

Ingenuity & Purpose (IAP) is at the forefront of providing Global-scale logistics, advanced profession, facilities management and technical services around the world to solve some of the most challenging tasks. According to IAP website, the tough environment includes overseas battlefield and places hit with natural disasters. Undeniably, when disaster strikes, IAP is always at the frontlines, providing emergency power and life sustaining supplies and services. To carry out its obligations successfully, IAP the Cape Canaveral, Fl based company that was established over 60 years ago maintains, manages and operates a sizable military installation backed by research laboratories and civilian facilities.

On the whole, the company operates 100 base stations in over 25 countries, thanks to a strong team of over 2,000 employees. The IAP office locations include Washington DC, the UK, Panama City and the Middle East. The four key pillars that form the basis of company’s approach to its everyday obligations are strong partners, rich history, industrious leadership and ethics and compliance. IAP Worldwide is always in need of experienced and dedicated professionals in such areas as accounting, finance, general management, construction, program management and logistics in order to expand its capacity in all spheres of operations.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. | Company Profile from Hoover’s

In November 2015, the company acquired two business units from DRS Technologies. According to a PRNewswire report, IAP Worldwide Services acquired Aviation and Logistics business (A&L) and Tactical Communications and Network Solutions Business (TCNS) based in Oklahoma and Maryland respectively. Earlier in 2006, IAP Worldwide acquired JCWS, which specializes in providing global operations and logistics, professional and technical services as well as base operations support services to help it respond to today’s rapidly evolving global environment. The aggressive acquisitions are all part of the company’s effort to bolster its service delivery capacity.

As part of its commitment to the environment and community, the company has placed a lot of emphasize in the construction of LEED certified buildings and encouraging efficient use of natural resources throughout its outposts. Through its partnership with United Way of Brevard, the company has managed to help the organization raise funds for its annual campaigns and offer canned foods and volunteers to improve childhood literacy. IAP’s humanitarian aid projects are also geared towards improving the lives of people and environment around the world as evidenced in the cooperation between IAP and the MacDill AFB community to restore eroded shoreline to create a sustainable marine friendly oyster reef and marsh grass fields in Florida.

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