Chris Burch Has Bought The World’s Best Hotel Resort

If you’ve ever wanted that place to go for a honeymoon that seemed like a place straight out of a fairy tale, you can find it if you go to Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia’s Sumba Island. This place has beach villas that have been designed to get a full view of the ocean while being nestled among the indigenous trees, and paths that take you behind waterfalls where you might even find a masseuse waiting to give you a soothing massage. The ocean water is clear, yet there are also pools that were built with clear side walls overlooking it as well. How is this place possible? Because entrepreneur Chris Burch invested $30 million into Nihiwatu Resort and had it designed in the most romantic fashion. Burch also has a multi-million dollar home here that he travels to from time to time.  Read more about the resort on

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Where did Chris Burch start from? When he was still attending college, he came up with a hobby to sell sweaters for $15 that he had bought for $10, and it became a bigger hit around campus than he imagined. He ended up making so much money that he bought his own factory and retail stores and named his company Eagle Eye Apparel. This company was eventually sold to The Swire Group and after completing this sale Burch started turning his attention to other startups. One of his first startup investments was in the Internet Capital Group, and he also made bought a couple fashion and lifestyle shares in Tory Burch and ED, a brand started by Ellen DeGeneres.  Related reading on

Chris Burch founded Burch Creative Capital in 2008 with the goal of finding entrepreneurs who brought fresh ideas that many other venture capital firms probably wouldn’t believe in. Startups that Burch Creative Capital has seeded include Poppin, Voss Water and Powermat. Burch also has put his investments in a lot of real estate leading up to the purchase of Nihiwatu. In 2004, he helped finance the construction of the Faena Hotel+Universe in Buenos Aires. He also started buying homes worth millions of dollars and renovated them for major profits, including one in Southampton that he turned from $14 million into $25 million. Hop over to for a related article.  One thing not as well known about Burch is that he has some history producing films including a 1993 romantic comedy known as “Watch It,” and just this last year after being a longtime member of American Express he switched to Chase’s credit cards.

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