Conor Lamb Scores Huge Endorsement From End Citizens United

End Citizens United has been one of the busiest political action committees in the United States over the past two years. The PAC was established in order to fight for campaign finance reform while returning the power of the vote to the regular American voter. End Citizens United got involved during the 2016 Presidential Election as they stumped, endorsed, and raised money for progressive candidates who would be willing to fight for finance reform. Now, in 2018, ECU is continuing their efforts by endorsing Conor Lamb in the March 13th Special Election located in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District.

Conor Lamb is an upstart progressive politician who seems to be the perfect candidate to make a difference in a traditionally red state. Lamb himself has scored major love from rural Pennsylvania as well as the labor unions throughout the state. Lamb has also departed from progressives in some ways, showing that he’s willing to be a bipartisan force in a state that has almost always been red. Conor Lamb will be vying for the seat that was once held by Republican Tim Murphy, who was forced to resign after news of an extramarital affair and an abortion made headlines around the country.

When End Citizens United endorsed Conor Lamb, they gave him the boost that he needed in order to try and really get his message out. End Citizens United brings not just finances to progressive political campaigns, but ECU also brings a grassroots network of progressive voters that are willing to get out and spread the word. Lamb will need every ounce of support that he can get as he seeks to overcome poor odds against a stout Republican named Rick Saccone.

Rick Saccone doesn’t have the backing of the RNC but he has the personal vouching of President Donald Trump. Trump took to Twitter, as he is wont to do, in order to give Saccone his support. Saccone is a former intelligence officer in the military and he is pretty hardline Republican on most issues. Saccone saw a boost in his profile just this past week as more than a million dollars was poured into attack ads against Conor Lamb. These attack ads just show how much potential Lamb actually has in his campaign. If Lamb is to overcome Saccone then he will have to be fueled by End Citizens United as well as his own personal efforts to brand and reach out to conservative voters on a bipartisan pedestal.

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