Crime Prevention Strategies Expedited By Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies, a company in the corrections and telecommunications segment, was established in 1986. The primary responsibility of the organization is to engage in activities that minimize and prevent the occurrence of crime. Securus Technologies uses sophisticated technologies in the realization of its mission. The technology utilized revolutionizes the incarceration environment through offering help to correctional facilities for the enhancement of public safety. Recently, the company reviewed its customer’s comments for the speculation of its performance. The comments generated form clients’ emails and letters received from state and jail prisons. In my opinion, Securus Technologies’ strategy of speculating their customers’ reviews will be useful in the augmentation of more secured tips to curb crime. A fascinating comment entailed the use of investigator tools during proper operations. I postulate that sophisticated and advanced investigator tools are significant for the ease identification of crime instances thus facilitating their prevention and minimization.


Since its establishment Securus Technologies has expanded its operations in more than 45 states serving over 2,600 correctional agencies. I provide that the expansion of the organization in various areas will overtime facilitate strategies required to minimize crime. Additionally, Securus incorporates the latest technologies for easier crime detecting and prevention. Recently, the company acquired JPay Inc., a technological organization that integrated electronic payments into Securus’ systems. In my opinion, the acquisition of JPay will facilitate Securus’ operations in the reduction of crimes. The augmentation of sophisticated products for prisons will create safer environments. Additionally, quality items facilitate inmates’ transition into viable individuals once they are released. As a result, I postulate that with an evident transformation of inmates, the risk of participating in criminal offenses is minimized.


Other companies that have impacted Securus Technologies significantly include the Harris Corporation. The enterprise introduced a cell defender technology that prevented contraband cell phones from connecting to mobile networks. I provide that the model helped in curbing cyber crimes instantly.


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