End Citizens United Is Going After These Senators

End Citizens United has fought to get big money out of politics for years, but the current moment seems to be the most ripe for making a major difference. Next year, midterm elections are going to give the country a blue wave like it’s never seen in some time. Between the Trump administration and growing discontent with Congress, a move for big change is in the works. To help bring this change to fruition, End Citizens United is working to promote the defeat of Republicans in some of the most vulnerable seats with the help of grassroots movements and voters.

The list of senators and representatives up for replacement is known as the Big Money 20. These 20 politicians place special interests over their constituents and fail to give them what they asked for. This is an injustice that can’t be allowed to go on anymore. Replacing them with candidates that look after their voters is a primary goal of End Citizens United. While all of the Big Money 20 are in vulnerable seats, it seems that these are the ones who are particularly vulnerable and who would make great targets for grassroots campaigns looking to take down incumbents.

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Most experts agree that the 2018 elections are going to be great for Democrats and possibly give them a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Midterms almost always force the incumbent party to lose some seats with only a few exceptions in history such as shortly after WW2. The ability to challenge the GOP is even greater given the horrible record of president Trump, but there is a potential to go even further if a proper message is placed to the opposition. Ending big money in politics is exactly the kind of message that can give Democrats an edge.

The majority of Americans do not like the idea of big money in politics and want to do what ever they can to get it out. Big money takes away the power of the voter and gives it to corporations with their own profit motive. The best way to fix things is to show corporations we will not allow them to buy politicians or decide how the country should be run. This current situation is essentially returning our politics to a time of aristocracy and disenfranchisement of the masses. Only through the work of ordinary citizens can this be stopped.

End Citizens United was originally formed to help fight the growing influence of corporations on politics after the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling. Now, it serves as a PAC helping to fight the influence of big money in politics in general regardless of where it seems to be coming from.

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