“Fabletics – Beating the Competition”

It is no secret that Amazon is a major player in the online marketplace and within the area of fashion, it dominates by 20 percent…Therefore, it is a surprise when the actress, Kate Hudson introduces her “activewear” brand Fabletics and sees growth of $250 million just over three years.


Fabletics is a subscription-based company that customizes the customers’ clothing to the personal questions they are asked on a lifestyle quiz. Each month they pay a membership fee to receive apparel based on how they answered the quiz, so the items are specific to the shopper’s needs.


With this VIP service, the customer never pays full price for the athletic products and they receive free shipping as well. Of course, if you ever want to unsubscribe to the service, it is as easy as making a call.


While many retail stores are closing, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics brand seems to be growing stronger with the online business coupled with the brick and mortar stores nationwide, with plans to open more in the next three to five years.


Why is Fabletics succeeding? Business experts suggest it is because Kate and her business partners are using the “reverse showroom” method.


While the traditional model is to try to entice people who might or might not buy into your business, Hudson and her associates use social media to gather a variety of data including the customer’s preferences, demographics, opinions and their real time shopping habits. All this information helps the company to stock what is appropriate for each individual offline store, so when the customers browse, the items they like are already in place for them to purchase.


This whole procedure provides a smooth transition for the consumer.


Statistics show 30-50 percent of them are already subscribers when they enter the offline Fabletics stores and 25 percent will sign up for the benefits of the deep discount the membership offers, in the store.


Although this reverse showroom process is not novel, with companies like Apple and Bonobos practicing these techniques for a while, this is new in the terms of applying it to the area of fashion.


Fabletics is very competitive when it comes to what their brand represents. They are offering women’s quality clothing that is empowering as well as affordable.


When you compare it to other workout clothing, you will see they are expensive and not on the same level with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics wear.


To learn more about all the great gear Fabletics has to offer you, feel free to take their quick Lifestyle Quiz to discover the perfect fit to enhance your workout.

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