How Glen Wakeman Uses His Professional Experience To Help Entrepreneurs Launch Companies

Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur who lives in Miami, Florida. He has worked internationally for much of his career. He spent over 20 years working for GE Capital which involved him living in multiple locations both in the United States and overseas. He developed considerable experience both managing other people and business operations. The last position he held for GE Capital was as their chief executive officer of GE Money Latin America.

While leading GE Money Latin America, Glen Wakeman started from scratch. He eventually built a company that operated in nine countries. When left this company had over $2 billion in annual revenues and employed over 17,000 people. This company had more than 1,000 branches and dozens of partnerships that Glen Wakeman had formed with other companies.

Another success that Glen Wakeman had while working for GE Capital took place in London early in his career. He was the general director of their English subsidiary Global Insurance Ventures. When he arrived at this company they had a net income of $2 million. When he left this position a few years later than had a net income of $10 million as well as $3 billion in assets.

Glen Wakeman now works for himself. He founded a company called LaunchPad Holdings LLC. He is this company’s chief executive officer as well. His goal is to help budding entrepreneurs launch their company. The way he does this is by operating an online platform that guides them through the process of setting up a great business plan. He says that he came up with the idea of this company when he was researching why so many startups fail.

The research that Glen Wakeman compiled led him to conclude that the problem many new businesses have is that they lack the structure necessary to accomplish their goals. He says that many new entrepreneurs think that a business idea is a plan which is simply not the case. So, he solved this problem by creating an intuitive to use a software platform that takes them step by step through building a grounded business plan that will help them succeed (DailyForexReport).


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