How Kate Hudson Made Fabletics a Success

Contrary to how the media makes it seems, establishing a new business is still incredibly difficult. It has gotten easier to open a new business but with all the e-commerce market being flooded with millions of new online stores, success is a low possibility.

Even more difficult is succeeding in today’s fashion industry. Fashion has always been a difficult industry, but with Amazon controlling 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market, succeeding in fashion is increasingly harder. Despite the odds, Kate Hudson is doing that very thing; growing a $250 million business in the first three years of operation.

Kate Hudson is a world-renowned actress and fashion icon. She’s always been known for her beauty and her healthy balance of diet and exercise. As society’s focus shifts toward healthier decisions, celebrities like Kate Hudson get more attention. Kate Hudson’s always taken pride in her fitness but noticed a lack of fashionable workout clothing.

When the opportunity presented itself, Kate Hudson launched Fabletics as part of the ‘activewear’ movement. Activewear is the correlation between exercise attire and casual wear. Popular among millennials, activewear is the biggest trend in fashion. Fabletics is the only brand creating stylish outfits that the common person can afford.

Since the company’s launch, Fabletic’s success in the e-commerce market led to the decision to open some physical stores. While physical stores are vastly different from running a website, Fabletics has had no problem adjusting to the different market. Currently, Fabletics has 16 stores nationwide and plans on adding more by the end of next year.

Fabletic’s success in retail is due to its “reverse showrooming” technique. Fabletic’s stores welcome offline browsing by hosting events and other activities. Each store uses its particular results to better stock its inventory with items that local members are more likely to buy.

As Fabletics grows in popularity, the number of online reviews increases. While other brands that promote themselves as customer-focused are shredded by reviews, Fabletics is actually keeping its head above water. In particular, a non-sponsored reviewer’s opinion of Fabletics has gotten a lot of attention.

According to her, Fabletics is actually worth the money members spend. She was surprised by the variety of styles Fabletics has; everything from simple tanks to sheer fabrics. Anyone interested in Fabletics can start by taking a lifestyle quiz.

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