Sahm Adrangi — Investor Activist

Only a relatively small amount of people can claim to have achieved the greatness of Sahm Adrangi. He’s multiplied his hedge fund into the powerhouse investment that it is today.

It took a small amount of three years for Kerrisdale Capital to grow into the force it remains today. The firm boasted a solid $1 million in capital as a small startup and now they have exploded to be worth more than $200 million. How do they achieve spectacular growth? Sahm Adrangi is what many have been calling a hedge fund activist. He takes activism into the financial arena and leverages the power of social media to earn his winnings.

Sahm Adrangi has chosen the path that leads to uncovering thousands of shell companies and fraudulent hedge funds. When he exposes these imposters, he blows the whistle on unscrupulous entities willing to do harm to our society. Many of the companies he exposes have come from China. When Sahm Adrangi suspects that company may be misleading its investors, he does research on the books. Many times, shell companies cook the books and file false financial reports. These are easy work for professionals to catch, and Sahm is no amateur.

Sahm takes shares of a company and buys long – meaning, he places his bets that a company is going to face devaluation. After that, he outs the company on social media. A rush to sell stocks ensues the second the investors learn they have been swindled. With so many people selling at the same time, the stock crashes and the company can’t survive under the pressure. The shell company crumbles. Once the cycle is complete, Sahm makes money his money back by buying the shares of stock at a fraction of the value he purchased them for. It’s a complicated process and his service benefits society.

Sahm Andrangi knew he would be on the receiving end of massive amounts of backlash when it was revealed he was blowing the whistle on such evil companies. Indeed, he has faced some adversity, but, by publishing anonymously, he has protected himself.

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