Stream Energy Is Now Operating in Delaware. What This Means for Residents

If you’ve been following business news, you have probably heard that Stream, a purveyor of connected life services, recently expanded into the Delaware market. If you’re unfamiliar with Stream, they are a direct selling company that managed to successfully capitalize on energy deregulation in a number of states. Founded in 2005, Steam Energy provides energy services in Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and now Delaware (ReporterExpert). Prior to energy deregulation, all consumers were at the mercy of their state’s utility companies, which meant that there was no competition in the energy market. If you’re familiar with microeconomics, then you’ll know that the absence of a competitive market leads to one-sided pricing that usually favors the company over the individual. A deregulated energy market provides consumers with choice.


Companies like Steam, make it possible for consumers to price and compare utility services, in the same manner, in which they would for any other goods or services. Considering their success in Texas, Steam anticipates converting many of Delaware’s energy consumers into lifelong customers. Stream Energy has operated in Texas for the past 12-years and has enjoyed exponential growth, with revenue in the neighborhood of $8 billion ( The company credits their unique business model, which includes direct selling, for their success in the deregulated energy market. Stream Energy ranks amongst the largest when it comes to direct sellers in the global market space, attracting a plethora of new customers annually.


Stream Energy’s capacity to excel in direct to consumer selling has not only contributed to the company’s success, it has created employment opportunities as well. Currently, Stream Energy has a workforce of 245 employees who work collectively to serve the company’s 400,000 customers, and their recent expansion into Delaware will likely create even more job opportunities. According to the company’s COO (Chief Operating Officer) Dan O’Malley, Stream looks forward to enjoying continued growth in 2018, as they begin to serve Delaware residents and expand into even more markets. In fact, Stream has already begun diversifying its business portfolio by expanding into wireless calling and protective home services all while still keeping an eye on new opportunities, as energy deregulation becomes standard in more states.

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