The Dream of Eli Gershkovitch

If you are a fan of a nice cold beer, you will definitely love attending the U.S. Open Beer Championship. The recent 2017 competition was held in Ontario, Canada and featured over 100 different styles of beer. The competition was judged by a panel composed of members of the Board of Directors of the 2017 U.S. Open Beer Championship. This yearly panel judges the best beer in the world. Everyone from amateur home brewers to award-winning professional breweries competes for the gold, silver, and bronze medal.


One of the biggest names in the Canadian craft beer industry is Eli Gershkovitch. He has only been involved in craft beer brewing since 1987 but has since become a living legend. After graduating from the University of Toronto law school, he took a European tour. His taste of Belgian beer during this trip changed his life (WingsJournal). As a result of it, he became involved in and then obsessed with craft brew making. It was while practicing law, that he opened his first brewpub. As a lawyer, he had a number of clients who required liquor licenses, so he was well versed in all the legalities regarding beer.


The location he selected for his brewpub happened to have an old steam heat system. He used it to fuel his brewery. In addition, it gave the place its name: Steamworks Brew Pub. For the first few years, the company was hindered by some legal complications, but by 1995 it was well past all this and was becoming very successful. He was a pioneer in the brewpub concept which is a pub and a brewery all in one. He started out with just the pub. He filled it with 184. It was such a success that he increased this to 754 seats. He opened up the brewery in 2013.

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